Drill Bits: Want the Scoop on ‘Dallas’? Follow Those Tweets

Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes


If you’re not following the stars of TNT’s “Dallas” on Twitter and Instagram, you’re missing some of the best sources of news about the show’s third season.

Since production began last week, cast members have been tweeting up a storm, even using their own Season 3 hashtag: #DallasS3. On the first day of filming, Patrick Duffy shared a picture of himself and Josh Henderson standing on a soundstage, which Duffy captioned, “First scene of the first episode of season #3!!” Last night, the social media feeds lit up with a shot of Henderson and Julie Gonzalo embracing in a barn. Besides highlighting the couple’s overall adorableness, the image also shows Henderson sporting what appears to be Larry Hagman’s famous J.R. wristwatch.

Indeed, the tweets offer a glimpse of the new looks that costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin has created for the third-season episodes, which are slated to debut in early 2014. On “Dallas’s” new Instagram feed, followers were treated to a shot of Jordana Brewster donning a fitted red dress, while Linda Gray tweeted a picture of herself looking runway-ready while standing on what looks like the show’s conference room set. (Study the image and you’ll also see a monitor displaying a “Ewing Global” logo. Will this be the name of the family’s company in Season 3?)

In another shot, Brenda Strong wears a turquoise necklace while joining Gray and Emma Bell on the Southfork patio. Meanwhile, it appears Christopher Ewing will have a beard next season, based on the images that Jesse Metcalfe has been sharing with his Twitter and Instagram followers. Could the facial hair signal a darker turn for Christopher? Perhaps more tweets will tell.

Give Us the Juice

Not all of the Season 3 teases are coming via social media. Last weekend, the Dallas Morning News caught up with Henderson at the real-life Cattle Baron’s Ball, where the actor declared, “Season 3 has the juice. It’s going to be the absolute juiciest.”

“Drill Bits,” a roundup of news about TNT’s “Dallas,” is published regularly. Share your comments below.


  1. Exciting! Sue Ellen’s new dress is really cool.

  2. John Ross also appears to be wearing father J. R.’s belt buckle in addition to the watch.

    • I think you’re right, R.J. I studied his buckle when I first saw the photo but couldn’t tell if it was J.R.’s. Upon closer inspection, I think I can make out the “J” and the “R.” Very cool that John Ross will now wear it.


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