Dallas Burning Questions: Season 2, Week 11

Ewings, united

Ewings, united

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “A Call to Arms” and “Love and Family,” the latest episodes from “Dallas’s” second season:

• Will Ewing Energies collapse? In “Let Me In,” last week’s episode, the Ewings were shocked to learn the state was: a) blaming Christopher’s technology for the Ewing Energies rig explosion, and b) fining the company $1 billion. The family vowed to fight back, but the conspiracy against them was bigger than they realized: Governor Sam McConaughey (Steven Weber), one of Harris’s allies, covered up the truth about the blast, which was caused by Cliff and Harris’s bomb. Later, Ken (Lee Majors) sent Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) documents that suggest the governor is in Harris’s pocket, but it was too little, too late: McConaughey used his power to seize the Henderson drilling site, effectively cutting off the Ewings’ oil fortune as the deadline to pay the fine loomed. How will the family get out of this jam?

• Will Pamela turn on Cliff? The rig explosion caused Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) to lose her unborn twins, sending her into a depression. John Ross (Josh Henderson) comforted Pamela and told her the rig was sabotaged, which seemed to revive her fighting spirit. “Promise me that when you find out who did this, you’ll make them pay,” she told Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe). Once Pamela discovers Cliff (Ken Kercheval) ordered the explosion, will she align herself with the Ewings in their battle against him?

What will happen to Drew and Emma? Southfork’s newest lovebirds, Drew and Emma (Kuno Becker, Emma Bell), grew closer even as they wrestled with their inner demons. Guilt-ridden Drew hasn’t told Elena (Jordana Brewster) or anyone else that he planted the bomb on the rig. Meanwhile, after Sue Ellen spotted Emma in a bar getting high and flirting with an older man, Sue Ellen told Ann (Brenda Strong), who realized she doesn’t know her daughter as well as she thinks. Of course, this might be the least of Emma’s troubles. When she defied Harris’s orders to stop seeing Drew, Harris had the young man savagely beaten, then showed Emma the results of his handiwork. “No more looking for trouble, OK?” Harris sad. “Yes, Daddy,” she responded through tears. Will Emma really obey him?

Will Bobby solve J.R.’s puzzle? Carlos (Castulo Guerra), J.R.’s Mexican friend, introduced Bobby (Patrick Duffy) to Rhonda (Emily Kosloski), the mystery woman who was supposedly seen entering J.R.’s Nuevo Laredo hotel room on the night he died. Rhonda told Bobby she is the hostess in a club owned by members of the local drug cartel, and that J.R. wanted to speak to her because Harris frequents the club. She explained: “J.R.’s not the first man to invite me back to his hotel room. He just wanted to talk. Share a drink. He was kind to me. Gentlemen are in such short supply where I work. I’m so sorry, what happened to your brother.” Did she tell Bobby the truth?

Where’s Pam? Speaking of J.R.: After Bobby told Sue Ellen about her ex-husband’s master scheme, John Ross found a copy of Rebecca Wentworth’s will, which showed she left her estate – including her shares of Barnes Global – to her three children: Katherine, Cliff and Pam. “If we can get Pam’s shares, we can kick the legs out from under Cliff,” Bobby said. “That’s why J.R. wanted us to find Pam. That’s our move.” Has the time come for Bobby to finally confront his ex-wife?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. Brandon Gene Childers says:

    Ewing Energies will make it out at the end of the season on top.

    Pam will side with the Ewings. She will not forgive Cliff for quite some time.

    They will help the Ewings take down Harris, don’t see how Emma and Drew could help with the Cliff situation. Looks like Harris will be blamed for everything and go down in flames.

    We will not find out who killed JR tomorrow, I am puzzled if she was telling the truth or not.

    I think Pam will be found, dead or alive, Victoria Principal or someone else, in the second part of tomorrow’s episode.

    What I want to know is Harris the buffalo he was referring to in his little speech. He describes what he thinks he is doing to the Ewings, but It will turn out to be what JR and the Ewings do to Harris. It would be interesting if at the end of the season they take Harris down, and play his little speech in a montage while Harris is dragged through the mud. Is that clear, I think Harris is the Buffalo and JR and the rest of the Ewings are the lizard. Good bye Harris – thoughts?

    • I was thinking the exact same thing when I was watching Harris Ryland talk with the Governor last Monday. I do not think the Ewings are going to watch Harris Ryland from a distance either. I ave a feeling they will be all up in his business, one way or another. Harris Ryland is an intense character and hats off to Mitch Pileggi.

      Drew Ramos can help bring everything together. He can link Harris Ryland to the bomb. The connection between Cliff Barnes, Harris Ryland, and Governor McConaughey has to be made in order for Ewing survival. If this connection is not made, there is no way Pamela Rebecca will know her father is the person behind the explosion. Earlier this season, John Ross betrayed his own father, by reaching out to Cliff Barnes, in order to save Cliff’s father. Cliff Barnes does not seem to mind her getting blown up.

      I suspect Pam will be found dead. Just a hunch. I think it will be a way to bring closure to her character and by not replacing her with another actress, will be a fine compliment to the great body of work Victoria Principal contributed to Dallas.

  2. My burning question is: Will there be a 3rd season???

  3. I am just going to wait and see. I feel that this show is on a hot streak and I learned that it is almost impossible to know what to expect.
    Tonight is being presented as a special 2-hour episode.
    My real burning question is – How are the relationships between the characters on the show going to change? John Ross and Bobby Ewing, are they going to respect each other and even, perhaps, like each other. Bobby is one of the very few people who sincerely loved John Ross’s father. Christopher and Elena, the death of the twins already caused some tension in their relationship and Drew Ramos making and planting the bomb is clearly going to have an effect on the two.
    Is Drew Ramos going to be shunned on South Fork? I do not see how he can redeem himself.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      That is the same thing I said about “Rebbecca” last season. I think Drew will eventually be forgiven. I still think Carmen killed JR. but Christopher will forgive Drew, they have bigger fish to fry,

  4. Dan in WI says:

    My burning question: What happened to Harris’ Lamborghini? Last week we saw him in a generic SUV instead.

