Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Who is the Father of Your Baby?’

Bobby Ewing, Dallas, John Ewing III Part 2, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Sue Ellen Ewing

Daddy issues

In “John Ewing III, Part 2,” “Dallas’s” second-season finale, Bobby and Sue Ellen (Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) are seated on the bed in her room at the sanitarium, where she tells him she wants to come home.

BOBBY: [Holding her hand] Sue Ellen, they can help you here.

SUE ELLEN: They can’t help me.

BOBBY: It takes time. You have to give them a chance.

SUE ELLEN: [Stands, walks away from the bed] Yeah, time. Sure. Why not? That’s all I have, is time. That’s what I do all day, is try to figure out what I’m gonna do with my time. I wake up in the morning and I think, “What am I gonna do all day till I go to sleep – alone?”

BOBBY: Sue Ellen. [Looks away, then looks back at her]

SUE ELLEN: [Turns to face him] Am I embarrassing you, Bobby?

BOBBY: No. Yeah. Yes, you are a little, yeah.

SUE ELLEN: I sleep alone a lot, after J.R.’s been out with his sluts, comes home smelling like their perfume, and I just pretend I’m asleep – just blot the whole thing out.

BOBBY: [Stands and grabs her arm] Then why aren’t you having this conversation with him? Confront him with it.

SUE ELLEN: Oh I have, Bobby. I have often. But your brother has that wonderful knack of finding one’s weak spot – the Achilles’ heel. Takes the knife and goes right up to the hilt.

BOBBY: Sue Ellen, what is your Achilles’ heel?

SUE ELLEN: [Turns, walks away] Your mama and your daddy, and Pamela and Lucy, and even you. You think it’s Southfork, the Ewing money, the Ewing name. But you’re wrong. [Walks back to him, touches his face] If I’d only met you first, Bobby, I would’ve married you instead of J.R. You are so kind and strong and loving. Just like a man should be. [Begins crying, kisses him] You are so understanding, Bobby. [Turns away] My men are not understanding.

BOBBY: Your men? Sue Ellen, what are you talking about?

SUE ELLEN: Oh, Bobby. I have something the doctors won’t ever find a cure for. Let’s see, how am I gonna explain this to you? Your life is so simple. Pamela loves you, and you love Pamela. And I really do love J.R. But you know what? J.R. doesn’t love me. But I wanted to have his baby so bad. I even thought we would adopt a baby, but J.R. put a stop to that. Then I thought, “Well, Sue Ellen, just go out and get yourself pregnant.” And that’s what I did. And I just thought, “But maybe I can hurt J.R., hurt him real bad.” Instead, all I did was hurt me and my little baby – and the baby’s father.

BOBBY: You went out and got pregnant? Sue Ellen, what are you saying?

SUE ELLEN: Yeah, but it could’ve been J.R.’s. Chances are it’s J.R.’s.

BOBBY: [Turns her around to face him] Sue Ellen!

SUE ELLEN: [Crying harder] But Bobby, he hardly makes love to me anymore.

BOBBY: Who is the father of your baby?

SUE ELLEN: Cliff Barnes. Now do you see? That’s why no one can help me. No one in the world can help me. [She collapses into his arms.]


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