Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘… Some Kind of Stud Service’

Dallas, Larry Hagman, Oil Baron's Ball, J.R. Ewing

Tables turned

In “The Oil Baron’s Ball,” a seventh-season “Dallas” episode, J.R. and Sue Ellen (Larry Hagman, Linda Gray) are in bed, surrounded by darkness.

J.R.: Where you going?

SUE ELLEN: [Sits up, turns on the lamp] Back to my room.

J.R.: Back to your room? [Rests his head on his hand] After tonight, we’ll be sleeping together.

SUE ELLEN: What makes you think that?

J.R.: [Smiles] The way you came in here. You wanted me as much as I ever wanted you.

SUE ELLEN: Well, that’s only partially true.

J.R.: Well, all our problems are over.

SUE ELLEN: Not quite. You see, J.R., I have no desire to live with you. Now, granted, from time to time, I may need you. And if and when that happens, then I’ll be back. [Smiles] But that’s all. That’s as close to being married as we will ever be. [Pulls her negligee straps onto her shoulders, stands and walks toward the door]

J.R.: I’ll be damned if you can come in here and use me like some kind of stud service.

SUE ELLEN: [Turns to face him] What other possible use would I have for you? Good night. [Pulls the door closed behind her]


  1. Great scene! Classic Sue Ellen!


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