TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Well, Big Brother, As You Wish’

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Raise a glass

In “Love and Family,” a second-season “Dallas” episode, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is in the Southfork study, pouring himself a glass of bourbon when Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) enters.

BOBBY: Hello.

SUE ELLEN: Hi Bobby. I heard about the accident. How’s Emma? And where’s Ann?

BOBBY: Well, Ann’s upstairs asleep. Emma’s in jail. Christopher and Elena are on their way to Zurich to see if they can get Pam’s one-third shares of Barnes Global. [Takes a sip]

SUE ELLEN: At least someone’s making progress. Not me. Ken Richards is still under a rock somewhere. And I have been in meetings with bank executives all day. And not one of them is willing to cover our bank loan. Two hundred million’s a lot to ask for, Bobby. [Sits]

BOBBY: Well, J.R. always said fortune and misfortune are just two buckets from the same well.

SUE ELLEN: I know this is hard, Bobby. Doing J.R.’s bidding.

BOBBY: No, Sue Ellen, this isn’t what’s hard for me. What’s hard for me is to think outside the box. To do things in a way that I’m not used to doing them. It’s usually just straight up and straightforward. Guess that’s why J.R. thought he had to spell things out for me.

SUE ELLEN: What are you talking about?

Bobby’s cell phone buzzes. He receives a text message from John Ross: “Her shares will be mine by morning.”

BOBBY: [Sits] Hubris. J.R. always knew that that was Cliff Barnes’ Achilles heel. If J.R. were here with us right now, he’d just smile and say, “Let Barnes have his day. Let that bastard go all in, think he’s won. Let him be the architect of his own disaster.” [Raises his glass to a framed photo of J.R.] Well, big brother, as you wish.


  1. Very good choice. I had a hard time choosing between this scene and the Drew /Elena blowup scene as my favorite. Both were excellent for different reason…but they do share some fantastic acting. I do believe that this is the first full scene we have gotten with Sue Ellen and Bobby alone since the series began. I hope we get more. The characters are so comfortable together….they have always seem like siblings to me….even when they have their spats. Lol…admittedly, Bobby and Sue Ellen have probably spent more time together than most siblings…thanks to all those years living on SF together …and due to the fact they seem to have stayed close over that 20 years.

    Of course, I can only imagine the close personal relationship between Linda and Patrick is a part of this.

  2. Brandon Childers says:

    I love that scene, and the following scene, When that dumb ass Cliff Barnes thinks he has won, we all know that he has given Bobby the hammer to put the last nail in his own coffin

  3. Dan in WI says:

    I think this is another case of our fearless site founder choosing the most pivotal scene of the episode. Without this scene we don’t have a cliff hanger for this episode. Naturally we still don’t know the full extent of JR’s plan/letter to Bobby. So in a vacuum this scene feels like Bobby the college quarterback is throwing a hail mary pass. I mean it is hard to imagine JR instructing Bobby to let Cliff have the company even temporarily. Like I said if we knew the plan this would make more sense.

    Anyway my favorite scene was John Ross manuevering Pamela into marriage. Josh shows his devious acting chops in that one can match up with anyone you’d care to name.

    • Thanks Dan. I like the scene you mentioned too, as well as the one between John Ross and Bobby and the one between Ann and Emma. I considered all of them for “Scene of the Day” honors.

  4. Leave the thinking “outside of the box” to Sue Ellen. You let her in on J.R.’s “masterpiece” so also let her contribute her strengths. With Bobby and Sue Ellen on the same side, nobody stands a chance against them. Especially with the brains of Christopher and the downright dirty John Ross in their arsenal.

  5. Jennifer Irons says:

    I am not surprised that after all these years Bobby actually did learn something from his big brother JR!


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