Dallas, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing

Thanks, Teresa

I’m making some changes at Dallas Decoder, just in time for summer.

Starting next week, I’m going to begin critiquing “Knots Landing” episodes that feature J.R., Bobby and other “Dallas” characters. If you haven’t seen these installments, think of them as the Southfork saga’s lost chapters. My “Knots Landing” posts will be sprinkled among my usual “Dallas” critiques, in the order in which the episodes were originally broadcast.

In addition, I plan to write about the new “Dallas” episodes that TNT will telecast on Wednesdays, beginning June 13. My goal is to post these items on Thursdays and then take Fridays off because, hey, even “Dallas” fanatics deserve a little down time in the summer, right?

In this spirit, I want to thank everyone who reads Dallas Decoder. I’m having a blast blogging about “Dallas” and I appreciate your support. I hope you’ll leave some comments on my posts. I really want to hear what you think.

(Also, don’t forget to “like” Dallas Decoder on Facebook and follow Dallas Decoder on Twitter and Pinterest.)

With the premiere of TNT’s “Dallas” just 16 days away, this promises to be the Ewings’ biggest summer since 1980, when the whole world waited to find out who shot J.R. Let’s enjoy this “Dallas” renaissance and make the most of it.

See you at the Southfork swimming pool!

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