Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘If It’s a Fight You Want. …’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Ewing Touch, Priscilla Pointer, Rebecca Wentworth

Face off

In “The Ewing Touch,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) approaches Rebecca (Priscilla Pointer) outside a restaurant.

ELLIE: Rebecca. We should talk.

REBECCA: All right.

They walk together.

ELLIE: You and I share a grandson now. Let the two of us try to work together and put a stop to this family feud. Cliff has his own company now and J.R. is busy. They’re on equal ground. They really have no reason to fight each other.

REBECCA: [Stops, faces her] That’s a very fine attitude for you to have Ellie. But then again, it wasn’t your son who almost died.

ELLIE: But Rebecca, that’s over. It’s behind us. Cliff pulled out of it.

REBECCA: If it were one of your boys, would you be so quick to forgive?

ELLIE: I hope so.

REBECCA: I’ll tell you something, Ellie. I’m all for it. But if J.R. takes one step out of line, I guarantee you, we’ll destroy him.

ELLIE: Rebecca, I’ve done everything I know to put a stop to this nonsense. But if it’s a fight you want, just remember: Other people have fought the Ewings before — and they’ve regretted it.

REBECCA: We’ll see.

ELLIE: [Sighs] All right, Rebecca. I tried. Now it’s up to you.

Rebecca turns and walks away.


  1. Rebecca was ridiculous. She acted like the Ewings were the instigators in the feud when it was Cliff who harrassed them constantly. I was happy at Ellie standing by her family like you would expect of the family Matriarch.

  2. Barbara fan says:

    Agree with above poster
    I got so fed up with Rebecca blowing hot and cold all the time over her friendship with Miss Ellie. No wonder Miss Ellie sighed!!!


  1. […] “The Ewing Touch’s” most memorable moment, Miss Ellie warns Rebecca not to cross her family. “Other people have fought the Ewings before […]

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