‘Dallas’ Promotional Spots Released

Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, TNT

He started a trend!

TNT has started showing a series of 30-second promotional spots that offer tantalizing clues for the new season of “Dallas,” which begins Monday, February 24. If you’re spoiler-phobic, stop reading now and don’t click on the videos that appear below.

In the most revealing spots, which were posted to YouTube this afternoon, Pamela tells John Ross, “If I ever find out you’ve been stepping out on me, God’s wrath will be the least of your worries.” In another shot, Christopher visits Cliff in jail and tells him, “You are exactly where you belong.” (We knew Jesse Metcalfe would sport a beard this season, and now we know Ken Kercheval will too.) The spot ends with Sue Ellen announcing, “The family that blackmails together stays together.”

This promo is followed by a second spot that shows Pamela undressing, Harris being strong-armed in prison and Bobby declaring, “I’m taking down anyone who’s involved.” Like the other spot, it ends with Sue Ellen delivering a line about blackmail, except this time she says, “Good blackmail never sours.” The other spots depict various cast members lighting matches, posing seductively, pointing guns and engaging in some highly stylized, slow-motion fighting moves.

In addition to the clips from the show and the action shots, the on-screen graphics and voiceover narration in the spots suggest other clues for Season 3. Among the announcements: “In Dallas, where there’s smoke, there’s always fire;” “If you’re not in their good graces, good luck;” and “Family can always turn on you.”

TNT began showing the spots last week. The online versions appear on the YouTube channel for Ausxip, which bills itself as “a non-profit network of sites whose main goal is to promote and support the actors/tv shows.”

What do you think of the “Dallas” promotional spots? Share your comments below and read more news from Dallas Decoder.


  1. I love them! Of course, I love everything Dallas! It sounds like this season will be packed with incredible Sue Ellen classic one liners.

    • … And how awesome is it that Linda Gray gets the last line in both spots? Sue Ellen is the star of the show!

    • Sarit aka SweetLee @Dallas_follower says:

      Thanks for posting these, Chris. Found out about them from you, as I do with much of the news about the upcoming Season 3. I love them too. Can’t wait for more Sue Ellen one liners. That’s entertainment.

      And I agree, Frank, I also thought Sue Ellen was talking to the Governor when she spouts that line:”A good blackmail never sours”. Love the line and her delivery of it. Awesome stuff! 😃

  2. Garnet McGee says:

    It looks like Pamela may not be clueless about her husband’s cheating ways. Yipee. I recognize the actress who used to play Miranda on All My Children in the scene of the two women with John Ross. It looks fun. Even with all the spoilers and clues it looks like they may still be able to surprise us. Luckily I love it when the Ewings fight although I prefer when they unite.

  3. The line Sue Ellen delivers … “A good blackmail never spoils” looks liek she is speaking to the governor.

  4. This is going to be great! I think season 3 will be like season 2 was for me. I would watch and savor every moment. Dallas has so much going on and if you miss something, anything, you may have a hard time understanding something else. The cast is the best and I am sure the new actors and actresses will be very entertaining as well.

    • …Also, the more you notice and pay attention to what is going on, the better insight you have later on. This is one reason why this website is fantastic. Discussing the show and sharing what we notice during an episode really makes watching the next episode much more enjoyable.

  5. I’m assuming C.B. that the IInd Lady might be Miss Emma Ryland. I don’t mind John Ross slipping her the bone & cheating on Pamela, especially if he can use Ryland Trucking secrets to make Ewing Global stronger & assume 50.1% majorative control with his mother, the lovely Miss Texas!

  6. Just hope it is going to be on in the UK ?

    • Steve, I believe it will be shown on Channel 5 in the U.K., although an official airdate hasn’t been announced. As soon as I know, I’ll pass along the information. I hope U.K. viewers don’t have to wait long.


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