Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff V — Sue Ellen vs. Kristin

Who baked for J.R.? This year’s fifth (!) annual “Dallas Desserts” holiday bakeoff brings you a competition between those squabbling Shepard sisters: Sue Ellen’s Black and White Cookies versus Kristin’s Peanut Butter Ginger Cookies. My husband Andrew, who blogs at Cook In / Dine Out, created both recipes. Whose cookie do you prefer? Cast your […]

Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff IV — Pam vs. Katherine

When Pam and Katherine aren’t fighting over Bobby, they’re battling each other for baking bragging rights. This year’s “Dallas Desserts” holiday bakeoff pits Pam’s Emerald Mines against Katherine’s Frosted Gingerbread Hats. Both recipes come from my husband Andrew, who blogs at Cook In/Dine Out. Whose cookie do you prefer? Cast your vote in the poll […]

Dallas Desserts: Valentine’s Day Edition II

“Dallas,” this one’s for you. For this year’s “Dallas Desserts” Valentine’s Day treat, Cook In / Dine Out whipped up a special version of tres leches cake. The recipe calls for three kinds of milk, making it an ideal choice to honor “Dallas’s” three-season run. The cake also happens to be sinfully delicious, just like […]

Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff III — Judith vs. Sue Ellen

The holidays are here and you know what that means: It’s time for another “Dallas Desserts” bakeoff. This year, we’re pitting Judith’s Mole Cookies against Sue Ellen’s Peanut Butter Blossoms. Both recipes come from my husband Andrew, who blogs at Cook In/Dine Out and who also created the popular “Dallas Drinks” cocktails. Whose cookie do […]

Dallas Desserts: Valentine’s Day Edition

Like his famous daddy, doesn’t John Ross Ewing deserve to have his cake and eat it too? The “Dallas” fans at Dallas Decoder and Cook In/Dine Out think so. We’ve created a Valentine’s Day sundae that’s as deliciously messy as John Ross’s love life. Like our previous “Dallas Desserts,” this one is rich with symbolism: […]

Dallas Desserts: Holiday Bakeoff II — Ryland vs. Ewing

Fire up your ovens, “Dallas” fans. It’s time for another holiday bakeoff. Last year, Dallas Decoder and Cook In/Dine Out brought you a competition between Barnes Fortune Cookies and Ewing Bourbon Balls. This year, we’re pitting Ewing Molasses Sandwich Cookies against Ryland Almond Lace Cookies. (The molasses is like oil and we all know how much […]

Dallas Desserts: The Barnes-Ewing Holiday Bakeoff

The Barneses and Ewings fight all year long. You don’t expect them to take off during the holidays, do you? This Christmas, Dallas Decoder is honoring Texas’s most famous feuding families with a bakeoff that pits Barnes Fortune Cookies against Ewing Bourbon Balls. The cookies evoke Cliff’s love of Chinese cuisine, while the balls honor […]