‘Who Killed J.R.?’ New Questions as the Mystery Deepens

Carmen Ramos, Cliff Barnes, Dallas, Harris Ryland, J.R. Ewing, Larry Hagman, Marlene Forte, Mitch Pileggi, Patricia Barrett, TNT, Who Killed J.R.? This week’s “Dallas” double feature, “A Call to Arms” and “Love and Family,” yielded some new clues in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery, along with six new questions:

1. Is Pam really alive? The Ewings’ contact in the Justice Department found a list of deposits being made to a Swiss bank account by Barnes Global. These payments mirrored the payments being made to Pam Ewing’s dormant trust. The Swiss account is linked to someone named “Patricia Barrett,” whose signature matches Pamela Barnes’.

Later, another contact e-mailed Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) a photo from a Zurich bank surveillance camera that showed Patricia, although the woman’s face was shielded by a big hat. Christopher showed the image to Bobby (Patrick Duffy), who wasn’t sure if it was his ex-wife. “It’s been 24 years since I’ve seen Pam. And then it was after that car accident. She was so badly burned, covered with bandages. I can’t tell. I can’t tell son,” Bobby said.

2. Is Katherine really dead? As Cliff (Ken Kercheval) moved closer to taking over Ewing Energies, he took Pamela (Julia Gonzalo) to lunch and presented her with a pair of emerald earrings. “They belonged to your Aunt Katherine. She willed them to me with the rest of Wentworth Estates,” Cliff said.

Was he telling the truth? On the original “Dallas,” the only thing Katherine (Morgan Brittany) gave Cliff was withering looks. Would she really have left him her estate? What if Cliff, who seems to grow more despicable with each episode, stole Katherine’s share of Barnes Global, along with her jewelry box? Or did Cliff and Katherine patch things up in the years between the old “Dallas” ended and the new one began? Did they set aside their differences and join forces to destroy the Ewings? Could Katherine be the woman in the big hat who calls herself Patricia Barrett?

Yes, I know the woman in the hat doesn’t seem to resemble Brittany. But what if Katherine had plastic surgery and got a new face to go along with her new identity?

Dallas, Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing, Pam Ewing, Patricia Barrett, TNT, Who Killed J.R.?3. What’s Pamela really up to? After Cliff gave Pamela the earrings, she persuaded a reluctant Cliff to give her Aunt Katherine’s shares of the company too. “I want to be your partner in Barnes Global,” Pamela explained. Unbeknownst to Cliff, his daughter knows he caused the loss of her unborn twins and has secretly aligned with the Ewings to fight him.

But could Pamela be up to something else too? This is more off-the-wall speculation and it gets a little confusing, but hang with me. Consider: When Christopher’s contact compared Patricia Barrett’s signature to Pam’s, the latter read “Pamela Barnes,” not “Pamela Ewing.” There could be a reasonable explanation for this, of course: After the disfigured Pam fled Southfork in 1987 and divorced Bobby, she could have reverted to her maiden name.

Or what if Pamela – the Julie Gonzalo character, not the Victoria Principal one – is actually the one funneling the money from the dormant trust to the Swiss bank account? Could she be deceiving the Ewings and her father? Is Pamela, not Pam, behind the Patricia Barrett scheme?

This would mean the woman in the big hat in the bank surveillance footage is an accomplice of Pamela, which would explain why the “Pamela Barnes” signature in “A Call to Arms” didn’t look much like the one that Gonzalo’s character signed when she received her annulment papers in “Blame Game.” (In the above image, the “Patricia Barrett” signature is on top, followed by the “Pamela Barnes” signature from “A Call to Arms” in the middle and Pamela’s annulment signature at the bottom.)

4. What’s Harris really up to? Trucks. Mexico. Knockoff designer shoes. Does any of this have anything to do with J.R.’s death?

5. What does Carmen know? Several Dallas Decoder readers say Carmen (Marlene Forte) should be a prime suspect in the “Who Killed J.R.?” mystery. The theory: Cliff, Harris (Mitch Pileggi) or another of J.R.’s enemies has dirt on one of Carmen’s children, Elena or Drew. This enemy blackmailed Carmen into visiting Mexico and shooting J.R.

I’ve always been skeptical of this idea, although there are some clues to support it: In “Blame Game,” the episode where J.R. departs Southfork, Elena mentions Carmen is in Mexico – which is where J.R. died. Meanwhile, in “Love and Family,” when the Ewings watched TV news coverage of the police manhunt for Drew, Carmen said, “I know he’s always been trouble, Mr. Bobby, but he’s not a killer. He would never do such a thing unless he was forced to by other people. Bad people.” Was Carmen speaking from experience?

