TNT’s Dallas Recap: ‘Like Father, Like Son’

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Here’s what happened in “Like Father, Like Son,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

• John Ross and Sue Ellen clashed. John Ross (Josh Henderson) confronted Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) over her scheme to shut down his Southfork drilling venture, but she was in no mood to hear his griping. “You’re trying so hard to fill J.R.’s shoes, you’ve become drunk on power,” she said. His response: “I may be drunk on power, but you, you’re just drunk.” Later, after John Ross’s childhood friend Hunter McKay (Fran Kranz) — Carter McKay’s grandson — gave John Ross the idea of taking Ewing Global public to raise the capital needed for the Arctic oil deal, John Ross turned to Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) and Sue Ellen for their support. Pamela readily agreed to vote with her husband, and so did Sue Ellen — but only after John Ross assured her that he was no longer cheating on Pamela. “I love my wife,” he said.

• … And so did Bobby and Nicolas. Now that Bobby (Patrick Duffy) is a railroad commissioner, he turned control of his shares in Ewing Global over to Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe). But Bobby wasn’t giving up his fight with Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace), telling him that he’s going to use his new position to put the squeeze on the Treviño businesses in Texas. “Take your best shot, Mr. Ewing,” Nicolas said. Back at the ranch, Bobby’s son and wife were feeling a little more charitable: Christopher agreed to babysit little Michael when Bo (Donny Boaz) left Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) in a childcare lurch, while Ann (Brenda Strong) assured Emma (Emma Bell) that she loves her unconditionally. “With me, there are no strings. And for what it’s worth, in his own way, I know your father loves you very much,” Ann said.

• John Ross courted Nicolas. With Sue Ellen and Pamela on his side in his bid to take Ewing Global public, John Ross went to work on Nicolas. John Ross offered him a 3 percent royalty on all oil produced by the Arctic leases in exchange for Nicolas’s vote. Nicolas agreed, but he had his own plan up his sleeve: He told Elena (Jordana Brewster) that he’ll help John Ross take control of the company — and then he’ll work with Elena to steal it out from under him. Elena warned Nicolas that he was playing “a dangerous game,” and so she proceeded with her own plan to undermine John Ross by hiring Jasper (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), a private eye, to determine if he’s being faithful to Pamela. “If he’s cheating, we’ll find out,” Jasper said.

• Candace courted John Ross. When John Ross and Nicolas went out to a club to talk business, they ran into Candace (Jude Demorest), who flirted shamelessly with her boss. Later, while John Ross was working late at the office, Candace slipped into the dress Harris gave her and tried to seduce John Ross, but he turned her down. “Look, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but you’ve got to start taking ‘no’ for an answer. I’m a married man,” he said. As Candace slinked out of the office, adjusting her dress, she ran into Sue Ellen. “That son of yours is something else,” Candace said, leaving Sue Ellen looking crestfallen.

• Sue Ellen surprised John Ross (again). When John Ross convened the shareholders to present his proposal to take Ewing Global public, Bobby was aghast. Pamela and Nicolas backed John Ross while Christopher — and Sue Ellen — voted no, sending the plan down in flames. That night, John Ross arrived at Sue Ellen’s house and found her drinking. He shouted at her for stabbing him in the back once more, and then he picked up her liquor bottle and tearfully said, “Why are you doing this to yourself again? You’re so busy seeing the ghost of J.R. in me that you cannot stop to take a hard look in the damn mirror.” John Ross left his mother weeping and went to see Emma, telling her he wanted her file on “the judge.” Emma agreed to give it to him — but only after he satisfied her sexually. “Tonight, it’s about my needs,” she said.

