Dallas Desserts: Valentine’s Day Edition

Dallas, Emma Bell, Emma Ryland, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, Pamela Rebecca Barnes, Pamela Barnes Ewing, TNT

Like his famous daddy, doesn’t John Ross Ewing deserve to have his cake and eat it too?

The “Dallas” fans at Dallas Decoder and Cook In/Dine Out think so. We’ve created a Valentine’s Day sundae that’s as deliciously messy as John Ross’s love life.

Like our previous “Dallas Desserts,” this one is rich with symbolism: the brownie represents John Ross’s wife Pamela (Julie Gonzalo), the blondie represents his mistress Emma (Emma Bell), and the chocolate sauce is dark and smooth, just like John Ross (Josh Henderson) himself.

The rest of the ingredients allude to John Ross’s other relatives: The vanilla ice cream is as wholesome as Uncle Bobby (Patrick Duffy), while the chopped peanuts honor his nutty father-in-law, Cliff (Ken Kercheval).

You’ll find the recipe for this treat at Cook In/Dine Out, which is the handiwork of the Valentine in my life, my husband Andrew. Visit his site regularly for other amazing food-related content, and be sure to follow Cook In/Dine Out on Facebook and Twitter.

We hope you’ll share this treat with the special “Dallas” fan in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dallas Desserts - Valentine's Day Edition 2


  1. It looks good andy &c.b. But it wil all go to my thighs. Luckily, there r no calories on st. Valentine’s day. Lets hope in 10 days with ALL NEW DALLAS episodes that the Ewings give their enemies their “just desserts.”

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