6. What does Bobby know? When John Ross (Josh Henderson) entered Bobby’s Southfork study in “Love and Family,” the safe was open and Bobby was reading what looked like a handwritten letter, which he discreetly slid under a book upon noticing his nephew’s arrival. Presumably, this is the mysterious document that J.R. left for Bobby. There’s really nothing new here to report, except to wonder anew: What the hell does the letter say?

Who done it? Share your theories below and read more posts on Dallas Decoder’s “Who Killed J.R.?” page.


  1. I think Pam’s dead. Post-accident she used the name Pam Monahan which was the surname of the aunt, Maggie, who had helped to raise her and Cliff after Rebecca left them. I think Dr Gordon is perpetrating a fraud to get his hands on Barnes Global money and has recruited, or coerced, someone to help him do it by impersonating Pam.

  2. I think either Pam is alive OR Katherine is alive and pretending to be Pam.

    I would be surprised if Pamela Rebecca is involved in the Swiss bank account, because she looked genuinely surprised when the Ewings told her that Pam Ewing was part owner of Barnes Global (could be good acting) and if Pamela Rebecca was indeed stashing away millions of bucks in a Swiss bank account, then she made a big blunder by agreeing to marry John Ross since we would be entitled to half of her loot if they ever divorced. If she is as smart as she appears to be, she wouldn’t have done that. Right?

    I cannot figure out the Harris/Drugs/High Heel connection. Maybe the shoes are made up of drugs or something?

    I’m not sure Carmen has a major part in the finale anymore. No way she killed JR! That would a huge letdown for me, even if “bad men” made her.

    Bobby’s letter is the biggest mystery to me. I have zero idea what it could be. It will be fun next Monday!

  3. Brandon Childers says:

    I still think Carmen is some how related, that “I know he’s always been trouble, Mr. Bobby, but he’s not a killer. He would never do such a thing unless he was forced to by other people. Bad people.” furthered by belief that she was forced to do it.

    Bobby’s Pam is alive, and I don’t know if it is Victoria Principal or not, but it is not John Ross’s Pamela, but I am also leaning on Christopher not finding his mom, but finding Katherine.

    At the end of this Season Harris should go down for everything, he has committed almost every crime possible, and he he is behind JR’s death forcing Carmen to do it, then he wont make it.

    I loved that look on Bobby’s face when he was walking away from Cliff. Did Cliff just give the Ewings the hammer to put the nail in his coffin.

    Did John Ross marry Pamela do have an alliance that she could vote with concerning Barnes Global, or did he pull one of her tricks. He loves her, but divorces her and takes some of her shares away.

    I think Bobby’s line “It’s been 24 years since I’ve seen Pam. And then it was after that car accident. She was so badly burned, covered with bandages. I can’t tell. I can’t tell son,” is one of two things
    1. Victoria Principal has been recast ed and the producers want a easy excuse for her to look different.
    2. Victoria Principal is reprising her roll, and the producers and VP are working together to keep it a secret, so we will be shocked.

  4. Tristan says:

    I believe that the Pamela Barnes character will be played by an actress other than VP and we will discover why she’s been hiding unde an alias all these years. Bobby reminds viewers that Pam would likely look different all these years later. Still, I hope it IS VP…. I keep looking at that photo of the woman in the hat!

  5. Okay, we need to start a poll on here regarding ‘Patricia’. Is it

    1). Pam Barnes Ewing

    2). Katherine Wentworth

    3). Accomplice of Pamela Rebecca Barnes

    4). Accomplice of Dr.Gordon helping him steal dead Pam’s money

    • I am going with the crazy Katherine, answer number 2.

      Why? If Pam were alive, I think she would have made some contact with Chris over the past 24 yrs. She loved him madly. Plus, BG is paying out double the dividend amount one payment to a trust and one payment to the Swiss account. I think that indicates that one of the 2 sisters is alive. I am betting that it is Katherine. I still think she did something to Pam and made it look like she died. Maybe Pam did die in 1989 and then Katherine just took advantage.

      Lol…but I am not wholeheartedly convinced of this scenario. I could easily argue for any of the 4. I do put out the option of changing my mind!

      • Second vote is no. 1. It is Pam. Katherine is dead bc of something Cliff has done and took her shares.

        But why did she not contact Chris when. She really didn’t die in 1989? The original Dallas writers/ Katzman choices on the old show will make this kind of hairy to explain….maybe Cidre’s team can say that Pam felt so guilty about leaving them that she couldn’t bring herself to go back…she thought they were better off since they had adjusted to life without her.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I’m tempted to combine your options 2 & 4. What if Dr. Gordon and Katherine are working together to defraud Barnes Global. They know the truth that Pam is dead. They fake Katherine’s death so she can assume Pam’s identity. Is it just me or does that hat in the photo look like something Katherine would have worn back in the day?

