Dallas Burning Questions: Season 2, Week 7

Goodbye, J.R.

Goodbye, J.R.

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode.

Who killed J.R.? In “The Furious and the Fast,” last week’s episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) went to Abu Dhabi to close an oil deal while his private eye Bum (Kevin Page) snooped into Harris’s past. Meanwhile, John Ross (Josh Henderson) was disappointed when his latest scheme against Bobby and Christopher (Patrick Duffy, Jesse Metcalfe) failed. In the final scene, J.R. called John Ross and tried to buck him up. “Don’t you worry, son. I’ve got a plan. It’s going to be my masterpiece,” J.R. said. The call was interrupted when John Ross heard two gunshots on the other end of the line. Who would want J.R. dead?

How will the Ewings cope? J.R.’s death is bound to put a lot of pressure on the Ewings, who are already in turmoil. Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is cozying up to Gary (Ted Shackelford) in an attempt to undermine his alliance with Bobby. John Ross feels betrayed by Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), who sided with Christopher during their fight over Ewing Energies. Elsewhere, Ann (Brenda Strong) has allowed Emma (Emma Bell) to move into Southfork, which is sure to infuriate Harris (Mitch Pileggi), while Elena and Drew (Jordana Brewster, Kuno Becker) want to reclaim their father’s land from the Ewings so they can drill it. Will J.R.’s death bring these people closer together – or push them further apart?

What secrets will be revealed? J.R.’s funeral will bring a lot of familiar faces back to Dallas, including half-brother Ray (Steve Kanaly), niece Lucy (Charlene Tilton) and ex-wife Cally (Cathy Podewell), as well as Cliff (Ken Kercheval), his mortal enemy, and Mandy (Deborah Shelton), his longtime mistress. Once the memories start flowing, will the skeletons come tumbling out of the closet too?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. all I have to say is that tonight is going to be a whole box of tissue night. BTW…wouldn’t you love to have one of those memorial booklets? TNT should sell them to devoted JR Ewing fans.

  2. Dan in WI says:

    Please not Sue Ellen drinking again! We already had one close call with this issue this season. The preview at the end of last week’s episode showed it could happen again. In fact given that preview I fully expect it to happen this time. I’ve said before and I’ll say it again: Sue Ellen drinking is the ultimate been there, done that, milked it for absolutely all it’s worth storyline in Dallas history. Please don’t go there.

    On to my burning questions:
    What did Cliff say to make Christopher wave off John Ross and attack him himself? At this point Christopher can’t be a big fan of JR meanwhile John Ross has every right to defend him. I can’t wait to find out what Cliff said at that funeral crashing appearance to get Christopher so upset.

    On a lighter note my burning question is:
    Who’s going to end up in the Ewing pool? We’ve already had two major Southfork events (Christopher’s wedding and the “final” Ewing BBQ) and nobody was tossed into the pool. I think it is high time that happens.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Oh, and here’s hoping (though I’m not holding my breath) there will be a suprise funeral cameo other than the (Ray, Gary, Lucy, Mandy, Callie) that have been announced. A surprise would be nice.

    • I’ll save my thoughts on Sue Ellen until my critique of tonight’s episode. As far as the pool: I’d love to see that too but I wonder if it might be too chilly at this time of year for a poolside brawl? I wonder if we’ll have to wait for Season 3 to see that?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will we find out ‘where’ JR was killed? Was he back in Texas?
    I really hope to hear something, anything, about JR s other two sons. Really, are we just supposed to forget about them?!? As much as I disliked James, it would be interesting to see him again.
    Hope we see some more familiar faces here and there.

    • You’ll find out J.R.’s location when he was murdered within the first few minutes of tonight’s episode. I’m also want to find out more about his other children — if not in this episode than hopefully sometime soon.

      Thanks for commenting!

      • Dan in WI says:

        You sound like you’ve seen an advance screener for tonight. If so thanks again for not spoiling.

      • Thanks Dan. I did get to see a screener. Some crucial plot points have been published elsewhere, so I’m saving all my thoughts for my critique, which I hope to post by tomorrow afternoon.

      • Anonymous says:

        JR gets shot in Mexico

  4. I like we’ve seen J.R.’s coffin with an American flag over it. He is a Vietnam veteran, after all.

    • I did not know that. Are you talking about Hagman or the Character J.R. Ewing or both? I feel an American Flag is also appropriate because J.R. Ewing is a National Treasure!

      • J.R. Ewing, the character, was a veteran. It was established in the original series that he’d served in Vietnam (@ his daddy’s insistence, of course, since Jock was a WWII vet, and thought it would help make J.R. “a man”). I think, specifically, he was in the air force.

    • JR…that IS a nice touch. JR being a Vietnam vet wasn’t mentioned on the show hardly at all.

