‘Who Killed J.R.?’ Possible Suspects in ‘Dallas’s’ New Mystery

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?

Who done it?

In “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” we learned Larry Hagman’s iconic character was shot and killed in a Mexican flophouse. The police investigation concluded J.R. was the victim of a burglary, but Bobby told Bum, his brother’s private eye, that J.R. was murdered. Who killed J.R.? Here are some potential suspects.


Cliff Barnes, Dallas, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?

Pre-emptive shot?

• Cliff Barnes. As J.R.’s oldest enemy, Cliff (Ken Kercheval) automatically earns a spot on this list, although I’m not sure why he’d want J.R. dead at this point. Cliff is now one of the world’s richest men. He has already beaten the Ewings: Cliff took away J.R.’s company at the end of the old show and recently helped his daughter Pamela seize 10 percent of the new Ewing Energies. Then again, maybe Cliff blames J.R. for the death of his adopted son Frank, who recently fell on his sword after betraying Cliff to J.R. Or could Cliff have killed J.R. to prevent him from rising again?

Dallas, Katherine Wentworth, Morgan Brittany, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?

Waiting to strike?

• Katherine Wentworth. There was no love lost between Katherine (Morgan Brittany), Cliff and Pam’s loony half-sister, and J.R. On the old show, she plotted with him to break up Pam’s marriage to Bobby, whom Katherine wanted for herself. When J.R. betrayed her, Katherine went off the deep end and shot Bobby, then tried to poison him before vanishing. (Pam also dreamed she ran over Bobby with her car, killing him.) Later, Katherine stalked Pam in the hospital after her car crash before resuming her life on the run. Could Katherine have been waiting all this time to spring a trap for her ex-partner-in-crime?


Dallas, Harris Ryland, Mitch Pileggi, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?

Protecting secrets?

• Harris Ryland. J.R. ordered his private eye Bum to investigate Ryland (Mitch Pileggi), who has caused lots of problems for the Ewings, including blackmailing Sue Ellen. Could Ryland have gotten wind of Bum’s snooping and killed J.R. to prevent him from uncovering his misdeeds? Perhaps, although “Dallas” has been grooming Pileggi as its new villain so it seems unlikely he’ll turn out to be the killer. But what about Ryland’s overprotective mama Judith? She could be a suspect, although if she were going to kill someone, it would probably be a withering glance, not a gun.

Dallas, Mitch Lobell, Richard Dillard, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?

Disgruntled dad?

• Mitch Lobell. Lobell (Richard Dillard) was the Ewing family lawyer who helped John Ross and Veronica Martinez trick Bobby into selling Southfork to J.R. When Lobell got greedy and demanded millions of dollars in hush money, J.R. and John Ross blackmailed him with incriminating photos that could’ve sent his son Ricky, a recovering drug user, to jail. After J.R. seized control of the ranch, Lobell vanished without a trace. Has he been hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to take his revenge against J.R.? Perhaps, but if he turned out to be the killer, would anyone remember him?


Carlos Del Sol, Castulo Guerra, Dallas, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


• Carlos del Sol. Carlos (Castulo Guerra) is a billionaire conservationist and one of J.R.’s old friends. When J.R. wanted to join Cliff’s high-stakes poker game in Las Vegas last season, Carlos agreed to front him the money. He’s also the father of the real Marta del Sol, whose identity was stolen by Veronica, the con artist who helped John Ross in his scheme to defraud Bobby. But isn’t it suspicious that Carlos turned up at the Mexican police station when the Ewings gathered there after J.R.’s murder? Even if he didn’t pull the trigger, something tells me Carlos knows more than he’s letting on.


Dallas, Pam Ewing, TNT, Victoria Principal


• Pam Ewing. At the end of “J.R.’s Masterpiece,” Bum told Christopher that J.R. had been searching for his mother. The backstory: Pam (Victoria Principal) was disfigured in a fiery car crash and ran away from Southfork. Later, the audience learned she had a terminal illness and wanted to spare Bobby and Christopher the pain of having to watch her die. Suppose Pam went into remission and is still alive but, for whatever reason (shame?), doesn’t want to be found? Could she have killed J.R.? It’s extremely doubtful, especially since Pam was such a beloved heroine and Principal recently announced she won’t reprise the role.

Dallas, Kristin Shepard, Mary Crosby, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


Kristin Shepard. Yes, she’s dead – but when has that ever stopped “Dallas”? Kristin (Mary Crosby) famously shot J.R. in 1980, only to later drown in the Southfork swimming pool. What if she somehow faked her death and went into hiding, waiting for the right moment to try another assassination attempt? Suppose J.R. found out Kristin was still alive and was on her trail? Bum told Christopher that J.R. had been tracking down his mother; what if he was referring to biological mama Kristin and not adopted mom Pam? This is my dream scenario; I don’t expect it to come true. But how cool would it be if it did?

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?


• J.R. Ewing. What if J.R. wasn’t murdered? What if his “masterpiece” plan was taking his own life so his death could be pinned on Harris, Cliff or one of his other enemies? I know it appeared someone off camera gunned down J.R. at the end of “The Furious and the Fast.” Could it have been Bum, acting on J.R.’s orders? I don’t love the idea of J.R. killing himself, but I do like the notion of him making a grand sacrifice to save the Ewings from some outside threat. This scenario would also solve the major dilemma with this plot: Who is “big” enough to take down J.R. Ewing – except for maybe J.R. himself?

