The Dal-List: Jock Ewing’s 15 Greatest Moments

Last month, Dallas Decoder critiqued “The Search,” the episode where “Dallas” bids farewell to the great Jim Davis. Here’s a look at 15 memorable moments featuring the actor and his mighty character, Jock Ewing. 15. Naming John Ross. The Ewings are in a waiting room at Dallas Memorial Hospital, where Sue Ellen has gone into […]

The Dal-List: 15 Great ‘Dallas’ Scenes Featuring Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman made magic every time he appeared on “Dallas,” so coming up with a definitive list of his greatest scenes feels like an impossible task. Instead, let’s just call this a list of 15 performances I love. 15. Welcome to the family. On the day Bobby brings Pam (Victoria Principal) home to Southfork and introduces […]

The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 2

“Dallas” was still figuring itself out during its second season, which means there was plenty to hail and heckle. Performances Although every member of the ensemble has great moments this season, no one is as consistently wonderful as Barbara Bel Geddes. Miss Ellie becomes a somewhat frustrating character as “Dallas” progresses – she too often […]

Linda Gray is Speaking Up — Just Like Sue Ellen Would

Atta girl, Linda Gray. In a candid interview with Ultimate Dallas last week, the actress expressed her disappointment with the amount of screen time her character, the indomitable Sue Ellen Ewing, has received on TNT’s “Dallas” revival. The cable channel has telecast five hours so far, and Gray has been missing from two of them. […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 30 – ‘Whatever Happened to Baby John? Part 1’

J.R., how do you do it? During “Dallas’s” first two seasons, you neglect your wife, mistreat your mistress, forge your daddy’s will, ruin your mama’s reunion with her long-lost brother, sabotage one brother’s attempt to reconcile with his wife and child, drive another brother out of the family business, ruin your rival’s political career and […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Who is the Father of Your Baby?’

In “John Ewing III, Part 2,” “Dallas’s” second-season finale, Bobby and Sue Ellen (Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) are seated on the bed in her room at the sanitarium, where she tells him she wants to come home. BOBBY: [Holding her hand] Sue Ellen, they can help you here. SUE ELLEN: They can’t help me. BOBBY: […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 29 – ‘John Ewing III, Part 2’

What a difference a year makes! Sue Ellen has just four lines in “Digger’s Daughter,” “Dallas’s” first episode, but “John Ewing III, Part 2,” which debuted 369 days later, features the character in almost every other scene. My favorite: When Sue Ellen tells Bobby that Cliff may be the father of her unborn child. This […]