Drill Bits: ‘Dallas’ Season 3 — Spoilers, Speculation and More

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Back to work, people

Production on “Dallas’s” third season begins today. There isn’t a lot of news to report, although insiders have dropped a few tidbits about what fans can expect when TNT begins televising the episodes next year. If you want to be surprised, stop reading here.

Jenna Wade may return. The show’s writers are toying with bringing back Bobby’s first love, TV Guide reported last month. Said Executive Producer Cynthia Cidre: “It’s on our [planning] wall, and we’re thinking about it seriously.” Priscilla Presley, who played Jenna for five seasons on the original “Dallas,” stoked the speculation a few days later when she tweeted, “What do you think would happen if Jenna Wade returned to Dallas?”

Cliff Barnes and Judith Ryland will return. Dallas Decoder has confirmed Ken Kercheval will be back as Cliff Barnes, but there’s no word on whether Audrey Landers will return as Afton Cooper. Meanwhile, during a recent Twitter exchange with “Dallas” writer Aaron Allen, fans expressed hope Judith Light’s character, Judith Ryland, will return in Season 3. Allen’s response: “Judith is back!”

Good news for Linda Gray and Jordana Brewster. During another Twitter exchange with fans, Allen offered this nugget: “If you’re hoping for more Elena and Sue Ellen driven stories, you’ll LOVE season 3.” He also tweeted: “Bobby and Ann have kind of a slow burning story this year. It gets bigger in the second half.” (Sounds like a good time for Jenna to show up, no?)

More new characters are on their way. Get ready to meet Nicholas, whom Showbiz411 describes as “a powerful billionaire businessman. Self-made. Rough childhood. Raised himself up by his bootstrap. He’s charming, sophisticated, smart, cunning.” Elsewhere, TV Guide’s William Keck tweeted about another newbie: Heather, whom he described as “a pretty tomboy ranch hand … who is attracted to bad boys.”

New loves, old traditions. Christopher will get a new love interest, Jesse Metcalfe told “Access Hollywood” last week. (You don’t suppose it’s Heather, do you?) Meanwhile, Brenda Strong and Julie Gonzalo tweeted pictures of themselves and Emma Bell on horseback this week, leading fans to wonder if they’re preparing for an episode set at the Ewing Rodeo. Giddy up!

So when will fans get to see the Ewings back in action? TNT, which ordered 15 episodes, hasn’t announced a premiere date. One possibility: the show will begin in the winter and continue into the spring, then take a break and resume in the summer.

Let J.R. Speak

During the first two seasons of TNT’s “Dallas,” the show’s regular cast members took turns delivering the “Previously on ‘Dallas’” voiceover that starts each episode. Longtime fan Joe Siegler has an idea: Why not use Larry Hagman’s voiceover exclusively, beginning with the third-season episodes?

As Siegler sees it, this would honor Hagman and ensure his presence remains in each episode. It would almost be like ol’ J.R. is watching over his family and bringing the audience up to speed on their doings each week.

This week, Siegler took to Twitter and ran his suggestion past a few cast members. Brenda Strong retweeted his message and added, “Great idea!” We agree. Make it happen, TNT.

Et Cetera

• Don’t miss Dallas Divas Derby’s interview with Kenneth Larsen, a talented artist and “Dallas” enthusiast who recently tweeted terrific drawings of Hagman and Gray.

• This week, I’m asking fellow fans to choose their all-time favorite “Dallas” cliffhanger. Head over to Dallas Decoder’s Facebook page to weigh in.

• Like to discuss “Dallas”? If so, consider dropping by one of my weekly #DallasChats, held Monday nights at 9 Eastern on Twitter. You’ll have fun, I promise!

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  1. Kelley Tyler says:

    Bring it on!! I need a Dallas fix. It’s been way too long!!

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    Thank you for the great tidbits of Season 3! I am so ready for the new season of Dallas, though I will always be sad that there are no more Larry/Jr scenes(unless they show flashbacks of him from the original series, which would be great)!!

    • Kelley Tyler says:

      The reintroduction of Jenna would great! A tiff between Jenna and Ann for Bobby’s affection would be a great story line. Like JR once said: Ann packs “heat”. This could get interesting!

      • Jennifer Irons says:

        I agree! I didn’t like Jenna in the original series, but her and Ann could be really interesting fighting for Bobby!!

      • The gals always end up fighting over Bobby, don’t they? The only thing better than an Ann/Bobby/Jenna triangle would be an Ann/Bobby/Jenna/Katherine quadrangle.

      • Watch your back, Jenna. Shotgun Annie might put a bullseye on it.

    • Jennifer, I’m hopeful the show will keep J.R.’s memory alive. Flashbacks could be a fun way to do it.

  3. Would be great to see Jenna back – might mean Ray gets more screen time too!

    Adding Jenna and Bobby’s son Lucas would be an interesting move too

  4. You mean Brother J. R. would be at the top of every episode. Raise a glass of bourbon DALLAS fans! Larry Hagman would be tickled pink to know that even in the hereafter, he was still contributing! I can just see that devilish grin!

  5. Thank you Chris for your amazing work on the site and for your link and great comments!!

    • You’re very welcome, Kenneth. I was really pleased to see the interview. I think David did a terrific job creating graphics to go along with your drawings.

      Can’t wait to see your next masterpiece!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I miss the show and really look forward to what John Ross and Pamela are up to. The writers are better than John Ross at pulling fast ones on us so I am curious to see what tricks they will surprise us with next season. I’m excited about the new characters and a more interesting direction for Christopher.

  7. Kelley Tyler says:

    No one can run a trucking company (Ryland Trucking) or casino construction company (old Barnes Global, now Ewing Global) without employees who are willing to do anything to protect their employer, the guy that butters their bread!! I wouldn’t be surprised to see some unknown character introduced as a henchmen!! Someone working behind the scenes to battle the Ewings, Rylands, and Barnes families against each other while making each family think he is their ally!! Thoughts??

    • Kelley, I think you’re absolutely correct. Now that Frank Ashkani and Roy Vickers are gone, we’re going to need some more henchmen on this show. But how about a henchwoman? Does anyone remember Sarah Douglas’s character from “Falcon Crest”? Isn’t it time for a modern day equivalent?

  8. I think the absolute biggest thing they could do is to bring back Pam. That story writing could go on forever.

    • Would be thrilled to see Jenna Wade back! As for Pam’s return, I couldn’t agree more. There are so many story lines she could be involved in…or stir the pot, especially to avenge the Ewings’ framing of her brother Cliff!

    • I know a lot of people would like to see the Pam character return, but it seems like she’s dead and buried at this point. Rest in peace, Pam.

  9. renee carrillo says:

    I really don’t like the fact that their destroying Elena and Christophers relationship, as well as John Ross and Pamela’s.


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