Who done it? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” page.


  1. I have no frackin clue! But I loved the episode and I just really REALLY hope that the writers can live up to the expectations I now have for the rest of this season.

  2. I am leaning towards Jeremy Wendell, formerly of Westar Oil. He was jailed, he never died, I think he got 10 years if I can recall/

  3. i hadnt really considered Katherine before but she would be a perfect suspect..certainly she was evil enough and capable of anything and if JR was tracking down Pam maybe Katherine wanted him to stop…we all know that Katherine didnt want Pam to have Bobby even if she couldnt have him herself. hmmmm

  4. I do wonder where this Pam story is going to go, since we know that Victoria Principle is NOT coming back? But as long as this season ends with the Ewings taking down Barnes (& Ryland) for good, I’ll be satisfied.

    • You don’t suppose that statement from Miss Principal was a red herring to throw us off the trail? Wouldn’t that be sneaky!

      • It’s possible. And certainly that’s what all the hardcore Pam fans when she released that statement, but I just can’t see that. Someone speculated that, since this is part of J.R.’s plan to get Cliff, the mystery could turn out that Cliff managed to steal Pam’s money, all her shares in Wentworth, which is how he built his fortune, and J.R. Found proof of this, which Christopher could use to take over Barnes Global, since that’s his rightful inheritance.

      • Holy moly! What a fascinating twist that would be!

      • That would be a very sneaky red herring of a twist for sure. I love this whole series of speculations.

      • It’s great fun, isn’t it?

    • Anonymous says:

      If Pam was disfigured and had plastic surgery, another actress could play the part

  5. You forgot the possibility that JR is faking his death…

  6. Well, since they weren’t invited to the funeral, and nobody even said their names, my guess is one of JRs other sons! Now that would be a twist! Ok, I’m half kidding, but why are they not even mentioned? Really!?
    I never thought of Harris and cliff joining forces, but maybe there’s something there.
    I wonder if someone new would play Pam?Maybe Katherine, but the show would have to give a lot of back story, and I’m not sure there is time.
    Hmmm, maybe Drew is involved…
    I hope I’m not disappointed in this evolving story line!!

    • One of the sons could be a nifty twist! Regarding Pam: How would you feel if that role was recast?

      • I think the role could be re cast well. It has been a long time. But I like Bobby and Ann together. I don’t want anyone to mess that up. I do think JR meant Pam though. Kristen is long gone I believe. Unless the character isn’t alive, and he was just doing research of some sort.
        I’m starting to think more about Carlos. There has to be a reason for Mexico. And he did show up quick.

      • Good points, Morganmg. Thanks!

  7. Dan in WI says:

    Cliff: A year ago I never would have thought him the type to plan and execute an intricate premeditated murder. Sure Johnny Dancer’s ghost will tell you he’s capable of a heat of the moment crime of passion killing but in the past I never would have thought him possible of this. But this is a very different Cliff today. Anybody who can order his “son” fall on the sword could certainly kill JR in this way. All that said Cliff doing it (directly or even ordering an underling to do it) would be too obvious

    Carlos Del Sol: I’ll agree. He was a bit too insistent that the Ewings immediately go home while he does the investigating. He sure smelled like he was trying to cover something up.

    JR: No I don’t buy him doing himself in anyway.

    Judith: She’s too blustery to do it.

    Harris: So far he hasn’t been established as capable of murder. But there is more to learn here. I wouldn’t rule this one out.

    Right now I really don’t have a good guess.

    My left field candidate: Carter McKay. This is another man who had a temper and certainly had his run ins with JR over the years. Still with George Kennedy 88 I don’t know if he’s of enough health to make an appearance. But I see Wikipedia’s most recent acting credit for him was 2011.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Oo. I almost forgot Vicente. It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility that he could have some vengence minded relatives. Killing JR would take down one enemy and punish the still living John Ross. Hell, maybe he’s somehow mixed up with Carlos Del Sol.

    • Carter McKay! What about Jeremy Wendell?!

      • Dan in WI says:

        Two reasons I didn’t mention Wendell: 1) He never struck me the violent type. I got the impression he takes all his revenge in the boardroom. 2) RJ Coopmans already beat me to mentioning him.
        At only 85 compared to George Kennedy’s 88 I supose that could happen

      • Maybe McKay and Wendell patched things up and worked together to take down their common enemy!

  8. I really believe J.R. took his own life. “A Great Masterpiece” I don’t think anyone on the original cast killed him. Just my thought!!

  9. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/dallas-star-patrick-duffy-learning-427179

    This interview with Patrick Duffy said he insisted on knowing who the producers plan on having killed JR so he would know how to play his scenes; and when he found out, his “jaw dropped”…This eliminates many of those being speculated upon.

  10. One would think that JR wanting to have dinner with Sue Ellen when he came back to town would eliminate him taking his own life right? Or would it? Stay tuned.