      The problem I see with this theory is that Cliff should know what is going on here. If Pam is alive (or someone is masquerading as Pam) wouldn’t Cliff have investigated it? I should think he’d want to know who is getting paid and more importantly spending those dividends.

      • The hat troubles me too. Katherine was known for the big hats. And maybe it’s a hint since the last time we saw Katherine she was wearing a big black hat. OR it could be a red herring from the writers…to tease us. If not Katherine, then I have to believe she is dead due to Cliff…somehow, some way.

  6. Interested article – “Looking ahead to next week’s two-hour season finale, Cidre promises we will learn who shot J.R. — along with much of the show’s crew, whose scripts didn’t include the reveal. “Only the people involved in the scene itself could read that revelation,” Cidre says.” http://insidetv.ew.com/2013/04/08/dallas-john-ross-pamela/

    I think Carmen is the only one on the show who they can get rid of. Unless Barnes dies, goes to prison, or flees the country. Who else was in Mexico at the time? If this was not a Barnes related, it would be, in my guess, Carmen.

  7. Who killed JR? I am still voting Cliff or Ryland. I am leaning heavily towards Cliff. He has gone over the edge. Did you guys notice that he told Ryland he needs to get rid of Vickers for good? I am leaning towards Katherine being Patricia….however, it is just a very slight lean….lol. Because another possibility is that Cliff did something to Katherine and she is really dead . That is how he ended up with all of her shares and her estate. jR was searching for Pam…but she only controls 1/3 of Barnes Global…not enough to take it away from Cliff. But maybe JR knew something about Cliff/Katherine…maybe that is what the gun is about.

    However…..why are they exhuming a body? It looks like the Southfork cemetary…but why exhume JR? Unless they think the Mexican authorities hid something from them and are checking. (DDD thinks it could be to question the cause of death) Or is it Actually somewhere else and they are exhuming Katherine…and that gun is what killed her and they are after proof?

    Still so many questions!!!!!!

    • Brandon Childers says:

      It might be PAM. she is dead, and Katherine is Patrica

    • Dan in WI says:

      Ooh, I like your theory that Cliff (or again a surogate) may have offed Katherine. That is totally in character. And when Cliff offed Katherine he could have forged some documents redirecting Katherines 1/3 living trust back into Cliff’s pocket.

      But if this is true then Pam might actually be alive.

      • Dan in WI says:

        We do have to remember, Cliff was the last person to see Pam alive and he was alone when that happened.

  8. I just want to throw this out there… in 1985 Michelle Johnson played a character named Rhonda Cummings… She returned in “War Of the Ewings” TV movie and played Jennifer Jantzen… Now, I know the TV Movies are not part of the reboots lineage… but odd that she played a character named Rhonda in 1985? But Rhonda on the new series is Rhonda SImmons…. played by Emily Kosloski… Also… Sam Anderson (who played Inspector Frank Howard for 2 episodes in 1985 is the man Christopher is talking to in the preview when he says “I just want my mother’s shares…” Is Anderson playgin Dr David Gordon? Questions that came to my mind as I watched it…

    • Joshua, Sam Anderson is playing Dr. Gordon. Apparently the actor who played him originally could not be found. Anderson is a terrific character actor who has been in a ton of stuff.

      • Thank you for the info. And I agree… I love Sam Anderson! Especially in Forrest Gump! =)

  9. Sam in IA says:

    After last night, I’m really leaning back towards my initial gut reaction when J.R. died, that he had himself offed and his masterpiece is framing his enemies for his murder. J.R.’s letter to Bobby… the gun to John Ross… Bobby telling Bum to make sure people think J.R. was killed in a robbery… Bobby remarking that J.R. has one more up his sleeve… Bobby’s speech to Sue Ellen about letting Cliff have his moment… and Bobby’s smirk when he and Cliff were thinking of J.R.

    One other thing, I am disappointed that I cannot think of one instance this season of someone saying “that idiot, Cliff Barnes,” which would be appropriate since Cliff has naturally started the celebration a bit early.

    • But wasn’t he in grand form last night? When he actually started spelling hallelujah to Pamela, I had to laugh. And while his 2 other members of the evil triad were correctly and extremely concern with the turn of events, Cliff blithely in a very buzzed manner just said that everything is going to be just fine! And then watching him with Bobby at the end…..I was ready for him to start twirling in glee. Oh, Ken Kercheval looked like he was having a blast. Poor Cliify, the poison from our ultimate Komodo Dragon is rotting your brain cells!

