New Season, New Features

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Look what’s in store

The start of “Dallas’s” second season signals some changes at Dallas Decoder. Here’s what you’ll see:

“Burning Questions.” This weekly feature, which debuts today, will address the questions left unanswered at the end of the previous “Dallas” episode. The goal: to help fans refresh their memories before TNT telecasts the latest installment each Monday night.

Critiques and Scenes of the Day. Like I did last season, I’ll review each new episode and highlight one notable scene. My critique of “Battle Lines,” the first half of tonight’s two-hour opener, will be posted tomorrow, while my “Venomous Creatures” review will be available Wednesday. I’m taking a break from critiquing the classic series for awhile, but those posts will return eventually.

“Drill Bits.” This is where you’ll find news about “Dallas’s” ratings, as well as trivia and other tidbits. I hope to post a new “Drill Bits” each Wednesday, although you might see this feature pop up on other days too.

Tweets and Facebook posts. I plan to tweet throughout the East Coast telecast of each new episode, beginning tonight at 9. Please join me! My Twitter handle is @DallasDecoder and I’d love to hear from you during the show. Also: If you haven’t done so already, please consider “liking” Dallas Decoder’s Facebook page.

If you have ideas for other things you’d like to see, please share them in the comments section below or e-mail me at I want to make this site lively, fun and above all useful to my fellow fans, so if there’s something I’m not doing that I should be, please let me know.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new season of “Dallas”!


  1. I’m so excited for the new season! Burning Questions is a great new addition and good way to start a conversation about each episode.

  2. My twitter handle is @mjsmith11 It there any specal hashtag you plan on using?

    • I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you on Twitter, Jump! The show’s official Twitter feed seems to be using the #DallasSeasonTwo hashtag, so that’s what I plan to use. I might tack on #DallasTNT too.

      See you later!


  3. Chris, the amount of work and articles/posts interviews you do is more than enough! It’s amazing. The Best Dallas blog site online.

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