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Have you “liked” Dallas Decoder on Facebook? If not, I hope you’ll consider doing so. You’ll find lots of special content there, including holiday “cards” like the one shown here and J.R. and Sue Ellen’s wedding album. Dallas Decoder is also on Twitter, where I conduct one-hour #DallasChat discussions most Monday nights at 9, as […]

New Season, New Features

The start of “Dallas’s” second season signals some changes at Dallas Decoder. Here’s what you’ll see: • “Burning Questions.” This weekly feature, which debuts today, will address the questions left unanswered at the end of the previous “Dallas” episode. The goal: to help fans refresh their memories before TNT telecasts the latest installment each Monday […]

Dallas Decoder’s Man of the Year: Larry Hagman

A few days after Larry Hagman’s November 23 death, his son Preston told a television interviewer that his father’s work on TNT’s new “Dallas” series extended Hagman’s life during his struggle with cancer. I believe it. I also believe the relationship between star and show was mutually beneficial. “Dallas” kept Hagman alive, but he kept […]

A Very Merry Thank You

With the holidays upon us, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who reads Dallas Decoder. Your support is the gift that keeps giving, and I appreciate it. Special thanks go to the folks who share their thoughts in the comments section of each post. Reading your feedback is always the highlight of […]

J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman and Me

Like his famous alter ego, Larry Hagman dodged death so many times, I assumed he was going to live forever. Waking up to the news last Saturday morning that Hagman was suddenly gone left me feeling a little dazed. Without putting much thought into it, I grabbed an old J.R. Ewing publicity shot, scanned it […]

… And We’re Back

After taking a breather in August, Dallas Decoder is back. This week, I’ll post “Best & Worst” reviews for each of the original “Dallas’s” first three seasons, as well as my wrap-up of the TNT series’ inaugural season. Next week, I’ll resume critiquing the classic show’s episodes, picking up where I left off in the […]


I’m making some changes at Dallas Decoder, just in time for summer. Starting next week, I’m going to begin critiquing “Knots Landing” episodes that feature J.R., Bobby and other “Dallas” characters. If you haven’t seen these installments, think of them as the Southfork saga’s lost chapters. My “Knots Landing” posts will be sprinkled among my […]

‘Dallas’ and Me

My earliest memory of “Dallas” isn’t watching it – it’s wearing it. In the summer of 1980, when I was 6, I was one of the millions of people swept up in the hysteria over J.R. Ewing’s shooting. I begged my mom to get me one of the “I Shot J.R.” t-shirts everyone seemed to […]

Decoding ‘Dallas’

Hello, darlins! My name is Chris and I’ve been watching “Dallas” since I was a kid. I’m starting Dallas Decoder to pay tribute to the show, explore its enduring appeal and maybe figure out why I love it as much as I do. My goal is to critique each “Dallas” episode in the order in […]