Decoding ‘Dallas’

Dallas, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman

Between the lines

Hello, darlins!

My name is Chris and I’ve been watching “Dallas” since I was a kid. I’m starting Dallas Decoder to pay tribute to the show, explore its enduring appeal and maybe figure out why I love it as much as I do.

My goal is to critique each “Dallas” episode in the order in which they were originally broadcast and post a new review each weekday. I also plan to offer a daily transcript of a memorable “Dallas” scene, along with occasional essays about the show’s broader themes.

Other periodic posts will focus on the fashions seen on “Dallas” and the photography used to publicize the series during its original run from 1978 until 1991. There’ll also be some surprises along the way, and when TNT’s “Dallas” revival begins in June, I’ll write about the new show, too.

Please visit regularly and share your comments – and be sure to check out Dallas Decoder on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.

Hopefully, Dallas Decoder will become a forum for fans to gather and celebrate “Dallas,” which is as fascinating now as it was when it debuted, 34 years ago today.

Let the fun begin!


  1. Excellent website; I stumbled upon it by accident via a link from the Soapchat forum on Ultimate Dallas. I look forward to reading more of your critiques!

  2. Hello! I just spent my whole lunch break on your website reading your critiques of TNT’s DALLAS and some of the old episodes. I really liked it and I agree in most of them 🙂 I too watched DALLAS since I was a child and I can’t wait for German television to broadcast the new show (okay, I already watched the new show in English..couldn’t wait!)Keep on the good work and thank you for loving the show as much as I do. Greetings from Germany, Ronnie

    • Hi Ronnie! Thank you for reading my site. I really appreciate your feedback. I plan to add more critiques in the coming weeks. Please keep reading. And if ever you have observations that are different than mine, feel free to share them. I always enjoy hearing what other fans think.

      Thank you again!


  3. As you can see you are not alone. I am a blogger too and Patrick Duffy’s since I was 12 years old. So continue to share with us!!!


  1. […] initial goal was to use this site to get reacquainted with my all-time favorite TV show before the arrival of […]

  2. […] also marks Dallas Decoder’s second anniversary. I’m still having fun writing and editing this site, and I hope you’re enjoying reading it. […]

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