    • Brandon Childers says:

      Oh I love that idea, but could it work

  10. Dan in WI says:

    There is just no way Katherine (if dead) left anything to Cliff. Many of us have a hard time with Cliff going back on peace that Cliff made with Ellie and all Ewings not named JR following the Dandy storyline. If we are also to believe that he DID make peace with Katherine since the end of the classic series… Nope. Can’t but that one.

  11. fornicus7237 says:

    Phenomenal double feature last night. Hope the finale is just as powerful.

    In recent weeks I’d been pretty convinced Pam was dead. In hindsight, maybe they were trying a little too hard to make it seem like she must be dead. Now, even with the identical signatures and the same initials, I’m not fully believing she is alive. I think we all know that when Christopher yells “Mom!” and spins that woman around next week, he will not be staring into the face of his mother. Hopefully it’s not even the same woman from the surveillance photo, and that Chris just got a little over anxious and grabbed the wrong lady.

    Victoria Principal or not, I want Pam alive and back on the show in some capacity. Recast her, I don’t care….it’s been 26 years for God’s sake. And though some hate this logic, she would NOT look the same after extensive plastic surgery. (Let’s forget the small fact that Jordan Lee had no trouble recognizing her in 1989, shall we? Lol.) Please, PLEASE don’t let her be dead after all this. I would absolutely hate it, and I think it could be fatal to the chances for a Season 3.

    Additionally, I’m still not warming up to Carmen as being JR’s killer. All the nefarious, high profile enemies JR accrued over the last 35 years, and he is ended by a nondescript Southfork cleaning lady? That would be absolutely horrid. The encouraging thing is that it would seem to be a far cry from something that would make Patrick Duffy’s jaw drop….at least not in a positive, “Oh-my-God-that’s-brilliant” way.

    • Sean T. says:

      I agree that the woman Christopher grabs in the promo is just Christopher anxiously approaching the wrong woman. You can see her face somewhat clearly when freeze framing. They wouldn’t let that show if it was part of a big reveal. When I look at the security image that was transmitted to Christopher, I’m really leaning still towards Katherine. Not only the hat, but the lips and smile resemble Morgan Brittany (although, they also look like Lynda Carter’s smile, that would be an interesting recast if someone did have plastic surgery). I can’t wait for next week!

  12. Morganmg78 says:

    I think Pam, Pamela and Katherine are somehow in it together. Or just Katherine? There is going to be some big twist and I can’t wait!!

  13. Hey, Dan fron WI and Chris…..do those earrings mean something? I was looking at the photos on top and realized Cliff made a big deal out of giving them to PR and saying they were her Aunt Katherine’s. Made me think of JR giving the pearls to SE last year. Old viewers know that had a special meaning. Gawd, i am getting desparate for clues….lol

    • Dan in WI says:

      I just don’t know. The fact that they were mentioned so specifically seems to imply they mean something. Is it something she actually wore back in the day or other similar significance? My memory isn’t that good. I remember the hats but I don’t remember any particular earing style for Katherine.

    • I think they where Rebeca Wentworths then they where Katherine’s.

  14. Lol, when I first saw the picture of “Pam” I thought it looked like Ann haha.

  15. I think cliff and katherine covered up pams death and kat is posing as pam and faked her own death and JR was on to them and kat shot and killed him cliff didnt have the balls to do it and we all know kat is a killer any way, i cant wait to see cliff wen he finds out that john ross has a 1/3 and Christopher has the other 1/3 and thay vote him out..

  16. I was never entirely convinced about Cliff being the mega succesful businessman and brains behind Barnes Global and I don’t think JR would have bought that either. On the otherhand Pam used to be impressive in the office, could she be the driving force behind the scenes? There’s no doubt that she loved Christopher so was the whole marriage to Pamela Rebecca and scheming to get the methane technology part of her masterplan to get Christopher back into the Barnes camp? Perhaps JR was close to exposing her and she arranged to have him killed. As much as Pam had good reason to hate JR in the early days, she wouldn’t have gone this far, but she’s bitter and twisted now after years of recovering from the burns, tortured by Bobby and Christopher getting on with their lives and mentally unstable, she has a history of mental illness.

    I do think bringing Pam back will only work if it’s Victoria Principal in the role and although she has gone so far as to issue a statement to say she won’t be back, somehow I think ‘the lady doth protest too much’.

    Can’t wait until next week….but suspect all we’ll get is a lady in shades in a big hat with a veil (rather like the first appearance of Alexis Carrington). Roll on season 3!!!!!

