Dallas Cliffhanger Classics: Season 4

Dallas Decoder celebrates “Dallas’s” classic cliffhangers with weekly summertime flashbacks. Collect all 14 images and share them with your friends.

Dallas Cliffhanger Classics 4


  1. I’m tellin ya. I’ve been to Southfork. There’s no way she ends in the pool from that ledge. She’s in the bushes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe she DID fell in the bushes, tried to get up and THEN fell in the pool and drowned. Kristin’s death will always be a mystery.

  3. Or maybe J.R. really did kill her? He strangled her to death, and then threw her into the pool to make it look like she drowned. And then, of course, he paid of the police forensics department to have them back up his story.

    • joesiegler says:

      It’s been awhile since I’ve seen these episodes. Wasn’t that scenario brought up on screen and refuted? Anyone seen these recently and remember exactly what happened?

    • J.R., I think you’re probably kidding. Our hero isn’t a killer!

  4. sunnycd says:

    I think Kristin was one of only three people to die at Southfork during the original “Dallas”. Can you name the other two (one died off-screen)?

    • joesiegler says:

      One was in the final season. Jory Taylor I think? Or something connected to that character.

    • Didn’t Garrison come home to Southfork to die?

    • I can think of two: Garrison Southworth, Miss Ellie’s brother, who died offscreen after returning to Southfork during the second season, and Hillary Taylor, played by Susan Lucci, who was shot and killed in the driveway by Michelle Stevens in one of the final episodes.

  5. sunnycd says:

    Yes, Garrison and Hilary/Sheila are the other two! Only appropriate that Susan Lucci’s death scene was (IMO) the most melodramatic on the show!

    • Very true about La Lucci’s death. The biggest crime from that season is that Larry Hagman and Susan Lucci never shared a single scene together. The most iconic prime-time soap opera star and the most iconic daytime soap star — and not one scene! How did that happen?!

      • joesiegler says:

        I was looking for an I Dream of Jeannie joke in the couple of episodes that Barbara Eden was in during the final season. AFAIK, one never happened.

      • I think in Barbara Eden’s last “Dallas” scene, there’s some reference to her character’s “dream” turning into a “nightmare.” I think that’s the closest we come to an inside joke, although it’s been awhile since I’ve seen her episodes. I thought it would have been cool if Bill Daily (a.k.a. Roger Healey on “I Dream of Jeannie”) had played an associate of Barbara’s character. The “I Dream of Jeannie” reunion during “Dallas’s” last season always felt incomplete without him.

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