TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Cliff Barnes is My Father’

Battle Lines, Dallas, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Rebecca Sutter

Daddy’s girl

In “Battle Lines,” “Dallas’s” second-season opener, Frank (Faran Tahir) escorts Bobby and Christopher (Patrick Duffy, Jesse Metcalfe) into the Barnes Global boardroom, where Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) awaits them.

CHRISTOPHER: What the hell’s going on, Rebecca?

PAMELA: I should probably introduce myself. My middle name is Rebecca. When I was a little girl, that’s what my mother called me. But my father, he likes to call me by my first name. By my aunt’s name: Pamela. My full name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes. Cliff Barnes is my father.

CHRISTOPHER: He’s your what?

PAMELA: [To Bobby] I’m Afton’s daughter. I changed my name to Rebecca Sutter because of my father.

BOBBY: Because your crazy father is stuck in a feud that should have ended decades ago.

PAMELA: Because I knew the burden my name would be with your family. Like it was with you and my aunt. I fell in love with you, Christopher. The truth is, I would have done anything for you. But sadly, I think we’re past any declarations of love we may have once had for each other. So let’s just get to the point. I have no interest in money. My father can buy and sell you many times over. What I want is for my children to have a father in their lives. I never did growing up. And I’m afraid that’s made me do a great many stupid things in life.

CHRISTOPHER: Like conning me. And lying to me. Listen, I told you, you’re never going to see those babies. I promise you.

PAMELA: I’d like to make you an offer. I keep primary custody of the children, but you can see them every day.

BOBBY: You screw over my son, and then you want to make an offer? You certainly are your father’s daughter.

PAMELA: My father thinks – and I agree with him – that since we were married when you created Ewing Energies that I should get a part of it. I would like 30 percent of your ownership. You must know that if we go to divorce court –

CHRISTOPHER: Our marriage was a fraud and it will be annulled. And an annulment will get you no part of my family’s company. The fact that you kept from me that you’re Cliff Barnes’s daughter proves that our marriage was a sham from the start.

PAMELA: If you don’t take my deal now, I will go to court and fight you with the full weight of my father’s power. And I think you know that destroying the Ewings means everything to him.

CHRISTOPHER: You’re out of your mind. And you’d better come at me with everything you’ve got. Because I’m going to take you down.


  1. Lloyd Ferrigon says:

    Loved the premiere. Loved this “new” Rebecca. She is very good.

    • I’m glad you liked it Lloyd! I love Julie Gonzalo’s “new” character too. She’s great. This show needed a queen bee, and Julie is doing a fantastic job with the role.

      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I liked this scene. I loved the way Julie delivered the line ‘Afton is my mom’ to Bobby. The tone was very different than her other lines. It had a soft, gentle feel directed towards Bobby. I found that interesting.

    • Great observation, Hel! I’m glad she directed the line to Bobby, since he’s the only one in the room who really would’ve known Bobby.

      Thanks for your feedback!


  3. Yes, I loved the scene. The look on Bobby and Christopher’s faces when they found out was priceless. And Pamela looked so confidant. It was awesome.

    • Glad you liked it, J.R.! Everyone in that scene really delivered — Duffy, Metcalfe, Gonzalo. Poor Faran Tahir didn’t have much to do as Frank, but he glares better than just about anyone else in prime time.

      Thanks for commenting.


  4. “What I want is for my children to have a father in their lives.” – This is going to be crazy.

  5. Loved this scene!

  6. Because her father is Cliff Barnes, does this mean she will have neurofibromatosis? Will the twins have neurofibromatosis? This was a major issue in the original series.

    • Cliff was a carrier. She does not have it or she would already be dead or have severe tumers and other problems. plus we know,she was tested when she was a baby…and tested negative. So her babies should fine. But it is the reason Cliff choose never to have children. (She was an accident). Every child of his has a 50% to 100% chance of developing neurofibromas .

    • Good question! Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


  7. Cliff Ewing. says:

    I want to see the episode when JR & Cliff had a gay romance.


  1. […] Cynthia Cidre and Robert Rovner drop into their “Battle Lines” script, including Pamela’s references to her namesake aunt and mother Afton, as well as the mention of Westar during Elena’s business […]

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