Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Our Little Secret’

Charlene Tilton, Dallas, Heiress, Lucy Ewing

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In “The Heiress,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Lucy and Alan (Charlene Tilton, Randolph Powell) chat at a piano bar.

LUCY: And when I didn’t get married, I thought I was gonna die. But instead, I went to college. I saw more of a future in that. [They laugh.]

ALAN: You’re a delight, you know that?

LUCY: I’ve been talking all evening. I haven’t let you get one word in edgewise.

ALAN: I’ve enjoyed every moment.

LUCY: Have you really?

ALAN: [Takes her hand] Can’t you tell?

LUCY: Wouldn’t J.R. have a stroke if he could see us right now? [Laughs]

ALAN: Sometimes I get the feeling my main attraction for you is J.R.’s dislike.

LUCY: Oh, no. I just happen to be with the one man who has guts enough to stand up to him – and that’s pretty rare in this town.

ALAN: I’ve never been afraid of him because he’s never had anything I wanted. Until now. But I don’t want you ever to get hurt because of me. If you think you’ll get in trouble with your family and you’d rather not see me anymore, I’ll understand.

LUCY: No. They don’t have to know, do they?

ALAN: No one has to know.

LUCY: Be our little secret.

ALAN: That’s my girl. [Smiles, then looks serious] You’re so beautiful.

LUCY: Alan?

ALAN: Let’s go home.


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