    • Dan in WI says:

      Cliff was a good businessman when he consentrated on what he was doing. Take Wentworth Tool & Die for example. When he took it over it was a company coasting along on its name but really not making any kind of inovative waves. He did start to turn it around. Then his JR obsession took over and he started embezzling money. Its that obsession that has done him in time and time again.
      Today the theory for the Barnes Global sucess is the same. JR was in a home all those years and Cliff was able to concentrate one what he was doing.

      I do think you are wrong about Pam for next week. Cidre has promised all along we’ll get a resolution to Pam’s whereabouts/status by the end of the season one way or another. I take her at her word on that.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        yeah his obsession with the Ewings is what destroyed him. His DA job, his congress runs, his job at the OLM. He was always a fool. What confuses me is he Ewing Energies was founded by John Ross Christopher and Elena. Christopher and Elena delveoped and worked on the methane, Elena with help of Sue Ellen got the Henderson Ranch to drill oil under Southfork with has been in the family for 150 years, Miss Ellie is dead, what exactly do the Ewings have that Cliff is saying the took from Digger Barnes, Ewing Oil is history

      • Dan in WI says:

        Brandon> Exactly. Remember at the end of the classic series Cliff was the owner of Ewing Oil. Presumably it was folded into Barnes Global and he still owns it today.
        Then there was that season 1 episode where he tried to buy Southfork from Bobby. But again Southfork was a Southworth ranch, not a Ewing ranch and through all his ranting in the classic series he never once displayed any interest in the ranch…

        Preaching to the choir.

      • Honestly, I think Cliff has become twisted over the years with his obsession. He didn’t have Pam or Adton around to knock sense into him. I think he feels anything the EWINGs have is his….whether it makes sense or not…. For him, any wealth of the EWINGs all comes from a singular source …oil that his daddy found. I know he made peace with Miss Ellie. But knowing his history….he lived with that obsession for his entire life…. From birth forward he was told the EWINGs were the source of all Barnes problems. 24 years is a long time.. It is more than enough time for someone to reject that peace and forgiveness and to dwell and obsess over past sins. I think that Cliff was never a normal guy. I always saw him as a tad crazy…why else would he continually go after JR after the multiple beat downs JR gave him. Old age, lack of a voice of reason, and time are more than enough to explain why he has become even more obsessed and even unhinged over the years. I think he is living in a fantasy world… And I think he is going to fall utterly to pieces emotionally when JR’s plan gets enacted and he loses again to JR.

  17. How delicious would it be for this to be Katherine, who’s staged her own death to take over Pam’s identity? How malicious — or just plain wrong — would it be to give this iconic role to anyone other than the actress who created it and who’s expressed interest in returning? If it’s Katherine, it MUST be Morgan Brittany. Accept no imitations!

  18. GreyGoose says:

    Having read all of the comments and guesses, here is my take! To start, I have watched all of the episodes, the original series, and current. Although I have not watched the originals for a long time now, its fun to recall what happened in the previous run! Also, my kids are watching with me, and are totally into it!

    Now, at the end of the original run, Pam was dying and had a ton of surgery, although looked pretty good for a dying woman and married the Doctor! Katherine was missing and stocking Bobby. The new shows says she is dead, and Pam is believed to be alive, with Victoria Principal publicly denying a return, I have to believe Pam is Dead, which leaves Christopher her Shares of Barnes Wentworth – Barnes Global, But, since Katherine was on the run, I believe that she took Pam’s Identity and is being paid by Cliff to stay in hiding, the hat is a major clue. The One set of Payments is actually Christopher’s Shares and Dividend Money, the other being paid the Katherine to stay in hiding. The Doctor is being paid off to keep the mystery alive.

    Now, lets go back to the last episode, the Earrings where given to Katherine by her Mother, so therefore are a gift from Rebecca Barnes Wentworth, to her GrandDaughter, they are meant to represent that Katherine is dead. Cliff is uneasy to sign over her shares to Pamela, 1) Because he is greedy and 2) Because he knows Katherine is alive! So, what Cliff really did was sign over his shares, thinking he had control of Pam’s and Katherine’s shares, as long as Pam true state is not revealed to Christopher. Remember the line, “Your more a Barnes than you realize” tossed at Christopher!

    So, lets bring JR into the Fray…his best deals with Cliff in mind was leading him to the Water allowing Cliff to think he was the victor…Bobby has figured this out as well, or was instructed by JR’s letter to let Cliff do himself in, He can’t help himself! So, lets figure that JR knew that as the cards were being stacked up against the Ewing’s, Cliff would naturally let his guard down, and start revealing his role in all of this, Cliff maybe be a Don, but he is still Cliff. JR was always one step ahead of everyone in most deals and in this one, it clears the slate on many fronts:
    1) He Defeats Cliff for one last time
    2) He Defeats Bobby’s Nemesis
    3) He Defeats Sue Ellen foe, whom she lost the election to, and as a result, a bigger scandal than what she did!
    4) He finally makes his Moma proud, by bringing the family together.