  11. Cliff Barnes can not be ruled out. Perhaps too obvious. It would still make for a great story.

    Carmen Ramos was in Mexico at the time. She does not care for J.R.. Carmen is my #1 suspect.

    Pamela Barnes Ewing? I am so glad to hear Victoria Principal is NOT coming back to Dallas. Based on recent interviews, she sounds like a big pain is the ass.

    I think it could be Mitch Lobell. He certainly had the motivation.

    I would not be surprised if it was Carlos del Sol. I also think Carlos del Sol may know it was more than a robbery and may help Bobby find out the details and circumstances of J.R. being shot to death.

    It is clearly not suicide.

    • I like your idea that Carmen is involved. And I definitely don’t trust Carlos. I also hope it wasn’t a suicide.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Going along with the Patrick Duffy jaw-dropping comment, Carmen would be one of the few who would really make me drop my jaw. I just don’t see that in her character. While I found her absense odd a couple episodes ago while Drew was signing away Elena’s future, I don’t see what motive Carmen would have had to kill JR.

      • Yeah, I’m thinking Carmen isn’t a real suspect.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        That’s who I think it is, I don’t want it to be, but that’s who I think it is. She has a small motive, JR and John Ross worked together against Elena, She could blame JR for Drew getting in trouble, she was in the right place at the right time, She is the only posible suspect that would make my Jaw drop

  12. Kristin Shepherd, here is why – Cliff Barnes told Christopher that he is a Barnes. Christopher said he is a Ewing first. Cliff Barnes told him something to the effect of “You are a Barnes more than you know.” I am sorry, I can’t remember Cliff’s exact words.

    J.R. was in Mexico looking for Christopher’s mother! If she did fake her own death, Mexico would be a pretty good location to hide out.

    She already shot J.R. once. If she was tracked down, I could see her wanting for kill him.

    THis would explain why Bobby did not share what he read in his note from J.R.. It might also help Bobby understand why Ann did not share certain things about her life with Bobby.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Im throwing Valene Ewing out there-

    Only because Patrick said his jaw dropped .And we all know how he messed with her and Gary .

    Either way love thr show and the actors and may Larry rest in pece he will be sorely missed.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Carmen Ramos did it!! She was in Mexico and didn’t want JR to reveal the truth that either Drew, or Elenor is JR’s child

    • Dan in WI says:

      Elena can’t be JR’s child. We already had Ray making out with his niece back in the day. It would beven worse if John Ross had spent time with his half sister!

    • Aaack! That means John Ross slept with his half-sister Elena!

    • I believe 100% that Carmen Ramos did it. She was apparently in Mexico, and either Elena or Drew is JR’s daughter or son, respectively. He probably forced himself on Carmen many times and she probably hated him. Maybe he was going to find out that Elena or Drew were his child/children……..or a less likely thought, J.R. killed their true father (Mr. Ramos), by his verbal abuse, maybe he had a heart attack, etc. and Carmen never go over it. they showed Carmen at the funeral…..and i didn’t recognize her……this would be a twist, i am sure more twists could be brought on by this situation. Thoughts??????

      • I agree that Drew might turn out to be J.R.’s son — that’s plausible — but I don’t see J.R. raping Carmen or killing her husband.

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      I am glad other people think Carmen Ramos did it, but I have a different motive. JR was helping John Ross steal Ewing Energies from Elena, JR exposing Harris could lead to Drew, Drew doesn’t know but his mom could. Plus she said she never really liked him, and Larry Hagman died while filming episode 5, she went to mexico in episode 6 and came back for the funeral.

  15. It has to be Pam or Kristin. Would anyone else really be a jaw dropper?

    • I think Cliff and Katherine would qualify as jaw-dropper status too, although I really don’t see the show turning Cliff into J.R.’s murderer. Now Katherine on the other hand….

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      What does anyone think about Bobby’s lawyers, either Mitch Lobell, or even LOU. Mitch has a perfect motive, his invlovment in JR’s scheme ended his a career and God knows what it did to his family. Lou and Carmen would diffidently make by Jaw drop, lou even more so. what does anyone else think

  16. I think it was Ann Ewing’s long lost Daughter Emma Brown. If she didn’t kill J.R Something tells me she knows more about who did then what she’s been saying so far.

    • She certainly seems to a young woman with a lot of secrets!

      • Cliff is certainly in the running…but I am leaning away from this.

        Pam….hmmmm..not for me.

        Katherine….strong possibility. She is nuts enough to do it… I am a little foggy on the details of the financials on the Wentworth inheritance. (Chris B we need a refresher course!). What were the details re Pam, Katherine, Chris etc? Most of us believe she was involved in Pam’s disappearance. So if JR was meddling in that business …he was meddling in Katherine’s business.

        Carlos…..I too thought it was odd that he showed up and that he found out nothing about what was really going on. He has billions of $$ . One would think that would give him tons of power. Not the killer but probably possessor of more information. One can assume he knew more about JR’s doing than he is saying. Remember last season, JR told Bum to call and TELL Carlos to send him a million $. To me, That says that Carlos knew on some level.

        A woman is involved….cArlos told the story that JR had met some woman and he was going back to her place near the hotel. By saying that she wasn’t a hooker, he implied that JR was merely ‘hooking up’ with her. What if she was not a romantic partner, but someone involved in JR’s investigatin or the killer? Because of JR’s womanizing ways, everyone jumped to the same conclusion.

