Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You’re Not the Man I Married!’

Crash of '83, Dallas, Pam Ewing, Victoria Principal

Sing it, sister

In “Crash of ’83,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, a sullen Bobby (Patrick Duffy) enters his bedroom late at night and sits in a chair while Pam (Victoria Principal) reads in bed.

PAM: [Unsympathetic] You look terrible.

BOBBY: Nothing like a celebration to really depress me.

PAM: I don’t understand.

BOBBY: You know that guy, Hicks? On Donna’s commission? J.R. had him bought and paid for. And I pulled a little number on him.

PAM: [Concerned] What do you mean?

BOBBY: I got down in the mud, honey. Just like I said I could. I forced him to change his vote on the variance.

PAM: What did you do?

BOBBY: I blackmailed him. I feel so dirty. [Rests his head in his hand]

PAM: [Puts down her book, leans forward] What do you want from me? Sympathy? Because you’re not going to get it.

BOBBY: Pam, I don’t want your sympathy.

PAM: Oh, yes you do. You want me to slap your wrist and then reassure you that you’re still the same wonderful man underneath it all. Well, I’m not going to help you out. You can stay dirty.

BOBBY: You don’t understand.

PAM: Understand? I understand that you’re not the man I married! The Bobby I love would rather be dead than blackmail Hicks or anybody else, double-cross the cartel and force his own mother into court.

BOBBY: [Exasperated] There were reasons.

PAM: [Screaming] Reasons? There’s only one reason! You would do anything to beat J.R. and get the company. Anything!

Bobby looks down.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    This whole thing proove how much work can destroy a home relationship. The whole for Marc Graison and Katherine Wentworth to exploit is now wide open.

    • Katherine and Mark. I often wondered why those two didn’t get together.

      • Dan in WI says:

        They sure could have got together. Neither has any morals about going after married people. They shared that lack of value.

      • Yes! I’m glad you made that point about Mark. Since I began re-watching Season 6, I’m really unnerved by the way he pursues Pam. He’s shameless!


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