Say What?! This Week’s Best Dallas Sound Bites

“Dallas” delivers the most delicious dialogue on television. Here are the best sound bites from “Lifting the Veil,” this week’s episode. Included: Sue Ellen’s delicious quip about Kristin, which wasn’t included in show but has been running in TNT’s promos for weeks.

Christopher Ewing, Dallas, Jesse Metcalfe, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, Lifting the Veil, Linda Gray, Sue Ellen Ewing, TNT

What are your favorite lines from “Lifting the Veil”? Share them below and read more “Say What?!”


  1. Kelley Tyler says:

    They just have to include the “…face down in the pool” comment in the show. It’s too good to leave to just the commercials.

  2. Brandon childers says:

    When is sue Ellen going to say that to Emma.

    • Brandon, it appears she said it to Emma at the wedding, but the line was cut from the final episode. I’m glad we get to see her deliver the line in the promo, at least.

  3. It seems that Miss Texas is schooling Emma Ryland in “the school of hard knocks.”

    • Garnet McGee says:

      The line serves to alert Emma to the fact that Sue Ellen knows about the affair and should be feared. How are they going to convey that information without it? My favorite line was John Ross’s plea to Pamela that he knew they were meant for each other with every cell in his being. He really believes it even if he is not willing to sacrifice in order to be the man she needs him to be.


  1. […] Audrey Landers into the narrative whenever she guest stars — Sue Ellen and Afton’s bitchy exchange was a special treat for longtime fans — so I can’t help but wonder why the show seems to […]

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