Dallas Cliffhanger Classics: Season 1

Dallas Decoder celebrates “Dallas’s” classic cliffhangers with weekly summertime flashbacks. Collect all 14 images and share them with your friends.

Dallas Cliffhanger Classics 1


  1. Will Pam Survive? Ultimately no, it just took longer than we would have liked. 😉

    • Joe, if I didn’t know better, I might think you don’t like Pam!

    • Anonymous says:

      Pam is one of the few characters I liked less and less the more the fleshed her character out. When Sue Ellen did bottom of the barrel drunk she was incredible painful to watch because she did it so well and you were worried for her. When Pam nearly committed suicide over wanting a kid… It was just plain painful to watch (in a bad way). It also made the character so much weaker than it originally started out.

      • I did not like Pam much as time went on either. She expected more of Bobby than he got from her. Her kidnapping JR’s son was wrong in my book and JR was right be to angry at her. I thought his verbal lashing out at her was tame compared to what many men would have done to her.

        As for her marriage to Bobby, I put the blame on Pamela more than anything or anyone else.

      • Dan in WI says:

        I’ll claim credit for the above anonymous reply. I forgot to fill in the form after cleaning the browers history.

      • Pam was definitely written as too goody-goody in the beginning, and the whole series her character always seemed to be defined by how she reacted to others, she was never really written as a character in her own right. Even the biggest possible storyline for her, finding out that Digger wasn’t her biological father, and that her mother might still be alive, ended up affecting Cliff more than her.

      • J.R., great observation about the Digger discovery. Thank you.

  2. Dan in WI says:

    Great screen grab Chris

  3. I think Pam was the star of the show in those very early episodes, a very beautiful, sexy and feisty character, but from about the 2nd full series on she became a bit wet and too much of a goody-goody.
    I don’t blame VP herself – I think it was because JR and Sue Ellen rapidly became the stars of the show ( somewhat unexpectedly ) that there wasn’t quite enough room for her character to shine as much.
    Having said that she became more interesting again from the time she divorced Bobby in series 6 till half way through the “dream” season.

    • Dan in WI says:

      In the later years of the Pam character, I’d agree she was at her best when working at Barnes Wentworth and trying to keep Cliff on something resembling the straight and narrow. I loved how she would play off those patented over the top Kenny K deliveries.

  4. I love the trading card photo! It’s really cool. Can we get some produced? This actually isn’t much of a cliffhanger since, literally, she’s gone over a cliff of sorts.


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