    As for who killed JR, I think he was done in by: (Has to be someone from the Past)
    Wild Guess: Jeremy Windell although not likely, which would drop Bobby Jaw!
    Curious Guess: Frank, as the pill did not kill him in court after all.
    Best Guess: Katherine, as she knows JR is figuring out the Plot…

    Which leads to this: Barnes Wentworth/Barnes Global is now owned by 1/3 Christopher. 1/3 Pamela/JR3 and 1/3 by Katherine, who will be the one in jail! Cliff is Out by his own doing! Ryland is going down for trafficking! Pamela may also go to jail as the gun could have her figure prints on it to kill Tommy the “Brother” Which leads to JR3 in control of those shares…

    5) Take from them what they have taken from you!

    Its going to be fun to watch!

    • Brandon Childers says:

      Oh my God Grey I love that idea. Barnes looses everything. That is something that would be a great thing for JR’s final strike against Cliff, And I can’t wait to see the look on that SOB’s face when he see who his daughter married.

      Something I was considering was this although I don’t think it will actually happen.
      Harris and Cliff turn on each other. One destroys the other to save their own ass, and then the Ewing’s finish the other one off. I think Roy Vickers might die, not sure. I put him on my list, as a hitman that killed JR for Harris. I am still confused about Pam, Bobby’s line “It’s been 24 years since I’ve seen Pam. And then it was after that car accident. She was so badly burned, covered with bandages. I can’t tell. I can’t tell son” makes me think they recast ed Pam, but I like the Katherine is pretending to be Pam, Cliff is collecting Pam and his shares; Katherine is collecting her shares under an allais, but the allasi is believe to be protecting Pam, but it is Katerine. Cliff signed over his shares of Barnes Global. Christopher takes his shares from his Mom. Katherine keeps hers, and Cliff goes down and looses everything.

      Harris should get shot again, but this time by someone Cliff hired 🙂

      • Oh,,,,,,the triad of evil are not loyal to one another. Those 3 will turn on each other once they realize things are going south. The Governor has already threatened them. I loved his comment that not only would the Ewings be picking at the bones, he would as well. I remember some quote from JR from a long, long time ago…..it is like two lions working together….they have each other by the tail…sooner or later one will let go and attack the other, but we don’t know who will let go first.

  19. GreyGoose says:

    Just had a follow up thought to my number 5:
    5) Take from them what they have taken from you!
    Which means, Ewing Oil, the name, the legacy, Jock Legacy’s! I did see in the previews…Jock’s Picture in the corner of the screen, not shown, but every fan knows the color of that picture! Barnes Global, since it owns the naming rights to Ewing Oil, will be renamed Ewing Oil, which if the series ends, a great place to leave it…for a future roll out? And would introduce no story lines for Season 3!

    Again JR Redeems a past Failure!

  20. Jennifer Irons says:

    I just love dallas and love reading everybody’s guesses and theories about pam and katherine. All the posts on here make some really valid arguments. I hope pam does not return as she would mess things up for ann sn bobby and I love ann with bobby.

  21. Whatever the answers turn out to be, this is a fascinating mystery. Kudos to the writers!

  22. I would go with number two also … there is no way in he** that Katherine would leave ANYTHING to Cliff … she also hated JR and vowed to get even with him … as for the big hat it definitely fits and for the looks … easy she is wearing a diguise … I think Katherine is too vain about her looks to permanently change them … she would just alter her looks in some way and your thought of her taking Pam’s identity would be right on because there was no love lost for her sister either … as Pam she could have gotten her shares as well as the ones that were rightfully hers as Katherine … I think she would have given them to Pam before Cliff any day … just think she could own 2/3 of Barnes Global and then turn the Ewings upside down …. she would try to make Bobby an offer he couldn’t refuse … endless possibilities …. yep I like number two … it’s Katherine in the hat and Morgan Brittany is the only actress that should be playing her .. no one could duplicate the evil in those stunning blue eyes as well as she can … bring her back !!!!!!

  23. I’m very interested in knowing if its the original Dallas fans or the new Dallas series fans that are intrgued and want Pamela Barnes Ewing (Christopher’s mother) back? I’m a fan of the both original and new and I do want Christopher’s mother back…

    • I want Pam to come back, but if VP doesn’t want to do it, then find someone else. Yes, it will be hard, but alot of fans aren’t original watchers of the show anyway. Better to get the story right than to have Pam dead and not a good storyline.