        I had a wake party last night. One of the ladies pointed out that Emma seemed a little more involved than one would expect…due to her reactions and the fact the cameras caught her a few times. Maybe she knows her Dad has been up to something in Nuevo Laredo…..they think she knows something on that subject. Later, Bum confirmed that JR was there because of investigating Ryland. We know from the SE story that Ryland has need of laundering money. OMG…just thought of this…. OMG…the lady police sergeant mentioned that the Cartels have reached across the border to get advice from businessmen. (I have found that Cidre rarely mentions stuff in vain…it is often small comments that come back to mean something down the road). What if Ryland is one of those guys? That would explain having to Lauder money. Plus, he owns a huge, huge trucking business. That would make it easy for him to help move drugs across the border. Mexico and Texas move a lot of oil across the borders. Being in Texas and having one of the largest fleets in the state (we know this from John Ross using him last year), Ryland could be using his trucks to move oil and gas across the border.

        Okay…now the Rylands have moved up on my list. But that is countered by the fact that they have worked hard to establish that family in the show. Would they do this and then have one of them kill Jr?

        Lobel…..long, very ling shot
        Vincente……long shot

        OMG…I just don’t know. It is going to be fun finding out.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I personally like your Ryland theory. But there is one thing stopping me from buying in completely. Would Harris Ryland as the killer pass the Patrick Duffy Jaw Dropping test? Hardly. Now if Harris sent Emma to make the kill it would. But I don’t think Emma has enough unaccounted time to do it.
        But let me take your theory and run a bit. It struck me as odd that Drew was threatening Harris’ life when he showed up with that Lambo. What’s his stake in this? Perhaps Harris is behind the smuggling Drew just got convicted of. And who do we know was in Mexico? (Like you just said Cidre doesn’t seem to include many throw away lines.) Drew’s mother Carmen. What if there is some sort of connection there? Maybe Carmen somehow got blackmailed into killing JR to protect Drew in some way shape or form.
        As I said above Carmen would certainly pass the Patrick Duffy Jaw Drop test. I dismissed the possibility above, but if blackmail were somehow involved that changs things…

        Anyway that is the finest theory group brainstorming can come up with.

      • Oh, my! Carmen … Drew … Mexico. Maybe it’s because it’s late, but this is all beginning to make sense.

      • Love your theorizing, Hel. I’m glad you made the connection between Ryland, money laundering and that Mexican cartel. Also: Is it a coincidence that Drew had that sojourn into truck driving? And remember when he got the driving gig, he made reference to “the boss”?

        What does it all mean?! (If anything.)

  17. im gonna go with Katherine for the reasons ive already stated above or Kristen…i know Kristen is supposed to be dead but after she was pulled from the pool she could have been revived only to have JR imprison her somewhere…and as far as Pam goes,they already recast Pam once when we saw her talking to that doctor so its not outside the realm of possibility..VP fans would be upset but shes the one who doesnt want to return to Southfork.

    • Dan…see I don’t know about the Carmen thing. Bc she has been with the Ewings for over 25 years. I think that she clearly cares about them. I think the reason they had her out if the country was to explain her absence at the hostage situation and her not knowing later about Drew’s crime….for some reason that will be important, maybe. Drew was involved in importing fake designer shoes…not enough to get someone killed over.

      I think he threatened Ryland out of respect for Bobby. (By the way, Kuno is not only a very good actor…he happens to be quite hot…lol). I loved the way he threatened Harris.

      (My wake ladies think he could be JR ‘s son, btw….lol…another site had a few people postulating that as well this morning. I am not so sure on that…tho. )

      I don’t know that Ryland did kill jr. But I think he is very involved with JR’s masterpiece and that puts him into play. But,..I like your reasons for it not being him… We need more clues. I am not sure how involved his mother is in his business. If she has been, she night be a contender as well.

    • I think Katherine is a strong candidate, Todd. She meets what Dan in WI describes as the Patrick Duffy jaw-dropping test, although Kristin remains my dream candidate.

      • Who is the woman JR met up with for his assignation? We need that tidbit too.

        What do we have……

        Carlos overly involved…..he is privy to what JR was up to last season…perhaps even involved since he was giving JR millions… Why does he show up out of the blue and gives the family bogus info

        A mystery woman…who know one is even thinking about. She had plans to meet with JR later

        JR looking for Pam in Abu Dhabi…for some reason it is now I portent after all these years to get information about her. .I think it has to do with money…money that belongs to Wentworth…..it also concerns Chris as well.. Was this another offshoot of JR digging into Cliff last year?

        JR did a big oil deal in Abu Dhabi

        Katherine was involved in Pam leaving…so she could be still involved now. She too would be involved with the Wentworth money angle

        Know that Ryland needs to launder money. We know he has some deal going on down in Nuevo Laredo. We have the information about businessman being involved with the cartel.

        Cartels are extremely dangerous, and since JR was being awfully careful in preparing options just in case something happened. (All the notes he sent) lets us know he knew he was playing with real fire this time

        R seems awfully sure that Cliff and Harris will team up. Why? And why was he investigating Cliff, Harris, and Pam’s disappearance all at the same time. (Plus what was the details of that new oil deal he just did?)

