TNT’s Dallas Styles: ‘Lifting the Veil’

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Julie Gonzalo always looks beautiful on “Dallas,” but the actress was nothing less than radiant when Pamela Rebecca Barnes Ewing Ewing got married (again) in “Lifting the Veil,” this week’s episode. I love how Pamela’s Vera Wang gown left one shoulder exposed, making her look sophisticated and sexy all at once, and how her hair was pulled to one side, evoking the glamour of Hollywood screen sirens from the 1940s. Also, don’t overlook Pamela’s makeup, which highlighted Gonzalo’s natural beauty without ever getting in its way. This is what perfection looks like.

Of course, everyone looked amazing in “Lifting the Veil.” I especially liked how costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin used color to link the Ewings: John Ross’s tuxedo was dark blue, and so were Sue Ellen and Lucy’s gowns. Whether or not it was intentional, there’s symbolic value here: In some scenes, Linda Gray’s dress looked black, which is fitting when you consider what a dark day this turned out to be for Sue Ellen. In that spirit, Jordana Brewster’s black-and-white dress — which featured all that cool embroidery — was the ideal choice for Elena, a good woman who has gotten in touch with her bad side this season.

I wish “Lifting the Veil” had given us more wedding scenes like the one above, which shows the Ewing women and Audrey Landers’ Afton Cooper (va-va-voom!) waiting for the missing groom to show up. Besides being artfully composed, this wide shot allowed us to see everyone’s outfit from head to toe. On the other hand: There were also some nifty looks in the scenes that took place outside the big event, including the work-of-art tunic Brenda Strong wore when Sue Ellen told Ann that their children are sleeping together, as well as Judith Light’s big-as-Texas hair in the episode-ending revelation that Mother Ryland is a madam. (Speaking of hair: Yes, that was “Dallas” hair stylist Charles Yusko playing the hairdresser who fixed Ann’s tresses in one of the pre-wedding scenes.)

Make no mistake: “Dallas” fans are going to remember “Lifting the Veil” when the Emmy nominations are announced later this year. If we don’t hear our favorite show’s name mentioned when the wardrobe, hair and makeup categories are announced, we’re going to riot — and I’ll be the one leading the charge.

What were your favorite looks in “Lifting the Veil”? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and read more “Dallas Styles.”


  1. This is why I as a straight guy approve of gay guys getting married C.B. Gay guys are better, much better at talking about fashions. Of course as a straight guy, I prefer to talk about giving awards to the ladies for the curves in their dresses!

  2. Garnet McGee says:

    Speaking of makeup I loved when Pamela wanted to cry but stopped herself. Not only does she not want to give into her emotions, this is the woman who killed her one time lover without falling apart after all, but she does not want to smear her makeup.


  1. […] love every outfit that costume designer Rachel Sage Kunin chose for Brenda Strong in “D.T.R.” I described Ann’s tunic-blouse in the previous episode as a work of art; the same thing can be said about the […]

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