TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I’m Worse’

Brave New World, Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Judith Light, Judith Ryland, TNT

Strange alliance

In “Brave New World,” “Dallas’s” third-season finale, Bobby and Sue Ellen (Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) stand in the Ewing Global offices, gazing at J.R.’s portrait.

BOBBY: I miss him.

SUE ELLEN: Me too, but I think I finally feel free of him. Hell, I might even find love again.

BOBBY: You deserve that, Sue Ellen.

John Ross (Josh Henderson) enters.

JOHN ROSS: I agree. I want you to be happy, Mama.

SUE ELLEN: I am so glad you came back, John Ross.

JOHN ROSS: I just wanted to let you know that there are no hard feelings about what you did to me. [To Bobby] And I wanted to let you know that I am sorry to hear that you had to resign as railroad commissioner to buy those shares. [Sighs] It’s sad news, especially given all the environmental work you did with that lesser prairie chicken.

BOBBY: [Smiling] What are you up to, John Ross?

JOHN ROSS: See? Always suspicious of me, Uncle Bobby. A guy could get a complex. But since you ask, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the new railroad commissioner.

The elevator dings and the doors open, revealing Judith (Judith Light).

BOBBY: [Chuckling] You have got to be kidding.

JUDITH: [Striding into the room] It’s no joke, Bobby. The governor and I are old friends through some ladies he knows, and I’ve always had an eye toward public service. So when John Ross mentioned that the position opened, well, I jumped on it.

JOHN ROSS: Now those Ryland ships that I procured for Ewing Global to drill the Arctic? They can only enter, and exit, through ports of Texas — ports that are regulated by the railroad commission.

JUDITH: So if you want to make a play for that grand frontier, you’re going to have to deal with me.

JOHN ROSS: She means “us.”

BOBBY: Well, you can partner with the devil all you want to, boy. It won’t make any difference. I’ll always see it coming. In a lifetime, your daddy never got the best of me, and he was twice the opponent you’ll ever be.

JOHN ROSS: You see, that’s just it, Uncle Bobby. The last few months, no matter how much my old man I try to be, everybody keeps telling me, “You are just like your father.” I’ve done some soul searching, and I finally figured out the answer. [Steps forward, gets in Bobby’s face] I am not just like my father. I’m worse.

He locks arms with Judith, they walk into the elevator and turn to look back at Bobby and Sue Ellen as the doors close.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘We Are Not Businessmen’

Dallas, El Pozolero, Endgame, Miguel Sandoval, TNT, Which Ewing Dies?

What’s the difference?

In “Endgame,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, El Pozolero (Miguel Sandoval), Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) and a group of henchmen enter the Mexican house, where Luis (Antonio Jaramillo) stands around, talking to his thugs.

LUIS: I wish I would have known you were coming. I would have prepared you a special feast.

EL POZOLERO: This is not a social call. Sit. Sientate, Nicolas. [Luis and Nicolas each sit.] Lately, I have become a sentimental man. Time has revealed the curse of aging is not illness, but nostalgia. That is why this brings me such pain. You are both like sons to me — two very different sons, with very different skills. In the past, those skills have complemented each other. That’s no longer the case.

NICOLAS: The money I generated has kept your empire funded. I have done this quietly, with intelligence, and self-discipline that puts nothing at risk.

LUIS: Nothing at risk? You lost $600 million of our money.

NICOLAS: Which I more than made up for with the Ewing Global takeover. Luis, on the other hand, has taken American hostages. [Chuckles] In fact, he’s probably killed them already.

Luis speaks to Fernando, who leaves and returns moments later with John Ross (Josh Henderson).

JOHN ROSS: Who let the scumbag in? [Nicolas rises.]

LUIS: These “hostages,” as you call them, they serve a purpose. With the women, I was able to get our product across the border, and they were returned safely. Using this boy, I was able to sell off all of Ewing Global at once, for more money than you were asking for. [Rises] Don Orestes, I have proven that I can do better business than him. The difference between us, Nicolas, is that you don’t have the stomach to do the difficult things. [He circles John Ross, then takes him from behind and puts a gun to his head.] I do.

NICOLAS: The fact that you’re so eager to kill an American proves my point. [To El Pozolero] Don Orestes, to get what you want, you need a businessman by your side, not a criminal.

