TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘I Hope You Choose Wisely’

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Mama knows best

In “Collateral Damage,” a first-season “Dallas” episode, Elena and Sue Ellen (Jordana Brewster, Linda Gray) discuss John Ross’s business problems while having lunch in a posh restaurant.

ELENA: Why doesn’t he just ask me himself?

SUE ELLEN: Because he’s a man. And worse, he’s a Ewing man. And the Ewings always have to believe that they have everything under control. But the bigger truth is John Ross is a good boy – and he has a good heart. And he doesn’t want you to feel that he’s taking advantage. But his father’s investors are very impatient – and very unreasonable. And the barrels you would be giving him would only help to tide them over until John Ross can get his operation fully going.

ELENA: John Ross knows I want no part of drilling on Southfork. He respects that. It’s what he wants.

SUE ELLEN: You wouldn’t be drilling Southfork. You would be helping John Ross keep his head above water. His father just dumped this into his lap, warts and all. And John Ross is just trying to make the best of it. I want my son to succeed.

ELENA: And so do I. You’re not the only one that cares about John Ross. But I also care about Christopher and Bobby. Don’t you?

SUE ELLEN: Elena, when the day comes that you have to choose between your child and anybody else, I hope you choose wisely. [A waiter places the bill on the table.] And as the sole investor in your growing enterprise [signs the bill], I hope you always make the wise choice.

She rises and leaves.


  1. Lady G. says:

    It was funny watching this scene because right now I’m in season 3 and Sue Ellen makes me want to smack her silly with the way she completely ignores baby John Ross and treats everyone like scum. lol

  2. Was really surprised with this scene. I am sure Elena never thought asking Sue Ellen for help would come back to haunt her.

  3. I see Sue Ellen getting herself into trouble. I have a feeling JR will leverage Sue Ellen’s desire to see their son succeed to try and hook up with her again. The groundwork is being set for the season cliffhanger and I am sure that it is going to be way over the top!

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