  24. I live Carmen as JR’s killer. Harris has been trying to control Drew with the shipping and the bomb and has been desperate to keep him away from his daughter. Maybe JR found out about an affair that Harris and Carmen had many years ago and threatened to tell that Harris IS Drew’s father!

  25. I wonder if the drugs Harris Ryland is involved with smuggling are prescription drugs.

  26. Morganmg says:

    Im curious about something, does Cliff know about the bank accounts/ patricia situation? is it set up to benefit or hinder him?? any thoughts? I don’t get to see previews, but the coffin clip sounds interesting!, my guess is its “Katherine’s” grave, but somehow bobby figures out its actually Pam’s body and Katherine has assumed the Patricia identity.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Can someone refresh my memory as to why Katherine would not be in jail for shooting Bobby? Thanks,

    • Dan in WI says:

      Best I can remember she fled before should could be caught. She lived life from then on as a fugitive.

  28. i think its Judith! as i stated in an earlier post,she has a motive and she has means.. she could be in mexico getting Emma her meds or she may have been there for her business and found out that JR was onto the smuggling aspect of Ryland trucking so she killed him to protect her family and her business…now she has been tucked away conveniently by her son who may have more reasons to keep her drugged up and away from the Ewings….

    • I never thought of Judith. She was planning on taking off to England. hmmm… I, for some reason, feel that J.R. was murdered by a female. Judith knowing that J.R. was out to take her business down would have a mtive to kill him. The Rylands are an intense family. I am not letting Carmen off the hook just yet. I have to let this Judith theory float in my head a bit first.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        My new theory is that JR hired Carmen or anyone to kill him, and the gun he gave JR3 was the gun used to kill him, and the Ewings are going to frame Harris or Cliff for murder. JR found out he has a termanl illness though, I do not think he would just kill himself.

      • I don’t think that Patrick would think that Judith as the killer would be jaw dropper.

  29. Great website Dallas Decoder. From a UK viewer, we are a few episodes behind you guys in the states, but am loving Dallas. I have not been able to keep away from postings on Facebook and this site, because I am now becoming obsessed with the brilliance of the rebooted Dallas. Just one observation with regards to is it Pam or isn’t it. Didn’t Katherine’s father live in Switzerland when she came into Dallas in the original series. If so, that could be the link for Katherine to be pretending to be Pam and withdrawing the funds. I also notice that Jesse Metcalfe on a tv show in the U.S said that Victoria Principal (or Pam) isn’t back for the season finale, but she could be in the next series. Why would he say that? especially when it has been reported that the briliant Victoria has supposedly stated that she won’t be returning as Pam. That doesn’t make sense for him to say that. He could have just said ‘You’ll have to wait and see’. So that makes me think, that she is back for the season finale cliffhanger. The plot thickens…

    • Dan in WI says:

      Best I can remember off the top of my head: Herbert Wentworth lived in Houston with Rebecca in the mansion where Pam first located Rebecca. He was dead within a year of Pam tracking down Rebecca.
      Katherine I recall moving to Dallas from a TV news job in New York. I don’t recall Europe playing any part in their back stories.