EL POZOLERO: You have become confused about who we are, Nicolas. We are not businessmen who commit crimes. We are criminals who do business. But this confusion is not your fault. It’s mine. I coddled you. I never asked you to get your hands dirty.

NICOLAS: I did what you asked.

EL POZOLERO: [Puts his hand on Nicolas’s shoulder] Murder is a wonderful bonding experience, Nicolas. It proves to me that you are truly committed to our future together.

NICOLAS: [To Luis] Give me the gun.

Luis looks at El Pozolero, who nods. Luis loosens his grip on the gun, and Nicolas takes it.

JOHN ROSS: [To Nicolas] You don’t have the balls.

NICOLAS: [Furiously pushes John Ross across the room] This piece of shit violated the one true love of my life. He got her drunk and degraded her. [Holds the gun to John Ross’s chin, whispers] Drop when I say drop.

LUIS: [Cocks a gun, points it at the back of Nicolas’s head] Enough talk, Nicolas. Time for somebody to die.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Only Need One Hostage’

Antonio Jaramillo, Boxed In, Dallas, Emma Bell, Emma Ryland, TNT

Last call

In “Boxed In,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Harris (Mitch Pileggi) is with Judith (Judith Light) when she receives a call from Luis (Antonio Jaramillo), who is holding Emma (Emma Bell) in the basement of a Mexican “kill house.”

JUDITH: Hello, Luis.

LUIS: I just got a call from one of my men. It seems your trucks have been stopped at the border. Did you not think I was serious about my threat?

JUDITH: This is exactly what I was worried about in the first place. Moving more trucks across the border always meant more risk. I warned you this could happen! But I can fix it, if you’ll just give me a little more time.

LUIS: And I warned you what would happen if you didn’t do exactly as I asked. [Holds the phone in front of Emma, who whimpers] Say hello to your grandma.

EMMA: [Crying, speaking into the phone] I’m sorry, Grandma. This — it’s all my fault. I’m so sorry. [Luis cocks the gun and holds it to her temple. She gasps, cries.] Oh, God. Please don’t do that.

LUIS: [Into the phone] I only need one hostage. At this moment, I have two.

EMMA: Please don’t do this.

The gun fires off-screen. Upstairs in the Mexican house, Ann (Brenda Strong) bolts off the sofa and screams Emma’s name as one of the thugs struggles to hold her down. At the Ryland home, Judith collapses into Harris’s arms.

HARRIS: Damn you. Damn you.

Back at the Mexican house, Emma is alive. Luis fired the gun into the wall.

LUIS: Habla con tu abuela. [Holding the phone up to her face]

EMMA: I’m OK, I’m OK.

Luis flings her onto a mattress on the floor.

LUIS: [Into the phone] I want you to think about the emotion you just felt. And then imagine feeling it every day, for the rest of your life. You have one day to get the trucks moving.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Goodbye, Daddy’

Dallas, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing, TNT, Victims of Love

The avenger

In “Victims of Love,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) enters the prison cell where Cliff (Ken Kercheval) sits at a table.

CLIFF: [Rises] Pammy, I knew you would come. Thank you.

They sit across from each other.

PAMELA: I’m sorry. I’m sorry for helping the Ewings put you in jail, for failing to protect your legacy.

CLIFF: Your whole life, I warned you about trusting the Ewings. I was trying to protect you. But what matters now is that you do know the truth — and I didn’t kill J.R. So now, you can get me out of jail. We can have a second chance. We can start all over. We can get the company back — together. I love you, Pamela. I miss you so much. [She pulls out an envelope and slides it across the table toward him. He opens it, removes an old document and studies it.] This is a deed to Ewing 6. That was Digger’s.

PAMELA: That plot of land was robbed from your father. And because of that, I was robbed from ever having one.

CLIFF: Pamela —

PAMELA: All I ever wanted from you was love. But you always hated the Ewings more than you ever loved me.

CLIFF: Darling, that’s not true.

PAMELA: Yes it is. Because if you truly loved me — because if you truly wanted to protect me — then you never would have done what you did when you killed my babies. I can never forgive you for that.

CLIFF: I’m so sorry for what I did. [Sniffles] But you want to leave me here? And you’ll forgive me if I stay in prison? I know I failed you. I did. I, I did.