        Hmm. We need to go back and start checking old remarks as well waiting anxiously for details next week.

      • The mystery woman! We need to figure out more about her. Get on it, Bum!

  18. Freaking iPad autocorrect. The line after JR / Pam …should be ‘it is important after all…

  19. Joan Van Ark was in the preview. Perhaps Valene killed JR.

  20. Well my first instinct was that JR killed himself (by way of having someone do it for him to make it look like a murder). That note to Bobby tells him that he had a debilitating disease that was terminal and as such he decided to go out in a way that would allow the Ewings to take down a few of their enemies at the same time. The thing is why would JR do that if he asked Sue Ellen in the letter, to have dinner with him? (Unless of course it was his way of letting her know how much he cared about her, that he wanted to be with her again).

    Also, the Mexican police said JR was killed with a Saturday Night Special. Initially I thought the gun in the box he sent John Ross was the gun that killed him, which would serve as proof of something eventually but that gun was not a Saturday Night Special. I believe JR’s letter to John Ross stated that he Bobby would know what to do with that gun later. So that gun has something to do with that letter Bobby received. And finally…what is the trick JR had up his sleeve? The one no one would suspect. The one that Bobby would deal with just with “Family” later on. That leads me to believe that JR was ill and that he planned this…and right now the only two people who know what’s up are Bobby and Bum.

    • These are good, well-reasoned theories, Jess. I appreciate your sharing them. Thank you!

    • what about bum killing him? and moving everyone to blame others with the info he brought back from Mexico, or was he in Mexico? also, AbuDabi (spelling, sorry), that trip had something to do with Cliff and his adopted son Frank. If J.R. was there to dig up dirt on Cliff, that makes sense , not doing an oil deal. any thoughts??? I don’t know who killed JR, just wanted to add some info.

      • I think it’s possible Bum isn’t telling us everything. A connection between Cliff, Frank and Abu Dhabi might be worth exploring. Thanks for your ideas!

      • Dan in WI says:

        I think Bum as the killer would pass the Patrick Duffy Jaw Dropping test ™. He’s pretty much been presented to us as a JR allie beyond reproach. That said I don’t see it. It would take a ton of fancy writing to tie him into all the loose ends that need tieing up. About the only way I could see it working was if Cliff or Harris somehow flipped him into a double agent.

      • I don’t know, Dan. Bum has always seemed kind of shady to me. If he turned out to be a double agent, I’m not sure my jaw would drop.

  21. It was Dusty Farlow

  22. hey, doesn’t Drew have a connection to the middle east? he served in the military and then worked in the oil fields somewhere out there as well? I need to go back and watch his intro episode. I know that his character synopsis said this…but I don’t know if they have said it on the show.

    • I think you’re correct, Hel. He’s been described in publicity materials as a war vet, although I can’t recall if that was mentioned on the show.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I don’t think it was stated on the show. I’ve never read the publicity material and if he is a vet it is news to me.

      • fornicus7237 says:

        It’s got to be one of the classic, iconic characters who took out JR. In other words, not Harris, Drew, or any other Johnny-Come-Latelys.

        I remember Jeremy Wendell, Carter McKay and other yesteryear players, but I’m sure most of the present day audience does not. Having one of them revealed as the killer would just emit a baffled “Huh?” from the new crowd.

        Whatever the case, I hope they do this Pam thing right. I know Victoria isn’t coming back, but I’d be quite disappointed if Christopher goes on a wild goose chase only to learn she really did perish some 25 years earlier.

      • Good points. I agree that it’s essential to resolve Pam’s storyline well. How would you feel if the role was recast with another actress?

      • fornicus7237 says:

        Chris B,

        Thanks for your reply. I would have no objection at all to re-casting Pam. Sure, I wish Victoria were on board, but it ain’t a perfect world. I would rather see Pam again, or at the very least, have her established as alive somewhere, than simply have this all end with Christopher finding her gravestone with the year 1988 or 1989 on it.

        What worries me is that JR of all people couldn’t find her after months of searching. But maybe he somehow knew for a fact that she is still out there. Time will tell.

        In any event, I’m loving the series. Cynthia Cidre is brilliant and really seems to have her thumb on the pulse of what fans want. I just wish Gary had returned a little sooner. He’d had no onscreen interaction with JR in nearly 30 years. It would have been neat to get that reunion.

      • I want resolution to the Pam story. If that means Christopher finds her gravestone, I think I’d be OK with that. I agree the show is really firing on all cylinders now, although like you, I also wish Gary would’ve returned sooner. Better late than never. Now that he’s here, I want him to hang around.

  23. I agree the killer has to be a character that would make sense to both new and old fans. Perhaps this is why the Pam back story is starting to develop. If the killer is a “classic”, the new viewers need to learn about them and understand them. If it is someone “new” we have to see some kind of big picture connection, as to keep long time fans excited too.
    I guess this is why the story line is still developing. And by all these comments, people seem very drawn in! Really hoping its not suicide, or cartel.
    I too think every small line has meaning. There is a mystery, but we may look back later and say, how did I not get that??
    I hope we will see some real surprise characters show up. So far we always know in advance who is reprising their roles.

