TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You Got a Lot to Learn, Boy’

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Family man

In “False Confessions,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) is standing at his bedroom window, ending a phone call, when John Ross (Josh Henderson) enters.

JOHN ROSS: What’s going on?

J.R.: Bobby got arrested for shooting Harris Ryland.

JOHN ROSS: You serious? [Steps forward] You think that will help us get him out of Ewing Energies?

J.R.: You still got a lot to learn, boy. [Slides his cell phone in his pocket] When the family’s in trouble, we don’t take advantage.

JOHN ROSS: You got a problem with me?

J.R.: You damn right I do. [Steps forward] I hear you’ve been cavorting with Pamela Barnes. What do fathers say? I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed? Well, I am both.

JOHN ROSS: Who I cavort with ain’t none of your business.

J.R.: It is when her last name is Barnes. [Sits] What do you want with Christopher’s scraps anyway?

JOHN ROSS: I’m working her.

J.R.: And apparently not learning from your mistakes. You already got in bed with one crazy woman in that Marta. Not a good idea to get in bed with another one.

JOHN ROSS: I’ve got a plan to get her shares of Ewing Energies after the divorce.

J.R.: You let that Barnes girl get a piece of our company and you’re inviting a vampire into our home. She’ll suck the life out of us. That’s why I’ve seen to it that there won’t be a divorce.

JOHN ROSS: How’s that?

J.R.: I made a deal with Cliff’s man Frank. We’ve got a plan to take Pamela out of the picture.

JOHN ROSS: You must be getting senile in your old age, Daddy, because I’m the one calling the shots here. Remember?

J.R.: You asked me to teach you every dirty trick I know so we can take Ewing Energies. I teach by example.

JOHN ROSS: What do you and Frank plan on doing to Pamela?

J.R.: You got feelings for this girl?


J.R.: Then why do you care?


  1. I loved this scene as well. I too instantly thought about the scene between the 2 from the original show…WOW. However, I am torn between this one and the JR3/Sue Ellen scene as to which is my favorite.

    The whole eye shifting thing John Ross did when asked about his feelings for Pamela spelled trouble. I was like ‘uh oh, JR’s plans are in trouble’. Plus, I think he is like Sue Ellen…he gets attached emotionally to whomever he is screwing around with even if he begins the relationship for nefarious reasons. More complications coming I think because of that..LOL

    Knowing JR’s time on fictional earth is limited, each scene with him in it weighs heavily for me. 1) as a viewer, it makes me very sad to know I have very little time left to watch him 2) I wonder if this is the last time he interacts with the other character in a meaningful way. What if this is the last time him and John Ross interact? How is that going to impact John Ross going forward? JR’s scenes with Bobby have been warm and comfortable. They are at peace finally, which is wonderful considering what is soon coming.

  2. I’m coming to this thread a bit late and have the benefit of already seeing the next episode. Yes there is one more episode with a JR scene coming, but since that scene is previously shot and being picked up off the cutting room floor I’m going to guess it isn’t top flight JR.

    So I’m going to declare this the last great JR scene. Yes the final scene with Bobby was touching, but this scene was classic JR. He rightly reads John Ross the riot act for daring to consider using Bobby’s misfortune for personal gain. And he does it in a way only JR could. Then he goes on to warn just dangerous a Barnes can be. I’m sure that is going to prove to be prophetic.


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