PAMELA: It’s over now. You avenged the wrongs done to your father, and I’ve avenged the wrongs done to me by mine. [She rises and walks away, then turns back to face him.] Goodbye, Daddy.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘J.R. Was My Husband!’

Dallas, Hurt, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT

Her love

In “Hurt,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Bum (Kevin Page) lets Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) into his home after she surprises him on his front porch.

SUE ELLEN: You have something you want to tell me about J.R.’s death? You were J.R.’s most trusted friend. Once I remembered that, it was easy.

BUM: Sue Ellen, I’m so sorry.

SUE ELLEN: You’re sorry? I’m sure you are. I’m sure you’re sorry for shooting J.R. I am sure you are sorry of robbing me of a goodbye.

BUM: I made a promise to J.R.

SUE ELLEN: J.R. was my husband! He was my love. I should have been the first one to know he was sick. Not you. I should have been the one that was there with him. Not you. I should have been — was he scared? Was he in pain?

BUM: He was brave. And he loved you very much.

SUE ELLEN: [She sits at the table and pulls a tissue from a box Bum places in front of her, then notices a sketch of J.R.] You painted this? You painted his portrait?

BUM: [Sits across from her] It was Bobby’s idea. I told him I’d be honored to do it. [Leans back in his chair, smiles] I was taking J.R. down to Mexico for his treatments, and of course he was worried all his hair was going to fall out because of the chemo. And he said to me, “Bum, if I should lose these wondrous eyebrows of mine, please don’t tell Sue Ellen. She and her tweezers have been circling around these furry devils for half a century, and she’ll be devastated if she found out chemo got to them first.” [Sue Ellen chuckles.] Sue Ellen, can you ever forgive me?

SUE ELLEN: [Strokes the sketch] You’re not the one I need to forgive.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I’ll Be Different’

Dallas, Dead Reckoning, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, TNT

Different how?

In “Dead Reckoning,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, John Ross (Josh Henderson) enters the hospital room, where Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) sits in bed, waiting for him.

JOHN ROSS: I don’t want to be like this anymore. I don’t want to be the guy that … I don’t want to be the guy that could have done this to you. I know it’s going to be hard for me to convince you of that right now. All I can do is try to prove it to you, every single day of my life. [Sits on the bed] Pamela, I’m so sorry. For everything.

PAMELA: I didn’t call you in here so you can try to fix us, John Ross. I called you in here to tell you to stop sitting out there, because it’s over.

JOHN ROSS: Pamela, don’t say that.

PAMELA: Look, I spent my entire childhood trying to get my father to love me. And all I’ve done in my adult life was continue that pattern by falling for a man who would put greed and ambition before me. And just like with my father, I was willing to do anything to get you to love me, John Ross. But I see now: Our marriage was just an excuse to get my shares of Ewing Global. You didn’t put your mother away to get her help, but to push the IPO through. I see now that there will never enough success, enough money, to fill that hole where your heart should be.

JOHN ROSS: Pamela, please. Look, I love you, okay? I swear, from now on it’s going to be different, okay? [Voice cracks] I will be different. I will. I will be different for you. I’ll be different. I promise.

PAMELA: You ask me what I want. I want you to leave because our marriage is over.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I’m an Alcoholic’

Dallas, Denial Anger Acceptance, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT

These are her confessions

In “Denial, Anger, Acceptance,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Sue Ellen (Linda Gray), clad in a robe, enters the hospital waiting room. Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Ann (Brenda Strong) and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) see her and stand.

SUE ELLEN: I started the fire. [Bobby’s face drops]

ANN: [Stunned] What?

SUE ELLEN: I was drunk, and I came down to get more to drink. And then I remembered that John Ross had a bottle in his room. And I saw their wedding invitation, and I lit it on fire. And then I passed out. [Crying] I am so sorry I lied to all of you. [Looks at each of them] I’m an alcoholic — and I will be, until I die. [Sobs as Ann embraces her]

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘We Could’ve Worked, Annie’

Ann Ewing, Brenda Strong, Dallas, Harris Ryland, Mitch Pileggi, TNT, Where There's Smoke

Oh, the humanity!

In “Where There’s Smoke,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Ann and Harris (Brenda Strong, Mitch Pileggi) walk out of his house.

ANN: It’s crazy, everything that’s happened in that house, not to feel —

HARRIS: Repulsed?

