Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Don’t Know Where It’s Gonna End’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Digger Barnes, Keenan Wynn, Rodeo

Memory lane

In “Rodeo,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Miss Ellie and Digger (Barbara Bel Geddes, Keenan Wynn) stroll together alongside a fence at Southfork.

DIGGER: All those months in California put some money in my pocket. Made me remember how good it feels to work hard and get paid for it. I have been on the wagon ever since.

ELLIE: And have you stopped blaming Jock for every evil that’s ever befallen you? Is that why you’re here?

DIGGER: Look, Ellie, I never held you responsible. You know that. You did what you had to do – and I respected you for it.

ELLIE: So did Jock, Digger. I wish you’d remember that part about what happened. It worries me, all this bad feeling dragging on. What happened between you and Jock was bad enough, but now your boy and mine. They’re out for blood, both of them. I don’t know where it’s gonna end. It frightens me. [Pauses] Digger, why are you here?

DIGGER: [Smiles] To see that beautiful new grandson of yours.

She kisses him, pats him on the back and they continue walking.

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