  24. It can only be a woman who pulled the trigger because the sound of high heels were heard just before the gunshots. So, Harris, Carlos Del Sol, Cliff, and Mitch Lobell are all out. So, with the remaining suspects, I’ll talk about each one’s likelihood:

    JR offing himself: Bad idea. Bad, bad, bad idea. Thankfully if it’s “classic Dallas writing” according to Patrick Duffy, this is absolutely ruled out. Thank heavens. (Highly Doubtful)

    Kristin: Intriguing theory. But how would Kristin fake her own death if Cliff Barnes wasn’t totally in on it? But, since she (30-PLUS YEAR OLD SPOILER ALERT) shot J.R. the first time around, it wouldn’t surprise me she wanted one more go for offing JR. (Plausible)

    Pam: Interesting idea. Don’t think that’ll pan out as her being the triggerwoman, though. She was not entirely well-known for being a halfway good shot like Kristin or Sue Ellen. However, it is likely she’ll resurface on Southfork anyways in that trademark red Mercedes, but she wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. (Highly Doubful)

    Katharine Wentworth: A likely scenario (other than Kristin being the J.R.-offer twice). She was pretty steamed at J.R. double-crossing her back when she wanted Bobby for herself. However, she’s too much of a looney tune to be a good shot, so we shall see. (Plausible, but doubtful)

    • Thanks for your thoughtful analysis, B.J. I need to go listen to those footsteps again!

      • Yes you do!

      • I just listened! Are we sure they’re high heels? It does sound like it could be heels, but it’s kind of muffled.

      • That does seem a tad suspect… Boy oh boy oh boy I love what they’re doing with this mystery, making us lap up every single possible clue and string us along only so far and no further…

      • Oh, I agree! I haven’t had this much fun watching a TV show since, well, the original “Dallas”!

      • fornicus7237 says:

        Let’s not forget about Afton. Her daughter may have told her about JR’s threat to flush out another Pamela, so Afton took preventative measures. Oh, and Audrey Landers is on deck to return in the coming weeks….hmmmm.

      • Interesting idea! Don’t forget: Afton is also one of J.R.’s jilted lovers, although that’s an awful long time to carry a grudge.


  25. I hope JR didn’t plan his own death. That’s not for me….better to have someone kill him with him know that he was being followed and made arrangement with Bum just in case the horrible happened.

  26. I don’t think anyone should count out JR yet as his own killer. Bobby made mention that this needed to be kept in the family so I believe that it is someone closer to the Ewing clan maybe even apart of the family in someway. Pamela, Katherine, Valene, and Carmen are all viable suspects to me based upon Bobby’s reaction however I don’t really see it being Carmen. I also don’t think that Carlos is the killer but I do believe he might know more than what he is saying. JR clearly didn’t want anyone in the family to know anything until that package arrived. Maybe Carlos agreed to keep quiet at JR’s request? I do not believe that Cliff Barnes or Harris Ryland are involved because I don’t think Bobby would be shocked nor Patrick Duffy. Also, regarding Victoria Principal, I do believe it is possible she could return to the show regardless of any statements she has made. It is an old trick the soap opera world sometimes uses so they don’t ruin a storyline by revealing an actor’s return. One Life to Live fans may remember that Trevor St. John who played Victor/Todd swore that he would not return to the show before it’s television finale in January 2012. But lo and behold, there in the final scene there is Mr. St. John!! I have also considered Afton Cooper or Donna Culver Krebs as possibilities!! And this is my wild card-Gary!!

    • Thanks for the “One Life to Live” example, Lena. I didn’t watch that show so I wasn’t familiar with that example. Gives me hope that we might see the “real” Pam resurface after all. As far as Afton and Donna: I’d love to see them come back, but I’m not sure I’d want either of them to be J.R.’s killer. Same thing with Gary. And I also agree: I don’t think Carlos is necessarily the killer, but I’m sure he knows more than he’s letting on.

      Thanks for commenting!

  27. Misha Lauenstein says:

    It doesn’t make sense for them to make it someone that hasn’t been on the new show. I think JR set up his own murder to frame Ryland and Carlos helped him.

    • I think that’s a plausible theory, Misha. Thank you!

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Chris or Misha,
        What do you guys think about Mitch Lobell doing it.
        1. He fled the country (most likely Mexico)
        2. His involvement in JR’s SF scheme ended his career
        3. Most likely took a toll on his marriage.
        4. He is now a fugitive.
        I also thought that Bobby’s other lawyer could be a JAW Dropping possiblity.
        Motive to be announced upon his arrest.

        and of course Carmen
        1 in Mexico
        2 Protecting either one of her kids
        3 One of the regulars on Dalls without an allibi
        all main characters were at the race track, and Emma ran away to SF and Harris and Judith had that fight. I don’t know where Cliff was, but if he did it he wouldn’t make Patrick Duffy’s jaw drop

      • I think Lobell is more likely than Carmen, but I’m not sure many viewers remember Lobell. He appeared at the beginning of the new show’s first season but hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

      • fornicus7237 says:

        I can see why some folks are thinking Carmen, but to me that wouldn’t be a jaw dropper….it would be a big time eye roller, and probably fatal to the series. The audience barely knows or cares about Carmen. And how would she know JR was going to be in Mexico? She doesn’t have those kind of connections. And does she hate him so much that she is willing to sacrifice her longtime employment at Southfork, and her relationship with the rest of the family, and her children’s happiness? I just don’t see this as “The Butler Did it with a candle stick in the library” situation.