• John Ross gained the upper hand. It turned out the file contained photos of Judge Henry Blackwell (Rick Herod) having sex with the prostitutes at Judith’s brothel, which John Ross used to blackmail the judge into signing an order to have Sue Ellen taken to rehab. Later, when the paramedics arrived at Sue Ellen’s house, they found her drunk and put her in the back of the ambulance as John Ross watched. “Get her some help,” he said as the doors closed on his confused mother. Elsewhere, Elena was stunned to receive surveillance video from her private eye that showed John Ross and Emma cavorting. But this was nothing compared to the shock Bobby received when he came home and found John Ross sitting alone in the darkened Southfork living room. John Ross told Bobby that he was forced to send Sue Ellen away — and then he said that now that he has his mother’s power of attorney, he’s voting to take Ewing Global public. “And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it,” John Ross said.

What did you think of “Like Father, Like Son”? Share your comments below and look for Dallas Decoder’s critique later this week.


  1. Brandon Childers says:

    Notice a supermajority has changed in the show

    • Dan in WI says:

      Good catch. When the concept was first introduced they needed a unanimous vote to sell off assets. Now suddenly (if Sue Ellen had voted as John Ross thought she was going to) John Ross was going to get his way to go public with Christopher’s dissenting vote.

      And when did Sue Ellen or Bobby get any votes anyway? The last thing anything was defined there were three stakeholders in (then) Barnes Global: Cliff, Katherine and Pam. Cliff still ownes his share with Joaquin as his proxy. Pamela was gifted Katherine’s share. Christopher inherited Pam’s share with her death finally official. Each had a 1/3 stake. So what shares did Bobby have to divest himself of to become Railroad commisioner? Bobby and Sue Ellen did own shares fo Ewing Engeries. I guess this is some sort of confused amalgamation of Barnes Global and Ewing Engeries into Ewing Global. If that is the case we were never told who owns what in this current company. Back in the CBS days we always knew who owned what percentage of Ewing Oil.

      • Brandon Childers says:

        I assume Christopher gave some to Bobby, and John Ross gave some to his mom. Or maybe Ewing Energies is like a subsidery, but they still should tell us who owns what

  2. Dan in WI says:

    I call discontinuity: There is no way Carter McKay had grandson the same age as John Ross and Christopher. With all the screen time that Tracey and Tommy McKay had, if they had kids then don’t you think we’d know it? It seemed like the writers remembered there once was a guy named Carter and the research ended there…
    I’ve said it so many times before, there are good stories being told. Why ruin it with such lazy research? If you are going to tie TNT to CBS then actually do the research necessary.

    Taking a Ewing company public was once briefly explored by JR. Someone is going to have to remind me when it happened, but I remember JR looking into it when he quickly needed to raise capital. Of course the plan was quickly abandoned when JR found it would take way to long to do all the filing necessary and by the time it was complete his need for capital would have already passed. We are to understand this Artic Drilling operation also has a fast approaching deadline. It makes you wonder how John Ross could get the money fast enough…

    • Brandon Childers says:

      If you have read some of my post on here you know that I wanted at least carter McKay mention. this is what I think happened, they wrote something for Carter McKay and George Kennedy said no or was unable, and they just rewrote it to make it his grandson, I would have been more inclined to believe that some people like Jordan Lee or Jeremy Windell had a grand kid John Ross’s age. I did notice that they did establish that Carter McKay is alive

      • Dan in WI says:

        I loved Carter McKay too. But George Kennedy is now 89 so who knows what his availability is and I’ve already voice my reason why we shouldn’t be saying it is a grandson… You are right we don’t know anything about the offspring of Jordan Lee, et. al. or Windel. That would have been safer scripting because then I wouldn’t be crying disconituity.

  3. You are right about the McKays, Dan. I was thrilled they mentioned Carter, but the grandson is baloney. Is he going to matter to the plot at all?

  4. Brandon Childers says:

    Still love the show a few things made me mad though, the supermajority rule only appears to disrupt the Characters that I like. I assume the company will not really go public, but if they were going to, I wander how they would get Christopher to sign to loose some of his shares.

    Loved the mention of carter McKay but grandson John Ross’s age is a little far fetched, oh well I am sure we will not see him often, if ever again

    I liked JR, I do not like John Ross that much, glad the character is there I just do not like him. JR would never be this mean to miss Ellie.