    I don’t think anybody believes Ewing Energies will collapse. We all want JR to finish up on top and and I don’t see how the writers can deny us that. The only question is how many additional swerves remain in the last four episodes?
    Now if season three were a sure thing this could have been a between season cliff hanger. But without that certainty then I don’t think they could take that chance.

    I also have to think Pamela turns on dad.

    Where’s Pam? I’m still going with dead. But I’m a little less certain of this than I used to be.

    • I think Harris took the SUV because he may not of wanted Drew bloodying up his nice Italian sports car. Pamela has to be convinced that her father was responsible for the explosion, before she turns on him. I suspect Pam is dead too. Although, it is safe to say that anything can happen. You are right about the point you make about season three being still up in the air. The Ewings and Ewing Energies can go down like the Titanic and that would be the end of it.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      That might be his unmarked kidnapping vehicle or Roy Vickers vehicle.

      I agree Harris has to be destroyed once in for all, before the end of this season. It is JR’s masterpiece. I understand that Cliff has done something unforgivable, but Cliff is more powerful than Ryland, and that means Ryland and the Governor are the scapegoats.

      Pamela will turn on her dad.

      I think she is dead, why else bring up the living trust.

  5. I don’t think Ewing Energies will collapse, at least yet. Maybe in episode 14 or 15, but perhaps they will find a way to keep it afloat for awhile.

    Pamela will turn on Cliff for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learns from Cliff himself, whether he slips up or she overhears a conversation. Wouldn’t want to be on her bad side when she does…

    I think Emma will still try to interact with Drew, but he probably will push her away. That, coupled with her guilt, could lead to further self destructive behavior. The promo shows her with a cop, so maybe she gets a DUI or something.

    Hopefully we will learn a bit more about JR in Mexico tonight, but I expect that to unfold slowly between tonight and next Monday. It seems more likely to me that JR’s Masterpiece will be revealed and executed before we discover the whole story about Mexico and his murder.

    I think Pam will turn out to be dead, that or Dallas is brilliant in making us think that. Her shares of Barnes Global and whether Christopher gets them or not is an interesting plotline I am looking forward to seeing more of. I also think we will learn that Pamela Rebecca will have a piece of that living trust too, which could make her an important player in taking down Cliff.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      Hopefully we find out more about Carmen, I think she is at least a little bit involved in a scheme. It was release that Carmen’s back story would be told and the next four episodes are all that is left to do it

  6. Sam in IA says:

    It’s weird. At the moment I think the last couple of weeks have strangely come to hinge on Drew Ramos. I think Drew will somehow redeem himself with the Ewings. Before Harris had him beat up, Drew was ready to start drilling. I am crossing my fingers that “Ramos-1” will come through and Drew will throw the Ewings a lifeline. And I would bet Drew will be out for payback of his own after being beat up.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      I have a feeling that every character Ewings, Emma, and Drew will come together to help destroy Harris. I also think that in the end Cliff will through Harris under the bus

  7. “Wouldn’t want to be on her bad side when she does…” You got that right. Last episode when Pamela Rebecca told John Ross that she was not crazy, I laughed pretty good. Julie Gonzalo is amazing in her role. I feel the potential to have the wrath of a woman scorned taken to an entirely new level here on Dallas

  8. Well, I want to know why Emma is being arrested in the previews for tonight? A d also it looked like Elena and Chris were searching Drew’s cabin…..if so, why? Is that where they will come across some of his bomb stuff. It looked like last week the hard sided suitcase was still there.

    What about Sue Ellen’s drinking? What is going on with that?

    I wonder what Cliff is spinning to Pamela in the previews. It looked like his usual diatribe against the Ewings. Will she listen to him? She looks hardened in those scenes to me.

    I think Ewing Energies will survive…..but am really looking forward to how they get out of it. All of the tiny bit of luck they have is solely due to Sue Ellen finding out about the sabotage and the getting the information about the Governor ties to Ryland. If not, they would not even know they should be fighting the coverup.

    I think Cliff and Ryland both are the buffalo. JR has already bit and poisoned them. If I had to bet on which one will survive I think it will be Ryland. I think he has survivor qualities. He will most likely take a devastating blow… But he will survive to fight another day and will be even more vicious!

    But Cliff ….I know he has survived so many defeats in the past…but he only bounced back emotionally because he had someone there to pick him up and console him ….plus he always had JR in the background being JR to inspire him to get his backbone back. I think he is going to be dealt a devastating blow as well. The question is ‘will losing to the Ewings thanks to a dead JR crush his spirit?’ Without JR around to rail against, where will his ‘mojo’ come from? I thought he looked a little undone after his scene at the memorial service. I honestly don’t know how Cliff will emotionally deal with a crushing loss caused by JR after being on top w/Barnes Global I think he has went a little crazy already…..geez, I think it will be a total miracle if he survives at all………if he does, I BET YOU it will because Pamela saves him. Part of Cliff is so tied up in beating or trying to beat the Ewings….especially beating JR…

  9. Brandon Childers says:

    Was it just me or did that look like Victoria Principal’s chin, lol. I keep hoping that she will return, and her press release was just to fool us

  10. Jennifer says:

    All I’m hoping for is a season 3. Just started watching with the funeral episode, and have become hooked on it. Buying first season of TNT’s series, and first seasons of the original CBS series ASAP to catch up and connect the dots. Plus, enjoy all the twists and turns that everyone else first experienced years ago. : )

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