FYI: We’ll Discuss ‘D.T.R.’ on Our Next #DallasChat, OK?

Dallas, John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson, TNT

Bad, bad boy

Did you enjoy “D.T.R.,” this week’s episode of TNT’s “Dallas”? Let’s discuss it during my next #DallasChat on Twitter, which I’ll hold Tuesday, March 25, from to 9 to 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Leave your suggested questions about “D.T.R.” in the comments section below, tweet them to me @DallasDecoder or post them to my Facebook page. I’ll choose one or more questions and ask them during our discussion.

If you’re new to #DallasChat, here’s how it works: For one hour, I tweet a series of questions to my fellow “Dallas” fans. Each question is numbered and includes the hashtag #DallasChat, so your answers should do the same. Please include the show’s official hashtag, #DallasTNT, in your tweets too.

Here’s a sample exchange:

Q1. Are you glad Sue Ellen tried to teach John Ross a lesson on #DallasTNT this week? #DallasChat

A1. Yes! I love him but he’s getting too big for his britches. Mama needed to knock him down a peg or three. #DallasTNT #DallasChat

Here are two tips:

• During the discussion, enter #DallasChat in Twitter’s search field. This will help you watch the search results so you can follow the conversation. Click “All” to see all the related tweets.

• Be sure to include #DallasChat in your tweets. This allows the other participants to see your contributions to the conversation.

This promises to be another fun discussion. Don’t miss it!


  1. All I can say is….omg! I’m thinking that John Ross is really going over to the dark side for sure.

  2. I really liked this episode. It seems every week that it’s getting better and better. The confrontations between Bobby and John Ross seems to be getting more explosive every week. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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