Happy Anniversary, Darlins!

Where's the bourbon?

I’ll have a splash too

“Dallas” debuted on April 2, 1978, but there’s a second reason this day is special to me: I introduced DallasDecoder.com exactly one year ago.

My initial goal was to use this site to get reacquainted with my all-time favorite TV show before the arrival of TNT’s continuation. I figured I’d dash off a critique a day and wrap things up within a year or so. It hasn’t quite worked out that way.

Twelve months later, I have fallen in love with the TNT series and write about it much more than the original show, although I’ll get back to the classic critiques soon enough. I’ve also been lucky enough to interview people I’ve admired all my life, including the man who started it all: “Dallas” creator David Jacobs. I still pinch myself over that one.

The best surprise remains the people who read Dallas Decoder and comment on my posts. Please know how much I appreciate your insight and thoughtfulness. More than anything else, your support makes this the best hobby I’ve ever had.

I have no idea what the future holds for “Dallas,” but if it turns out people are still talking about the Ewings and the Barneses 35 years from now, I won’t be surprised. I just hope I’ve finally gotten through my classic critiques by then!


  1. Chris! Gotta say Happy Anniversary to Dallas as well! I am so glad that you started your wonderful website. It brings back a lot of memories of the original show…. Plus, it is wonderful that you also enjoy Dallas TNT and allow all the rest of us a chance to voice our comments (and love and issues) about the show!

    • Thanks Hel! I always love hearing from you and everyone else. The comments and feedback really are the best part of doing this site. It’s so much fun to talk “Dallas” with my fellow fans.

  2. Stephan says:

    Happy anniversary! I love old DALLAS, I love new DALLAS, and DALLASDECODER is very much part of my enjoyment. I come here regularly to check if there is anything new, and I am never disappointed. All your posts display an uncommon degree of knowledge and appreciation when it comes to our favourite show, which makes me leave this site a little wiser than before. I don’t know how you magage to find the time to do everything so thoroughly, and I fully understand that the critiques of the original DALLAS are on hold for now. But when the TNT season is over, I’ll definitely look for those again. Please keep up the great work!

  3. I’ve love Dallas for 35 Yrs. Thanks for the site! Happy Anniversary Dallas!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Dallas Decoder!!! I’m so impressed with what you’ve achieved in the last year. You’ve provided old and new fans a space to reminisce over, think about and express their views on one of the greatest television franchises. Congrats honey.

  5. Happy Anniversary Dallas Decoder! You know I set up this wordpress account just to check it out. I picked the name JumpSteady and the icon just to be silly. I found this site through wordpress search. I just sort of lurked for a bit and did not comment. Then when I was at the beach last summer I watched the new episode of Dallas. I had nobody to talk to about it. Imagine an entire house packed and not a single person, besides me, interested in either watching or discussing Dallas. So I posted here and got a response. I was sort of stunned and pleasantly surprised that my comments were taken serious and also appreciated. I also enjoyed reading the comments everyone else here posts. The more I read and looked into this site the more I read, I realized that this is a great site and it gives Dallas the serious attention and respect it deserves. Chris B. you do a great job and it is clear that you put a great deal of work and thought into this site. Now I feel that this site is an extension of the show.

    • Jump, this is a really nice message. I’m honored that you consider my site an extension of the show. That means a lot to me. I’m also really glad you have a place to discuss “Dallas” online. I always enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for posting and for all your support!


  6. Dan in WI says:

    Thank you for all you do. I discovered this site through a link on that other more negative forum out there. I wanted a place to discuss Dallas and that wasn’t the place for me.

    Dallas is a continuing thing for me. I watched it regularily on TNN and then recorded the whole run on VHS off Soapnet. Then when they started releasing DVD’s I started watching one episode a week on Friday night to keep that old tradition alive. In whole I’ve probably watched the entire series start to finish 3 times with other partial runs here and there. I can’t envision a day when I won’t watch an episode a week. It is a gift that keeps on giving. Now the same can be said about this site.

    • Dan, thank you. That’s really kind of you. I’m really glad you’ve discovered the site. You always have great insights and I’m so glad you’re willing to share them.

      We have similar experiences. I watched the show when I was a kid, then watched the reruns on TNT in the early ’90s and later watched it on TNN too. I’ve also collected it on VHS (Columbia House Video) and now DVD. Maybe one day I’ll have it digitally downloaded into my brain.

      Thanks again for your nice message and please keep those comments coming!


  7. Happy Anniversary DD and Chris! It’s a wonderful site and you do a fabulous job with your critiques. I usually agree with your opinion and I love all the nuances that you highlight in scenes. I don’t always agree with your scene of the day though because if Sue Ellen isn’t in it … it can’t be my favorite.

  8. joesiegler says:

    I don’t remember where I started watching precisely, but I started about six months or so before the original “Who Shot JR”. In other words, I don’t remember my first episode, but it was before the big bru-ha-ha back then.

  9. “Long time listener, first time caller,” as the old saying goes. I’m really enjoying the current series — and your takes on same.

    Why? I’m taking Linda’s advice from an interview conducted by Ultimate Dallas with “the three musketeers”. It was conducted May 3, 2012 — exactly 21 years after the original series ended. (When the interviewer told Larry, Patrick and, later, Linda of this historic fact, the stars’ reactions were priceless.)

    But, anyway, back to her advice. She recommended to enjoy the ride when TNT started airing “Dallas” — and I have enjoyed the ride.

    Oh, yeah, TNT’s first season finale of “Dallas” just happened to coincide with my first night of my vacation in San Antonio — where I originally watched “Who Shot J.R.?” and “Who Done It?” That final scene (“Now that’s my son — from tip to tail.”) was a nice exclamation point on a great season.

    Heck, I’m watching last night’s episode (“Let Me In”) as I type this — thanks to the DVR.

    Keep up the great decoding work, sir.

    • Thanks Doug! I’m really happy to hear from you. And I remember Linda making that point in the Ultimate Dallas interview too. I’ve tried to take her advice and enjoy the ride. I think a lot of diehards like me have quibbles with the new show now and then, but above all, I’m just thrilled “Dallas” is back. I hope it sticks around. I think it’s earned a third season (and then some!).

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and kinds words. I appreciate them.


  10. First Happy Anniversary to Dallas and to Dallas Decoder. When I heard that Dallas was coming back, I watched the entire original series over again. It took a while, but there were things I acutally remembered after all these years and a lot that I didn’t. Anyway, I really enjoy this site. Your observations, Chris, as well as the ones from everyone else are great. Please keep critiquing the episodes. That would be really neat. I have to say that I particuarly enjoyed the “Entertaining Ewing Style”. in the Dallas Decoder Guide to .. .section. Cracked me up and so true. Keep up the great work Chirs!!

    • Thanks, JH! I’m glad you remember my guide to Ewing-style entertaining. That’s one of my favorite posts. I want to do more of those kinds of posts in the future.

      I’m definitely going to keep critiquing the classic episodes. It’s going to take me longer to finish than I expected, but I’m committed!

      Thanks again.


  11. barbara fan says:

    Congrats on your 1st Anniversary, love BF – original fan of original Dallas (only)
    I love your reviews of Dallas and insightful comments

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