TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Ewing Oil is Back in Business’

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNT, Truth and Consequences

The road back

In “Truth and Consequences,” a first-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby and Ann (Patrick Duffy, Brenda Strong) confront J.R. (Larry Hagman) over the deed that lists him as Southfork’s owner.

J.R.: You know, I always felt a little funny about that Marta del Sol girl, ever since I saw her at the Cattle Baron’s Ball. Daddy always said beautiful women were the most dangerous.

BOBBY: I know all the things Daddy used to say.

J.R.: Well, a couple weeks ago, I heard she was planning on selling Southfork to Cliff Barnes. I was surprised she could put it right back on the market after buying it from you, but hell, I figured that was just the deal you and Lobell made with her.

ANN: That wasn’t the deal, J.R., and you know it.

J.R.: Bobby kept me out of the deal, so no, I don’t know it, darlin’. When I heard that vulture Barnes was trying to steal Southfork and get his hands on the ranch and all the oil my boy found under it, I got a group of investors together and swooped in and bought it from del Sol. Well, I don’t think Cliff Barnes knew what hit him. And I guess, maybe neither did you. [Grabs his hat off a table, holds it] Now that she’s mine, I’m going to start sinking more wells as soon as I can. Ewing Oil is back in business, Bobby.

BOBBY: [Steps closer] That’s not going to happen, J.R. [Holds up the deed] This is not going to happen. That’s why I wanted to sell Southfork in the first place, to stop all this feuding, and leave a legacy to Mama.

J.R.: You wanna carry on Mama’s legacy? Well, I wanna carry on Daddy’s. I’m taking back what should have been mine in the first place.

BOBBY: That’s how you justify this? How twisted can you get?

J.R.: Now, why don’t you settle down and accept what’s what? The deed is real, and this place is mine, but you can stay here as long as you like, Bobby. We’re family.

BOBBY: I’m going to make this right. And then I’m going to take you down, brother.

Ann begins to follow Bobby out of the room.

J.R.: [To Ann] Always did get a little hot under the collar when he didn’t get his way. But he’ll come around, you’ll see.

ANN: [Turning to face him] They warned me. My whole marriage, they told me about you. But in my wildest imagination, I never thought you could stoop to this.

J.R.: Well, Annie, you’re just going to have to work on your imagination.


  1. Probably one of the best scenes of the show since Season 10 (DVD) Everything was just perfect. There is not much you can say- JR was not his usual wuss self in front of Bobby that he was during the later years. Here, he is strong and confrontational. Of course, Bobby can’t hit him anymore like his usual reply of when JR pulled something like this, but that makes it so much better to me. What I don’t like is TNT previewing parts that don’t end up on the show- the preview they showed was JR saying “I’m the first blood.” But that wasn’t in the show- and they’ve done that before and it’s bugging me. So there is even more to this scene that I would have liked to have seen- especially since we are getting far too many scenes of Christopher.

    • Yeah, it was a great scene. It’s always good to see J.R. and Bobby butt heads — that’s such an important part of “Dallas.” I didn’t realize TNT has previewed parts that didn’t wind up in the actual episode. That is annoying! The “first blood” line sounds like a good one. Too bad it didn’t make the final cut.

      As always, thanks for commenting!

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