The Dal-List: 15 Great ‘Dallas’ Scenes Featuring Larry Hagman

Dal-List - 15 Great Dallas Scenes Featuring Larry Hagman 16 featured image

Larry Hagman made magic every time he appeared on “Dallas,” so coming up with a definitive list of his greatest scenes feels like an impossible task. Instead, let’s just call this a list of 15 performances I love. 15. Welcome to the family. On the day Bobby brings Pam (Victoria Principal) home to Southfork and introduces […]

Dallas Styles: J.R.’s Vest

‘The Wheeler Dealer’

Is there something symbolic about the vest J.R. is wearing when he gets shot at the end of “A House Divided,”“Dallas’s” famous third-season finale? The vest, which appears to be gray flannel with a silk paisley-printed back, goes with one of J.R.’s three-piece suits, a style that had been back in vogue for awhile when […]

Dallas Styles: Miss Ellie’s Fur Coat

Warm, in more ways than one

In “The Wheeler Dealer,” Jock and Miss Ellie visit the Colorado sanitarium where Amanda, his first wife, has lived for many years. The scene is beautifully written and performed, but whenever I watch it, I find myself a little distracted by the dark brown fur coat Barbara Bel Geddes wears. This is a decidedly un-Ellie-like […]

Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Never Meant to Be a Burden’

Dallas Scene of the Day - The Wheeler Dealer 3 featured image

In “The Wheeler Dealer,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Jock (Jim Davis), accompanied by Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) and Bobby and Pam (Patrick Duffy, Victoria Principal), visits a Colorado mental hospital to see his first wife Amanda (Lesley Woods), who doesn’t recognize him. When Amanda spots Bobby, she runs toward him with outstretched arms. AMANDA: […]

Critique: ‘Dallas’ Episode 53 – ‘The Wheeler Dealer’

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With “The Wheeler Dealer,” “Dallas” continues tying up its third-season plot threads. The Ewings pay off the mortgage on Southfork, Kristin realizes she’ll never become J.R.’s wife, and Sue Ellen is back where she was a year ago: dreadfully unhappy and boozing herself into oblivion. “The Wheeler Dealer” also offers a coda to the season’s […]