    Wasn’t Elena’s reaction to seeing John Ross and Emma a little over the top, I still hope that she will come to here senses.

  5. Brandon Childers says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they made the company go public, and Nicolas rushed to buy, john ross and Pamela rushed to buy, and Christopher did too, and they each bought a third of the shares, and it was like it never even happen

    • Dan in WI says:

      But would Nicolas be buying under his own name or on behalf of Cliff Barnes? Let’s suppose he’s buying under his own name. Even going public you don’t erase Cliff’s stake. So now things just got even more convoluted and my head hurts even more. We best not go down that road.

  6. Why in the hell zaren’t we giving you an Emmy Award (TM) for best writing about DALLAS in a blog boy? C.B., this is absoluitely smashing the detail, the color, the flare, the nuances of every episode summary!

  7. Luke Pegues says:

    I love the show but my issue is I thought they were already drilling Southfork from someone else’s land. Emma as Holly Harwood is hot though. She learned from her grandmother how to use her womanly wilds. Great episode but it is not making sense. Carter did not have any grandchildren. Get it together in the writers room. Its like the drilling of Southfork. The oil is suppose to come from section 40 not section 15 or what ever they say its coming from.

    • Dan in WI says:

      They really aren’t clear what “sections” of Southfork are getting drilled. We have to presume there are multiple (in addition to the fabled section 40) sections which are oil rich at this point. I guess that’s plausible. As drilling technology advances more and more previously unaccesible oil is suddenly in play.
      I think it was the first episode of the season where they made reference to the Henderson slant drilling into Southfork. It was explained that is still occurring but that revenue is being used to pay down debt. That is why John Ross wants to frack whatever section he wants to frack: He wants that new fracking to fund the Artic bidding since the Henderson slant is already earmarked.

  8. It seems that many are obsessed with little details without just enjoying the show. Yes, I did notice that Carter McKay’s grandson shouldn’t be the same age as JR’s son, and unless you’ve been watching the DVDs of the original series over the years, you don’t even remember whether or not Carter McKay even had kids! That kind of continuity isn’t important to me. Although the supermajority stuff was a little confusing, it didn’t detract from the episode itself. Don’t get caught up in the little mishaps…just enjoy the fact that Dallas is on.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Maybe a lot of this is the type of job I work in, but there is no way I could say to my boss “don’t get caught up in my little mistakes.” That’s just not the nature of my industry. So I’m asking the same of my entertainment: take pride in your work and do your research.
      I fully realize there are some who aren’t bothered by these continuity issues. But if the writers get their continuity right that type of person should be equally not bothered. Meanwhile there are those like me who this stuff does matter to. This isn’t a case where they have to pick and choose who to please. This is an area where everyone can be pleased. Why not do that?

      • While I agree that the writers should take the time to not have some glaring “mistakes”, it doesn’t take away my enjoyment of the show. After all, it’s not your job…it’s entertainment…I try to treat it as such.

  9. Garnet McGee says:

    when are we getting the critique of this episode? My only problems with the episode are with the business numbers but other than that I would stack this episode against any of the best episodes of the original. It had some of the best writing for Sue Ellen ever. Josh Henderson was magnificent. This show has its flaws but it is sooo terrific. That TV hour passes in a minute and leaves me wanting more.


  1. […] Synopsis: Bobby gives control of his Ewing Global shares to Christopher and, in his new role as railroad commissioner, vows to scrutinize Nicolas’s Texas holdings. Elena hires a private eye to follow John Ross and discovers he’s cheating with Emma. John Ross’s childhood friend, Hunter McKay, gives him the idea of taking Ewing Global public. John Ross gets support from Nicolas, who aims to take control of the company once it goes public, and also Sue Ellen, but when she gets the impression John Ross is cheating with Candace, she votes against her son, incurring his wrath. John Ross blackmails a judge into having Sue Ellen committed to rehab against her will and tells Bobby he has her power of attorney, which gives him her vote to take the company public. […]

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