Dallas Burning Questions: Season 2, Week 12

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The end?

Here are the questions we’re pondering as we await tonight’s telecast of “Guilt by Association” and “Legacies,” the final episodes from “Dallas’s” second season:

Is Cliff headed for a fall? At the end of “Love and Family,” the second half of last week’s two-hour telecast, Cliff (Ken Kercheval) called in the loan on Ewing Energies and took control of the company. Little did he know Bobby (Patrick Duffy) has some of J.R.’s old tricks up his sleeve. Bobby told Sue Ellen that if the Ewings allow Cliff to believe he won, the family can take him down once and for all. Is he right?

• Will Christopher find Pam? After Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) discovered his missing mama may be living under the name “Patricia Barrett” in Zurich, he took off with Elena (Jordana Brewster) to find her. Will Christopher be reunited with Pam – or will Patricia Barrett turn out to be someone else?

Will John Ross seize Pamela’s shares? After Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) persuaded Cliff to give her control of Aunt Katherine’s third of Barnes Global, John Ross (Josh Henderson) married her to gain a foothold in the company. Will John Ross’s plan work?

Will Ken and Vickers help the Ewings? Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) has been searching for Ken (Lee Majors), hoping he can help the Ewings expose the link between Governor McConaughey (Steven Weber), Harris (Mitch Pileggi) and Cliff. Meanwhile, Drew (Kuno Becker) confessed his role in the rig explosion to Elena and went on the run to find Vickers (Alex Fernandez), who went missing after Drew implicated him in the bombing. Both Ken and Vickers are expected to appear on “Dallas” tonight; will they be found in time to make a difference?

Will Emma clean up her act? Emma (Emma Bell) told Harris she would move back into his house, then she got high and wrecked her car. Ann (Brenda Strong) refused to bail out her daughter until she agreed to get help for her addiction. Will Ann stick to her guns – and will Emma get help?

Who killed J.R.? Here’s my final guess. What’s yours?

What “Dallas Burning Questions” are on your mind? Share your comments below and watch TNT’s “Dallas” tonight.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    First here are two questions of my own:
    1. Why did Drew have a pair of the knock off designer shoes he was transporting hidden under his bed with his gun collection? It sure feels like that shot should mean something.

    2. When Elena is springing to action to assist Drew she twice mentions a Joaquin. At least I’m pretty sure that was the name I heard. Who is that?

    Thoughts on Chris’ questions:
    Cliff is absolutely heading for a fall. But I do hope this isn’t the end of him. I’ve said it before. On the classic series he is one of two characters I’ve most closely personally related to. I don’t know how it is going to be done but I want to see him redeemed. In fact I want this in the same way so many people want Pam back.

    I’m reasonably certain Christopher will not find Pam in Zurich. I still want to say it is Katherine but the only reason I hesitate just a bit to say that is it is too obvious.

    I think John Ross and Pamela work in harmony with her newly minted Barnes Global shares in both of tonights episodes. Any powerplays between them will be season three storylines.

    Ken Richards will likely willingly help the Ewings. I suspect his disappearance was not his idea. Vickers may or may not help. If he does it will be coerced.

    Will Emma clean up her act? Maybe someday but again I say not tonight.

  2. Brandon Childers says:

    Cliff by god better fail

    I have no clue, but I know someone other than Katherine that wears hats

    I think John Ross really loves her and they will just work together. I still want Elena to get her shares back Sue Ellen

    Ken will, Roy might, I think Roy might die. He gets caught I see in the promo

    I think Harris, puts his emotion a head of his and cliff’s scheme to get Emma back, and then the Ewing’s begin to win

    JR killed himself, though Carmen 🙂 not letting her off the hook

    • Whether or not Cliff turns out to be the killer, I’m 100 percent confident he’s going down tonight, Brandon. Like you said, he better fail.

  3. What will Christopher and Elena discover in Switzerland?

    Will Drew Ramos get himsoelf out of going to prison?

    Will Christopher and Elena have a falling out?

    Will Judith get out of the hospital?

    Will Sue Ellen become self-destructive?

    How complete with the Ewings’ victory be?

    Wll unresolved feelings come out that Christopher and Bobby have for Pam?

    Will we have closure on Pam Ewing? Will Pam be a season cliffhanger?

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