  30. Here is my best guess of how this ties together based on what we know so far. Sorry, this is kinda long!
    In the preview for next week John Ross says something about putting HIM in the ground. So I think we can dismiss all the female suspects in J.R.’s shooting.
    On the episode guide for the next episode “Guilt by Association” it says, “When John Ross and Pamela make a shocking discovery about an enemy’s whereabouts the night J.R. was killed, Bobby is compelled to reveal more of J.R.’s master plan to them and ask for their help in a surprising way.” This must mean they discover Cliff was in Nuevo Laredo and Bobby asks them to keep quiet about their marriage until later. Remember his comments about hubris leading to defeat and that Cliff would ultimately be the cause of his own undoing?
    Cliff shot J.R. Why then? Why there? Cliff finds out that J.R. was trying to find Pam and that J.R. was on his way from Abu Dhabi and heading to Nuevo Laredo. Cliff heads down to Nuevo Laredo and shoots J.R. in the hotel.
    So Cliff is either covering up the fact that Pam is dead to keep Christopher from his inheritance or Cliff is actually protecting Pam from J.R. Since Cliff already controls 2/3 of Barnes Global let’s give him the latter, there must be someone he cares about and it would fit with Cliff and Pam’s original relationship, that ‘us against the world’ attitude they had.
    Why did Cliff do it himself? Remember not only did Digger Barnes shoot Hutch McKinney, so it kinda runs in the family, but Cliff no longer has any “muscle” since Frank is gone.
    J.R. could well have had Bum meet him down in Nuevo Laredo and although he didn’t see the shooter maybe he found the gun with Cliff’s prints on it. (This is not the gun in Bobby’s safe.)
    The noose tightens around Cliff and he of course will go with a temporary insanity plea. Which means he now has to sign over control of Barnes Global, to Pamela. Now she’s glad she didn’t rub it in his face too early! After she’s got control and Cliff is locked up is when she’ll reveal the marriage!
    I keep coming back to two questions. Why was Carmen in Mexico? Where did Drew get the money to pay Bobby for the land? Maybe Carmen went to Mexico to borrow the money from the Mexican gang. Or what if Carmen has been spying the Ewings for Cliff the whole time. Maybe she was meeting Cliff down there and he gave her the money for the land. This might explain why Carmen hated J.R. so much. Is that how he knew Bobby was selling Southfork?
    Maybe Carmen has been manipulating Elena to get back with Christopher after Cliff’s plan with Pamela Rebecca failed. It might also explain why Carmen was so eager to breakup John Ross and Elena and why she returned the ring to John Ross, after they broke up, and not Elena.
    The gun in Bobby’s safe. What if the gun was used to kill the medical examiner that destroyed Sue Ellen’s chance of winning the Governors race. No loose ends. Maybe Harris insisted that Cliff get it done to prove his loyalty. Maybe Frank did it. Now the gun ties Cliff to Harris and the Governor.
    We also have been told that Elena gets the last scene of the season, when she opens the door to someone and then there’s a freeze frame. For it to work it Elena has to recognize the person, so it HAS to be someone that she knows. She probably wouldn’t know Katherine. It could be her Father back from the dead, but who would care about that? It can only be Pam!
    I think the whole Patricia Bennett thing is almost a red herring. The accounts lead to Patricia Bennett, which leads to Dr. Gordon, which leads to Pam.
    I’m not sure if it’s a goof or if it is a clue but there isn’t enough money in those two accounts. Payments weren’t made every year so it averages out to less than $110,000 per year, per account. The money from that account wouldn’t be enough for Pam or Katherine to live on, nor would it be enough to motivate Dr. Gordon to kill Pam for the money. As a world class plastic surgeon he could make more himself, on the right side of the law!
    Also if one account is Pam’s and the other account Katherine’s the two accounts should equal 2/3 of Barnes Global net profits. That means the multi billion dollar Barnes Global is netting less than $330,000 per year! Even if both accounts are Pam’s it still means Barnes Global is making less than $660,000 per year. This means there must be other accounts where the rest of Pam’s money is paid to.
    So what about Patricia Bennett and the signatures? When we last saw Pam, when she came back to give Cliff the brush off, she sure didn’t move much. What if her injuries were more than cosmetic? Maybe Dr. Gordon took Pam to Patricia Bennett for therapy. At the time an injured Pam couldn’t sign her own checks so she had Patricia endorse them for her. Notice Bobby hasn’t verified it’s Pam’s writing. A grateful and fully recovered Pam might have set up the Swiss account for Patricia and has been paying her ever since.
    Christopher probably finds evidence that Pam is dead, hence the scene in the preview where Bobby looks like he just got some very bad news.
    Then right at the end Pam shows up at the front door! Victoria Principal has been brushing up on her riding skills, could it be for season three?! Is she back for Christopher and Bobby or is she back to help Cliff?

    • I just have a few minutes…so I just want to address one quick issue. They clearly said that the funds in the 2 accounts are money from dividends. Dividends are not company profits. They are a portion of the companies earnings paid out to a certian class of shareholders. The company BOD usually sets up that x % or x $$s is paid per share. Not all companies pay dividends. A company can be making b$$$ions and not pay a penny in dividends or pay just several $$ per share.

  31. i think vp is needed to return & stop cliff distroying her only child christopher & her true love bobby that would be great, how ever i,d also like to see jr`s oldest son JAMES BOULMONT EWING RETURN TO HELP JOHN ROSS FIGHT CLIFF BARNES & BOBBY`S OTHER SON LUCAS WADE EWING (JENNA WADE`S SON) RETURN TO HELP OUT TOO. BRINGING IN THESE THREE CHARACTORS WOULD REALLY CAUSE A STORM.






  32. I’ve got a bad feeling, that we’re gonna be let down by a Cidre Cliff Clanger.


  1. […] Linda Gray and Kevin Page; the chilling final scene, where Christopher and Elena learn his mother may be alive and living under the alias “Patricia Barrett” in Zurich; and all those what-will-she-do-next […]

  2. […] of “Dallas” diehards who remember there was never any love lost between those two characters. I suspect we’re going to find out there’s more to this story. Perhaps Cliff cheated Katherine out of her […]

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