Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 122 — ‘Legacy’

“Legacy” opens with Pam, having decided to separate from Bobby, packing up her Porsche and driving away with little Christopher. It’s a landmark moment in the life of the series. “Digger’s Daughter” shows Bobby and Pam arriving at Southfork as newlyweds, and now she has spent her last night under that roof as his wife. Soon […]

Dallas Parallels: Fatal Falls

A beautiful woman feels mistreated by her Ewing lover. She is distressed, distraught, desperate. There’s a confrontation. Harsh words are exchanged. Before you know it, the woman has plunged to her death, leaving the police to sort out if this was a suicide or murder. Sound familiar? This scenario has played out on “Dallas” more […]

Critique: TNT’s ‘Dallas’ Episode 7 – ‘Collateral Damage’

“Collateral Damage” gets it right. This episode offers solid writing, stylish direction and strong performances, all while making good use of established “Dallas” lore. Overall, this is the new show’s best hour since the pilot, “Changing of the Guard.” I’m sure many viewers will remember “Collateral Damage” as the episode where Marta meets her maker, […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘… Or the Secrets We Share’

In “The Red File, Part 1,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. and Julie (Larry Hagman, Tina Louise) stroll along a pier while drinking champagne. J.R.: Three days down here, and what do we get? We get rain, sleet, sun. I tell you, this Gulf weather’s enough to drive you crazy. JULIE: [Laughs] Well, darling, one […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 22 – ‘The Red File, Part 1’

MURDER OR SUICIDE? I love the Dallas Press’s screaming headline in “The Red File, Part 1.” When Jock sits down at the Southfork breakfast table and cracks open that newspaper, I crack up. Why does the demise of Julie, an unemployed secretary, merit a front-page, all-caps banner? What’s with the glamour shot that accompanies the […]