        I also can’t see Duffy’s jaw dropping over Carmen. It’s more likely he’d say “Wait….who?”

        Mitch Lobell is a little more plausible, but like Chris said, there is too little familiarity with him for the viewers. The only real reason I haven’t forgotten him is because the actor was in the movie Dazed and Confused, along with Jason London, who played Mitch Lobell’s son, lol.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        I do not want it to be Carmen, but if it was we should look behind what happens to her, as most don’t know her, but we know Elena and we are getting to know Drew.

        Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Katherine die when she killed Bobby, there by making her death a dream to. I might be wrong not so familiar with the original show.

      • Yes, Katherine died when she killed Bobby during Pam’s dream. After the dream, she made a brief appearance during “Dallas’s” 11th season when she visited Pam in the hospital after her car accident.

      • Great trivia! I need to see “Dazed and Confused.” Thanks Fornicus!

  28. I say the gun JR left john Ross had finger prints linking Christophers soon-to-be ex wife (cliffs daughter) to tommys murder, and the memo to Christopher was letting him know Pamela actually had left her part of cliffs company to him and with cliffs daughter losing her share and Pamelas share going Christopher Ewing, JR takes out Barnes and Ryland at the same time! Wishful thinking maybe… RIP LH!

    • Brandon Gene Childers says:

      I like that Pam thing, maybe her character is still dead, but she left her interest in Barnes Global to Christopher. That would be 33% of the company and the Barnes only have 2.5% of Ewing energies.

      PS some people may thing Pamela owns 10% but she only owns 10% of Christopher’s 25% which is 2.5%

      • Dan in WI says:

        I disagree. I just double checked “Blame Game.” Yes, Rebecca’s lawyer begins by asking for 1/2 of Christopher’s “stake” of Ewing Energies. But Christopher counters with an offer of “7% of Ewing Energies.” Note Christopher doesn’t say 7% of his stake or of his share. He says 7% of Ewing Energies. Period. Rebecca then counters back “10% of the company.” Again she says “of the company” and not of “your (Christopher’s) stake/share.” So you do have to listen closely. The discussion started by talking only of Christopher’s share of the company but moved to percentages of the company of a whole.
        Christopher walks into mediation owning 25% of the company. He walks out with only 15% after giving Pamela 10%. But make no mistake about it. Pamela currently has a full 10% of the company as a whole.

        As for who owns what of Barnes Global. That is completely up in the air. It depends on if either or both of Pam and Kristin are breathing at this point and that appears to be up in the air for both.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        I see that now, I just assumed, maybe it could go either way, but I see your reasoning as well. If Pam is alive she owns a third, if she is dead Christopher most likely own it. I have know clue about the other sister, don’t even know if she has kids or what

  29. Brandon Childers says:

    I think Elena’s mom did it. Elena said her mom wouldn’t find out about Drew because she was in Mexico. JR was shot in Mexico. Elena’s mom made it very clear that she didn’t like JR. If JR expose Harris for his crimes it would eventually lead to Drew, and a mother would do anything for her son. she was in Mexico until the funeral. Every other main character has an alibi and Carlos Del Sol or Pam Barnes would be too obvious. Anyone else agree or consider it a possibility

    • I don’t know, Brandon. It doesn’t seem like Carmen is “big” enough to bring down a legendary character like J.R. She’s often on the periphery; I’m not sure casual viewers know who she is. If she’s revealed as the killer, I’m afraid the audience would respond: “Carmen who?” What do other readers think?

      • fornicus7237 says:

        I’d be pretty disappointed if it was Carmen. She just isn’t pivotal enough to the show. Hopefully the fact that they bothered to tell us she was in Mexico is merely to make her eligible for the list of suspects. To actually have her be the killer would be a disservice to Larry Hagman and J.R, in my opinion.

        Does anyone else roll their eyes whenever Emma appears on screen? I know we need complementary storylines, but I cannot warm up to her character at all.

        For that matter, I’m still struggling with resident drama queen Ann Ewing. I wouldn’t mind a scenario in which the search for Pam makes Ann go a little nuts with fear that Pam will return to Southfork to reclaim her old life, ultimately leading to Ann’s departure, whether Pam actually returns or not.

        How did last week’s episode fare in the ratings? I can’t seem to find any info about it. These next few weeks are critical. The fate of the show likely depends on their executing the murder mystery and the Pam storyline to near perfection.

      • I’d be disappointed if it was Carmen too. Here’s my report on the most recent ratings:


      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        I do not want it to be Carmen, but I considered her a possibly, and it would make sense, if it turned out to be her though they would have to create like a why i did it speech, but it could be Mitch Lobel who fled to Mexico, he may of worked with JR, but that ruined his career and could have messed with his marriage. Was Del Sol from the original Dallas, because if he is not then there appears to be no motive for him to kill JR, what to the other reader think?