ANN: [Sighs] Afraid. Every time I came here when I was young, even when things were good between us, I always felt so unsettled.

HARRIS: That’s called “my mother.” [Ann chuckles.] I’m sorry I was so weak, Annie.

ANN: Weak? Back then, you were the strongest man I knew.

HARRIS: Yeah, strong to you, maybe. But I let her control me too much. Listened to her too much. And it all went awry.

ANN: Well, it wasn’t just you. I was young and reckless. Running away from a life I didn’t want. You know, I think if I had paused for one second, I would’ve seen I was too young and too screwed up to think running off with anyone at 17 was a good idea.

HARRIS: I don’t know. I think we could’ve worked, Annie. I loved you. I just think we never had a chance. We should never have remained in this house, not with that woman living here. She destroys everything she ever touches. She destroyed the most important part of my life: You. [He kisses her. She lingers, then pulls away.]

ANN: I should go.

HARRIS: I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Annie. I’m sorry.

She walks away as Judith (Judith Light) watches from an upstairs window, seething.

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Nice Hand, Your Highness’

Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Like a Bad Penny, TNT

Poker face

In “Like a Bad Penny,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, John Ross (Josh Henderson) sits at a card table with Sheik Ali and his son, Nasir (Pej Vahdat).

NASIR: You don’t have enough to cover the raise.

JOHN ROSS: [Pushes his chips to the center of the table, begins to unfasten his watch, lays it down] My father’s watch. One of two things he left me when he died. He wanted me to carry out his legacy, be the man he taught me to be. If my father was king, this watch would be his crown — the symbol of everything he was. I call. [The sheik and other players fold. Nasir reveals his hand: a full house. John Ross peeks at his hand, which trumps Nasir’s, but John Ross leaves his cards face down.] Nice hand, your highness. [Turns to the sheik.] I thought by leaving you out of the Arctic-lease play, I was showing everybody that I could close a deal that not even my father could close on his own. I lost sight of the fact that, well, he made you a promise, and that promise meant more than any deal on the table. A person’s word defines who they are, and I disgraced myself, my father and you by not following through with his promise. And I can only hope to be worthy one day of the legacy that he left me. Thanks for the game. [The sheik nods, John Ross rises and walks away with Pamela in tow.]

TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Am Not My Father!’

Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, LIke Father Like Son, TNT

Or is he?

In “Like Father, Like Son,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, John Ross (Josh Henderson) storms into his mother’s house and enters the kitchen, where Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) stands at the counter, drinking.

JOHN ROSS: It wasn’t enough for you to stab me in the back once? You had to go and do it twice? What the hell is wrong with you?

SUE ELLEN: [Sips, puts the glass on the counter] What’s wrong with me? What is wrong with you? You lied to my face, John Ross.

JOHN ROSS: I didn’t lie to you! I told you the truth. It is over with Emma.

SUE ELLEN: How clever you are with your words. Just like J.R.

JOHN ROSS: What in God’s name are you talking about?

SUE ELLEN: I saw her, coming out of your office. I saw her, John Ross!

JOHN ROSS: Candace?

SUE ELLEN: Once a cheater, always a cheater. I should have learned that lesson the first time around.

JOHN ROSS: You don’t know what you’re talking about, Mama. Yeah, yeah, Candace was in my office and the crazy bitch was all over me. And I turned her down!

SUE ELLEN: Bullshit! I know what I saw!

JOHN ROSS: You don’t know, because you’re drunk! I am telling you the truth!

SUE ELLEN: Even drunk, I know the sound of a lie, and you are an expert at it, just like your father.

JOHN ROSS: I am not my father! Are you so hell-bent on punishing J.R. for his sins that you’re willing to destroy the relationship with your only son? Damn it, I need you Mom, and you sided with them. I’m your son. You remember that? Or are you too damn addled to remember who I am? [Reaches for the bottle, holds it up] Why are you doing this to yourself again, huh?

SUE ELLEN: [Sobbing] Don’t you get it? You did this to me. You and your father.

JOHN ROSS: No, Mama. You did this to yourself. You’re so busy seeing the ghost of J.R. in me that you cannot stop to take a hard look in the damn mirror. You want me to take responsibility for my actions? Then you take responsibility for yours. [Walks away, leaves the house, slams the door behind him]