      • Well, it wasn’t ever pivotal to the story or anything, I think I read most of the details about it in some Dallas biography, but I remember it coming up in conversation on the show a couple of times. There was one scene where some military officers came to see J.R. @ Ewing Oil (I think this was during the B.D. Calhoun storyline, and they wanted to question J.R. about his connection to him) and when J.R. saw them he tried to make some joke about “You didn’t lose my Discharge papers, did you?” And I remember some other scene with Bobby where J.R. told him “I never killed anyone, not even when I was in the service.”

      • Here’s the second scene you reference, J.R. It comes from “The Red File, Part 2” and was my “Scene of the Day” back in May.


  5. Will Cliff Barnes get handcuffed? I think he should be arrested and interrogated just as a formality. Will John Ross become closer or more distant from Bobby, Christopher, Elena, and Pamela Rebecca? Does J.R. go out on top, as the title “J.R.’s Masterpiece” suggests? Will Harris Ryland feel the wrath of J.R. Ewing from beyond the grave? (I’m still hoping.) Will Dallas without J.R. Ewing be like The Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia? Larry Hagman was the best. I think there will be enough talent to keep the show going. I am very happy with the show. I honestly feel that the best of the new Dallas on TNT is yet to come. I know that this is the very best cast of any television show being made today, bar none!

  6. Dan in WI says:

    Maybe this doesn’t have be sad. Anybody familiar with the Robert Picardo “Roast Your Loved One” sketch from the movie “Amazon Women on the Moon”?
    Okay maybe that isn’t the way to go on this one.


  8. if Sue Ellen falls off the wagon after JRs death its understandable…many people who have addiction problems struggle for the rest of their lives so it would make sense for her to relapse even if only briefly..many people,myself included, feel that Linda Gray really showed her acting ability to the fullest when Sue Ellen was going through withdraws etc. I really had reservations when i first learned that TNT wanted to revive DALLAS but ive been very happy with it and look forward to it every week.there have been some issues with continuity and certainly there are some storylines that meander but overall i think its a fitting continuation of the original. i am both anxious and eager to see what direction the writers/producers go post J.R. and i hope TNT will give us a 3rd season. as far as tonights episode,there are alot of characters that id like to see again but it doesnt look like theyll be there…

  9. wow tonights episode was easily the best hour of television that ive seen in 5 years! everything was great!! Linda Gray was outstanding when she spoke at the grave as was Patrick Duffy! Josh Henderson gave his best performance yet! im gonna have to watch it again before i go to sleep!!!

  10. So, I have now seen the episode 3 times. I was blown away and am still crying. And yes, about to watch it again. Great performances across the board. John Ross and those puppy dog eyes..such pain without saying a single word. Bobby was heartbreaking to see him so stiff and in pain. When he ripped into Ann…..wow…you wondered if that was ever going to happen (him questioning her about keeping those secrets from him )..and OMG…yes it did…can’t remember Bobby ever doing something like that..yet it felt so real and so Bobby…and the ending with him sitting there with that drink and that sob. Sue Ellen…what a reaction…when she got back and was all trying to be about work…I am like she is desparately trying to avoid even thinking about JR being gone. Her reaction to Cally and Mandy…wow…she was reeling but playing it cool. Like the reaction the two had to her comment about lying and cheating…ughhhhh…OH thank god there is drinks now. When she went and talked to Gary…that was a nice scene. The moment she put the moves on him..I knew she had lost it and was going to drink at some point. Men were always her other way of coping. …then her in that bedroom. (The song btw..is Tara Holloway ‘the bottom’…here after known as Sue Ellen’s song… It is available on ITunes…had to go buy it). Not a single word. She didn’t have to say a single word and she still made me cry, every movement and every facial expression just told us every thing. WOW… Then that graveside scene. It was everything that you would expect from her. It was awkward. It wide open vulnerable. It was just plain raw. The letter was simple and beautiful. (Eternal thanks to Cynthia for the whole episode but especially this scene and this letter). Her giving him that answer. Her voice sounded like she was utterly lost, broken, and desparate. Loved that Bobby came and grabbed her.

    I think Chris and Elena had some wonderful scenes as well. As I said, great job all around.

    I am glad that they left us with so many questions. Love that they have JR stirring up crap from the grave.

  11. SnailMail says:

    It’s hard to believe that even though Larry Hagman has been gone since November and he’s officially being laid to rest on Dallas. Anyone who grew up watching Dallas is going to be watching this time around and J.R. didn’t survive this time around. After watching the preview episode I was really curious to see who would want to kill J.R. I have my guesses but I’m probably wrong so I won’t reveal who’s on my list. It’s a sad night in TV history.

  12. Some comments seem 2 have gone missing boy.

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