The Dal-List: Jock Ewing’s 15 Greatest Moments

Last month, Dallas Decoder critiqued “The Search,” the episode where “Dallas” bids farewell to the great Jim Davis. Here’s a look at 15 memorable moments featuring the actor and his mighty character, Jock Ewing. 15. Naming John Ross. The Ewings are in a waiting room at Dallas Memorial Hospital, where Sue Ellen has gone into […]

The Dal-List: Kristin Shepard’s 13 Greatest Moments

Dallas Decoder kicks off its newest periodic feature, “The Dal-List,” with a look back at the 13 most memorable moments featuring “Dallas” vixen Kristin Shepard, played by the magnificent Mary Crosby. 13. Leaving Rudy. Feeling neglected by J.R. (Larry Hagman), Kristin turned to old flame Rudy Millington (Terry Lester) – and for a moment, it […]

The Best & Worst of Dallas: Season 3

“Dallas’s” third season offers lots to celebrate – and a few things to curse. Performances Larry Hagman and Linda Gray do mighty impressive work in Season 3, but even they can’t touch Jim Davis and Barbara Bel Geddes. Since I began re-watching “Dallas,” the nicest discovery has been how good Davis is as Jock, especially […]

Dallas Styles: Digger’s Hat

In “The Silent Killer,” Digger Barnes makes his first appearance on “Dallas” since “Double Wedding,” which debuted almost a year earlier. “The Silent Killer” also marks the debut of Digger’s hat, one of the character’s signatures. The hat looks like a cheap fedora. Notably, it isn’t a Stetson, the chapeau style favored by most of […]

The Art of Dallas: ‘The Silent Killer’

Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is seen in this 1979 publicity shot from “The Silent Killer,” a third-season “Dallas” episode.

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘What a Wonderful Future’

In “The Silent Killer,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Miss Ellie and Patricia (Barbara Bel Geddes, Martha Scott) watch baby John, who lies in his stroller on the Southfork patio. PATRICIA: Oh, I just can’t get over this baby. My first grandchild – happy, healthy, so beautiful. ELLIE: We were lucky, Patricia. The way he came […]