Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Well, You’ve Destroyed Her Again!’

Barbara Bel Geddes, Dallas, Miss Ellie Ewing, Things Ain't Goin' Too Good at Southfork

No stairway to heaven

In “Things Ain’t Goin’ Too Good at Southfork,” a sixth-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. (Larry Hagman) enters Southfork and heads toward the stairs, unaware a drunken Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) is waiting for him in the living room.

SUE ELLEN: You bastard! You finally came home. [Sips from her glass, pours another]

J.R.: You’ve decided to come back to Southfork, I’m happy to see. [Enters the living room, sets his car keys on a table]

SUE ELLEN: [Glares at him] Not because I wanted to.

J.R.: I was so worried about you, Sue Ellen.

SUE ELLEN: When were you the most worried? Before or after you made love to Holly Harwood?

J.R.: Sue Ellen, just because you may have seen my car in front of her house doesn’t mean anything happened.

SUE ELLEN: [Guffaws] Your car? You think this has anything to do with your car? I saw you and Holly in bed.

J.R.: You couldn’t have.

SUE ELLEN: Why not, because you didn’t see me? No, because you were too damn busy doing other things to see anything. [Begins to cry]

J.R.: [Steps forward] Sue Ellen, don’t fly off the handle. I can explain all of this.

SUE ELLEN: [Swats at him] Don’t you touch me!

J.R.: Darlin’. …

She tosses her drink in his face, grabs his keys and runs out of the room as Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) comes down the stairs.

ELLIE: Sue Ellen!

J.R.: [Rushing into the foyer] Sue Ellen!

ELLIE: Well, you’ve destroyed her again. Don’t you ever learn?


  1. What exactly is wrong with John Ross Ewing the IInd cheating on Sue Ellen with Holly Harwood? He had to orchestrate a deal, so a little romp was needed. He’s J. R., even Jock Ewing Senior strayed & he wound up producing brother Ray Krebbs & Miss elly forgave him b/c it was WW2. Why can’t she & understand that brother J. R. is more than human, he’s the spawn of the master who created the Ewing Oil Company Limited of Dallas, Texas.


  1. […] It’s the moment we dread and anticipate at once. Scriptwriter Leonard Katzman wisely saves the confrontation for the next-to-last scene, when J.R. arrives home and finds Sue Ellen drinking in the living […]

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