Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘What a Wonderful Future’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Martha Scott, Patricia Shepard, Silent Killer


In “The Silent Killer,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Miss Ellie and Patricia (Barbara Bel Geddes, Martha Scott) watch baby John, who lies in his stroller on the Southfork patio.

PATRICIA: Oh, I just can’t get over this baby. My first grandchild – happy, healthy, so beautiful.

ELLIE: We were lucky, Patricia. The way he came into this world, we weren’t sure he was gonna live.

PATRICIA: I shouldn’t say this, but I prayed for a boy. I really prayed! Of course, I would’ve loved a little girl just as much, but a boy – just like J.R.

ELLIE: [Moving to her seat at the patio table] You know, I must’ve paced backed and forth in front of that phone for an hour before I could call you and tell you about Sue Ellen. You took it remarkably well.

PATRICIA: [Joins her at the table] Well, you were so kind and reassuring. I didn’t worry about it at all. Somehow I knew that if the Ewing family were in charge, nothing bad could happen to Sue Ellen.

ELLIE: Sue Ellen’s had a very rough time. I think it’s gonna be quite awhile before she gets her old spark back.

PATRICIA: Oh she must be suffering from that – oh, what do they call that? – postpartum depression. It’s not uncommon. Well, I know my girls. They always snap right back after any illness.

ELLIE: I’m sure.

PATRICIA: Meanwhile, little John will grow up on this beautiful ranch. His Uncle Bobby will teach him to ride – and someday, I expect, he’ll have a great big office, right next to his daddy’s. What a wonderful future.


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