Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You Are a Very Sick Little Girl’

Cuba Libre, Dallas, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing

Give her hell, honey

In “Cuba Libre,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, Holly (Lois Chiles) is in her bedroom when Elliot (Robert Pinkerton) escorts Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) into the room.

ELLIOT: Can I get you anything?

HOLLY: Sue Ellen?

SUE ELLEN: Nothing.

HOLLY: That’ll be all, Elliot. [He leaves.] All right, you wanted to talk?

SUE ELLEN: Yes. I want you to know that your rotten attempt to destroy my marriage has failed.

HOLLY: [Smiles] Oh?

SUE ELLEN: For awhile, I thought you were telling the truth, because I saw no reason why you should lie about something like that.

HOLLY: [Crosses her arms] You think I was lying?

SUE ELLEN: I know you were. And I know why. You and J.R. are partners. I know that. And I also know that you lost a lot of money because of him.

HOLLY: If you know so much, then you must know the truth about us — which is what I told you.

SUE ELLEN: I know you are beneath contempt. Because you and he failed in a business deal, you wanted to get revenge on him through me. By your vicious lies against him, you tried to ruin our marriage. [Takes a step closer] You are a very sick little girl. And I don’t want to ever see you or hear of you again. [Walks toward the door]

HOLLY: Sue Ellen? [Sue Ellen turns to face her.] I’m afraid we will see each other again.

SUE ELLEN: I doubt that. [Opens the door and leaves]


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