TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Some Things Never Change’

Dallas, Enemy of My Enemy, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, TNT

Necessity is a mother

In “The Enemy of My Enemy,” a first-season “Dallas” episode, John Ross (Josh Henderson) visits Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) at her office.

SUE ELLEN: Hello, darling. What a nice surprise. [Kisses him]

JOHN ROSS: Mother.

SUE ELLEN: Don’t tell me. You’re here to take me out to lunch, hmm?

JOHN ROSS: I’m afraid not. [Turns away] I came because I need your help.

SUE ELLEN: Well, whatever you need. You know that.

JOHN ROSS: Harris Ryland of Ryland Transport. Is he a friend of yours? [Turns to face her]

SUE ELLEN: I wouldn’t say he’s exactly a friend. I know him a little socially.

JOHN ROSS: Socially is enough. He’s pulled his tanker trucks from Southfork and I can’t pump oil without something to transport it in. Now, I need you to convince him to send his trucks back.

SUE ELLEN: What are you asking me to do, exactly?

JOHN ROSS: You’re running for governor. I need you to play politics. Promise Ryland something. Whatever you want. I don’t care. I just need those trucks back so I can get pumping.

She looks away.

JOHN ROSS: I should’ve known.

SUE ELLEN: [Faces him] No, John Ross, I want to. I need you to believe that. But I made a promise when I got into this race to my backers and my supporters.

JOHN ROSS: Screw your promises! You’ve been compromising everything with me since I was born.

SUE ELLEN: John Ross, if I start down that road. [Pauses]

JOHN ROSS: J.R.’s investors hold a note to the ranch. We’re paying them back with 14 percent of the oil. If we don’t pay them on time, they could take the ranch. And I got a feeling they’re going to do a lot worse than that.

SUE ELLEN: My God. [Touches his face] Who have you gotten yourself into business with?

JOHN ROSS: [Walks away] Save it, mother.

SUE ELLEN: Wait. [He turns to face her.] I can help you in other ways, John Ross.

JOHN ROSS: There’s a simple solution you can do, now. And you turn me down. Some things never change.

He leaves.

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