TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘Mama Like’

Judith Light, Judith Ryland, TNT, Trust Me

That’s one way to powder your nose

In “Trust Me,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Harris and Judith (Mitch Pileggi, Judith Light) meet Luis (Antonio Jaramillo) in an equestrian center in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

LUIS: Harris, my friend. Good to see you out of jail.

HARRIS: [Shakes his hand] Thanks to you, my friend.

LUIS: The least I can do for a man who knows the value of silence. A talkative man might have faced a much different ending.

JUDITH: Harris, aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend?

LUIS: When your son told me he was bringing his mother, I was … surprised.

JUDITH: Please, call me Judith.

LUIS: I hate surprises, Judith. They can lead to … unpleasantness. [Turns, begins to walk away]

JUDITH: [Follows him, arm in arm with Harris] Be that as it may, I’m now in control of Ryland Transport, so you’ll need to deal with me.

LUIS: We have a level of trust with your son, which he’s earned with years of working together. [Turns to face her] You have not earned such trust.

JUDITH: You think I’m wired. You’re right. [Hands Harris her cane] We’ve only just met, and trust is the most important ingredient in a business relationship. [Unbuttons her jacket, exposes her bra, pulls Luis’s hands out of his pocket and places them on her body] Without trust, there can be … misunderstanding. [Moves his hands up and down her legs] And misunderstanding can lead to doubt. And doubt can lead to suspicion. I feel like we’ve known each other forever. [Places her hands on Luis’s chest] Don’t you? [Begins to button up again] Due to my son’s previous legal difficulties, we can assume that all Ryland trucks will be scrutinized at the border.

LUIS: We assume this as well.

JUDITH: That is why from now on, all the trucks we use will be owned by a shell company that will be carrying drilling fluid and wastewater.

LUIS: And what about the checkpoints inside of Texas? I believe those have been compromised as well.

JUDITH: We avoid them by staying off the highways. We use the shale trucking routes instead. Six thousand miles of unmapped private roads without a border patrol agent in sight. And all of this will cost you just pennies on the dollar more.

LUIS: Whoa, whoa, whoa. We’ve already got a deal in place.

JUDITH: Well, that was with my son. Every day your cocaine pipeline is shut down, it costs you millions. Let’s not quibble over crumbs.

LUIS: [Looks at Harris, who looks away] Agreed.

JUDITH: Now, let’s seal the deal with a taste of our product. [Luis summons a boy who hands him a box. He lifts the lid revealing cocaine. Judith smiles, picks up a tube and snorts a line.] Hot damn! Mama like. [She snorts another line, then rubs some on her gums]

LUIS: [Closes the box, hands it to the boy] All right. Now that I’ve agreed to your conditions, I think it’s time you agree to mine.

JUDITH: It’s the polite thing to do.

LUIS: One interruption in our supply chain was unfortunate. Another would be fatal — for you and your family.

HARRIS: My daughter has nothing to do with this!

LUIS: Which would make it all the more … tragic, don’t you think?


  1. Dan in WI says:

    LUIS: We have a level of trust with your son, which he’s earned with years of working together. [Turns to face her] You have not earned such trust.

    Maybe I’m parsing the words more than I should but this is why I don’t believe Harris has anything to do with the CIA. There is no way a CIA relationship would last years on something like this. As I stated elsewhere I believe those are Harris cronies posing as CIA types. He’s gather evidence to use against his mother and the Ewings under that guise.

  2. The comment C.B. “Mama Like” shows “Who’s The Boss?” at Ryland Transport. Good on u Judy!


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