Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Never Meant to Be a Burden’

Amanda Ewing, Dallas, Lesley Woods, Wheeler Dealer

Lost in time

In “The Wheeler Dealer,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Jock (Jim Davis), accompanied by Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) and Bobby and Pam (Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal), visits a Colorado mental hospital to see his first wife Amanda (Lesley Woods), who doesn’t recognize him. When Amanda spots Bobby, she runs toward him with outstretched arms.

AMANDA: There you are! You said you’d come and I didn’t believe you. [She embraces him.] How long was it this time, six months? Do you like my dress? [She twirls.] I bought it special, just for you.

BOBBY: It’s lovely.

AMANDA: I know it’s your favorite color. I wanted to look so nice for you.

BOBBY: You do. You look real pretty.

AMANDA: Are you going away again?

BOBBY: Yes, I have to go away.

AMANDA: [Points to Jock] You’re going with him, aren’t you? He’s a wildcatter. Please don’t go. I wish you wouldn’t. I worry so much about you. Please.

BOBBY: I’ll be all right. You just take care of yourself, OK?

AMANDA: I’m nothing but a burden to you, Jock. And I don’t mean to be. I love you so much. [A nurse approaches and comforts her.] I never meant to be a burden. Never. Really, I didn’t. Never.

As the nurse leads her away, Jock touches her shoulder.


  1. Lesley Woods playing Pat Duffy’s mom in a soap 25 years later how fun for the 2 of them!

    • I’m not sure they ever had a scene together, but Patrick’s character was Lesley’s character’s son. (Lesley may have left the show by the time Patrick arrived.)


  1. […] “The Wheeler Dealer’s” most memorable sequence, Jock and Ellie, along with Bobby and Pam, visit the confused Amanda, who believes Bobby is Jock […]

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