TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘He is Awful Cute, Though’

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Cock a doodle don’t

In “Playing Chicken,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, John Ross (Josh Henderson) speaks to a group of Southfork ranch hands as Bo (Donny Boaz) stands near him.

JOHN ROSS: Thank y’all for coming. First off, I want to say that I was wrong. My uncle was right. You start messing with a man’s livelihood, you make an enemy. I want to thank Bo here for helping you guys to know that I am not your enemy. And working with me, drilling oil, we’re all going to have a better livelihood. I can promise you that. All right, guys, let’s get this mess cleaned up.

BO: You heard the man. Let’s get to it.

As the crowd disperses, Bobby (Patrick Duffy) arrives in a pickup truck, gets out and approaches John Ross. He carries a cage covered with a blanket.

BOBBY: Well, good morning, John Ross.

JOHN ROSS: If you’re here to try to stop me again, Uncle Bobby, you can’t. We already settled that.

BOBBY: I know I can’t stop you, John Ross. But my little friend here certainly can. [He removes the blanket, revealing a bird inside the cage.]

JOHN ROSS: [Chuckles] A chicken?

BOBBY: Well, now, it’s not just a chicken. This is a lesser prairie chicken — a species native to this area, right here.

JOHN ROSS: Well, I have spent most of my life here on Southfork, and I’ve never even heard of a lesser prairie chicken. Nor have I seen one.

BOBBY: Well, that’s the point, boy. They’re rare. In fact, they’re endangered. The Sierra Club — you know who they are — well, they’re pressing for an investigation into whether or not fracking for oil right here on Southfork will endanger their very existence. Investigations like that take months. Hell, sometimes years. And the railroad commission just won’t issue a permit to drill until the fate of my little friend here is completely resolved. [Smiles] He is awful cute, though, isn’t he? Lesser prairie chicken.


  1. Dan in WI says:

    It’s hard to imagine an oilman like Bobby siding with the Sierra Club. Yes sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend but this is opening a dangerous can of worms. This one can easily be turned against the whole Ewing clan in a drilling venture elsewhere if it is as easy as Bobby makes it seem here.

    Oh and I understand why John Ross is attempting to convert cowboys into roughnecks, but in the end that can’t be the most efficient labor force for the task at hand.

  2. I thought the best scene of the episode was Sue Ellen and Bum at lunch. Sue Ellen played him perfectly.

  3. Chickatee-ti u & i cry.

  4. Brandon childers says:

    Liked that scene, my best scene was the Bobby, Nicolas, and Rhonda scene. Obviously Rhonda has some other reason in helping Bobby than money, what could it be


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