TNT’s Dallas Styles: ‘Playing Chicken’

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There were a lot of classic looks in “Playing Chicken,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode, including the long-sleeved blue dress that Linda Gray wore during Sue Ellen’s memorable lunch with Bum. Gray looks great no matter what you dress her in, but blue has always been one of her best colors. I also love how Sue Ellen’s blue-and-green dangly earrings complemented the dress. It was kind of hard to see them when the scene began, but as Sue Ellen and Bum’s conversation progressed — and it became clear she was playing him like a fiddle — the earrings seemed to reveal themselves more. They became an effective symbol for her below-the-radar manipulation of poor, well-meaning Bum.

The guys sported timeless looks in “Playing Chicken” too. John Ross spent much of this episode in western garb, including the dark blue denim shirt he wore in the scene where he learned about the plight of the lesser prairie chicken. It evoked the cowboy-hats-and-jeans getups that Josh Henderson sported during “Dallas’s” first season. I also loved the white shirt and khakis that Jesse Metcalfe wore in Christopher’s scenes in Mexico. The outfit was stylish yet practical; if I had to go sleuthing around the hot, dusty streets of Nuevo Laredo, this is probably what I’d wear.

Of course, “Playing Chicken” will probably be remembered for all the revealing outfits. No one showed more skin than Emma Bell’s Emma Ryland, who strutted around Southfork in that tangerine “monokini.” Like Sue Ellen’s earrings, the swimsuit can be seen as a symbol since it helped expose Emma’s determination to undermine John Ross and Pamela’s marriage. (By the way, in response to all the inquiries from fans, costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin tweeted the bathing suit came from Sauvage Swimwear.)

And then there were the dueling emerald green corsets worn by Bell and Julie Gonzalo’s Pamela Barnes Ewing. Yowza! Not since Sue Ellen dabbled in the lingerie business back in the 1980s have we seen such revealing undergarments on “Dallas.” This wasn’t just an excuse to put Bell and Gonzalo in skimpy underwear, either; now that we know Emma intentionally ruined Pamela’s surprise for John Ross, we have a whole new reason to despise her.

The question is: Who wore it best? I like the way Gonzalo settled this debate when TNT posed the question to viewers at the end of the episode. As Gonzalo tweeted, “Who wore it best?!? SCREW THAT. we BOTH did!”

Darlin’, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What were your favorite looks in “Playing Chicken”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and read more “Dallas Styles.”


  1. Since I’m closest to Sue Ellen’s age, I just adore everything she wears. Not that I don’t love what the younger ladies wear too, but I identify with Sue Ellen more. Not that I’d look as good as Sue Ellen in those outfits! I feel that the clothing this time around (Dallas 2.0), is more realistic than some of the outrageous fashions in the original. Although times have changed too.

  2. I’m afraid my thighs are not quite as succulent as Emma’s or Pamela’s C.B. Although I will enjoy St. Patrick’s Day on Monday much, much more!

  3. I know the lingerie and swimsuit were focus pieces for this episode’s costuming, but I’m glad you also highlighted what the guys were wearing. I thought they all looked great in this episode, particularly Christopher.

  4. I want to know about the shoes Emma was wearing in the kitchen “flashing” and poolside scenes. I’ve seen them somewhere online but can’t find them now. LOVE THEM!!!!!

  5. Does anyone know anything about the beautiful earrings that Sue Ellen wore to the wedding? They were beautiful!

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