      • fornicus7237 says:

        Interesting points, Brandon. I don’t recall anything about Carlos Del Sol’s backstory, but it is hard to rule anyone out at this point.

        I’m surprised there hasn’t been more discussion about Katherine being dead, according to Bobby. Could this be a continuity error? Her “death” on the old show was just part of Pam’s epic dream. Or maybe she did die at some point, and we just don’t have the details yet.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        I was also thinking that Mitch Lobel could be a possible suspect. Even though he worked with JR, John Ross, “Martha Del Sol”, and the Vicente against Bobby, that deal ended his career and moved his probably has some impact on his family, perhaps divorce. It was said he fled the country, and when you live in Texas you don’t flea to Canada. but season two watchers wouldn’t know who he is. Patrick Duffy said when he found out his jaw dropped, the Ryland’s wouldn’t make his jaw drop, and Emma ran away and was at Southfork right before JR was killed. The real Del Sol family are friends of JR. So I don’t know who do you think it is?

  30. 1. Katherine Wentworth – JR was getting too close to finding Pam and she cut him off at the pass.


    2. Michele Stevens (Beaumont) played by Kimberly Foster – April’s sister from the original show. She was the owner of Ewing Oil for a short time after buying it from De La Vega. After marrying Cliff, she sold him 50% of the company. Then, she went to jail for killing Hilary Taylor, the woman who was portrayed by Susan Lucci in the original, who killed April. Out of that, she sold the other half to JR, who eventually loses it all to Cliff.

    The last thing you see of Michelle is standing in the lobby of the Krebbs/McCay house after she came home to be with James, only to find that he had split and left town with his baby’s mother.She was screaming, “Damn you James!!! Damn you JR!!”

    • Anonymous says:

      Good ep last night, even though their spoon-feeding us the Pam saga little bites at a time is growing frustrating. I swear, she better be alive at the end of all of this, or I’m done with the show! Nah, I’d still watch, lol

      What does worry me is Bobby saying there is no record of her travelling anywhere after 1989. By then she and the new husband (presumably her doctor in Pam’s very last scene of the old show) could have changed their identities, of course.

      • Yes, I know what you mean. I also want more clues about Pam, J.R. and the whole masterpiece plan. Never thought I’d say this, but: “Pick up the pace, ‘Dallas’!”

      • Anonymous says:

        Totally, Chris! But I guess I understand they need to spread it out over the remaining episodes.

        Short of Kristen actually being alive, hence bringing BOTH of Christopher’s moms back into the picture, Katherine is who I would most like to be the killer. But unless Bobby is wrong about her being dead, that wouldn’t appear to be the case. I know Morgan Brittany did an interview about the new show fairly recently, but I didn’t read it and have forgotten where I saw it.

        Cliff Barnes is officially worse than JR ever was, in my opinion. I know he was never really a GOOD guy on the old series, merely the lesser of two evils, but at least back then he had moments of decency and redemption….even a semi-friendship with Bobby in later seasons. Welcome to Bizzaro World Dallas, where Cliff is the Devil Incarnate, and we’re now an audience of J.R. Ewing sympathizers!

    • I like your idea about Katherine. Not sure about Michelle. I doubt many of today’s viewers would remember her. Then again, you never know. Thanks for commenting, Mark!

  31. I think it’s Katherine. And what a humdinger it would be to find out she killed J.R. *and* Pam — while staging her own death. If the TNT producers are as smart as I think they are, they’ll a) reveal that a legacy character killed J.R. and b) bring back Morgan Brittany! (P.S.: I had the honor of interviewing Morgan earlier this month for my “Reimagine That!” podcast … an invitation back to Southfork couldn’t happen to a nicer person : ).

    • How cool that you got to interview Ms. Brittany. I’ve heard only good things about her. And I agree: It would be fantastic to discover Katherine was behind J.R. and Pam’s deaths. She would instantly become the most-hated figure in the Ewing-verse!

      Thank you very much for commenting on my site. I appreciate it.

      Chris B.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        How could they bring her back to live, It is a good idea if they could bring her back to life.

      • Brandon Gene Childers says:

        Never mind I thought you said Kristen, I like the idea of Katherine doing it too, In the dream when she killed Bobby she was trying for Pam, so she could have killed Pam and JR I like it

      • I like the idea too!

      • My pleasure. You have an intriguing and fun site. Keep up the great work … and fingers crossed that TNT hears our “Bring back Katherine Wentworth” cries! (P.S.: I’m following you on Twitter … that’s me, @RetroalityTV : )

      • I’ll look for you on Twitter. Thanks!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I think the Venezuela (first season) people kill hin.

  33. Cliff’s sister did it. And by sister, I do not mean Pam i. Katherine is the odds on fav.

    • We’ll know soon, Paul. Thanks.

      • fornicus7237 says:

        Am I mistaken or has the start time been delayed an hour? Could have sworn it was going to air 8-10 pm Eastern. A ratings move after what happened in Boston today? Seems a little sleazy, but I guess I understand.

      • Sorry it took me so long to respond, Fornicus, but the two-hour season finale was always slated to begin at 9.


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