TNT’s Dallas Scene of the Day: ‘You Are a Worthless Creature’

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Pearls of wisdom

In “D.T.R.,” a third-season “Dallas” episode, Judith (Judith Light) enters a restaurant and sits at a table where Emma (Emma Bell) awaits her.

JUDITH: So you’re ready to come home?

EMMA: That’s not why I asked you here. I know someone who’s interested in leasing a fleet of our ships.

JUDITH: Really? Who’s the suitor?

EMMA: Ewing Global. Now there was a deal in place before, but Daddy killed it because he hates me. You wanted me to be involved in the family business … so I am.

JUDITH: So you are. We will not be doing business with the Ewings. Is that clear?

EMMA: I took these from Daddy’s safe when I took the rest of his files. [Slides an envelope across the table] You want to know what’s inside? It’s about your little side business. Copies of ledgers, client lists, girls. Your little black book. [Smiles] You want to trade? [Judith reaches for the envelope. Emma grabs it.] That’s half of what Daddy has on you. When I see a contract for those ships, you’ll get the rest.

JUDITH: [Slides the envelope to her side of the table] So now that you know about your grandmother’s little side business, let me teach you one of the very basics: Never let a man screw you for nothing. My girls play a very smart game. They allow a man to believe he’s in control. But my girls are always in control and because they are, they are richly rewarded. On the other hand, a whore who gives without receiving is not only a whore, but a fool. You think John Ross cares about you? Loves you? You think he’ll leave his wife for you? Why would he buy the cow when he gets the milk for free?

EMMA: John Ross does care about me.

JUDITH: John Ross degrades you. You think that’s love? Then you are a worthless creature. [Emma gets up. Judith grabs her arm.] Don’t let him manipulate you.


  1. I truly enjoy every one of Judith’s scenes. Her evil ways are so fun!

  2. I love this season, and would like to see Judith interact with the Ewings, paticulary Sue Ellen. The show is off the charts.

  3. I am very fond of breasts C.B. I will gladly drink up any of Emma’s leftovers that John Ross can’t get to, or I will be glad to “sleep” with her if John Ross is tied up on other matters, such as getting smacked down by his mama, Mis Texas & Uncle Bobby James!


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  2. […] back against John Ross? Emma (Emma Bell) used incriminating evidence from Harris’s files to blackmail Judith (Judith Light) into giving John Ross access to the Ryland ships for his Arctic drilling […]

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