TNT’s Dallas Recap: ‘Where There’s Smoke’

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Devil may call

Here’s what happened in “Where There’s Smoke,” TNT’s latest “Dallas” episode:

Pamela learned the truth about John Ross and Emma. While John Ross (Josh Henderson) met with contractors to discuss adding a “master suite” for him and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) at Southfork, she checked her phone and discovered the video that showed him having sex with Emma. Pamela told Sue Ellen and Ann (Linda Gray, Brenda Strong) about the video and was stunned to discover they already knew about the affair, so she angrily ordered them out of the room. But this was nothing compared to the reaction from Bobby (Patrick Duffy), who went ballistic when he discovered his wife had withheld the truth about John Ross and Emma’s fling. “What is it that’s so hardwired in you that you keep the most important events in your life secret from your husband?” Bobby shouted. He also told Ann that Emma was no longer welcome at Southfork. “Please tell your ex-husband he’s responsible for her safety from now on,” Bobby said.

• John Ross tangled with Judith. After Bum (Kevin Page) told John Ross that Candace (Jude Demorest) was a prostitute, John Ross realized Harris had been trying to use her to frame him. John Ross went to the brothel and told Judith (Judith Light) to call off her son. “I will do anything to protect my family,” John Ross said. As soon as he departed, Emma (Emma Bell) emerged from a secret passage in Judith’s office, where Judith warned her eavesdropping granddaughter that John Ross is only interested in Ryland Transport, not in Emma. Judith urged Emma to get revenge against her lover. “You have the pictures of John Ross with the 16-year-old — and you have the dress. Use them,” Judith said.

• Nicolas deceived Elena. Nicolas (Juan Pablo Di Pace) received a surprise visit from Drew (Kuno Becker), who asked for his help in striking back against the Ewings. Nicolas told Drew to be patient and allow his scheme with Elena to play out, but Drew didn’t want to hear it. “This is a blood feud that can only be settled with blood,” he said before running away. Nicolas called Luis (Antonio Jaramillo) and told him to find Drew before he ruined their plans. “I know I’m the one in debt, but it is the Ewing deal that puts the cartel much closer to overthrowing the Mexican government,” Nicolas said. He then went home to Elena (Jordana Brewster), who was beginning to realize her conspiracy against the Ewings was misguided. “Christopher never hurt my father. J.R. did. He’s dead,” Elena said. Nicolas assured her that they aren’t wrong to seek revenge — and when Elena wasn’t looking, he punctured holes in her diaphragm before they had sex.

• Ann and Harris grew closer. After incurring Bobby’s wrath, Ann showed up on Harris’s doorstep to let him know Emma will no longer be living at Southfork. Harris (Mitch Pileggi) and Ann reminisced about their marriage, and he told her he was sorry he let his mother come between them. Said Harris: “I loved you. I just think we never had a chance. We should never have remained in this house. Not with that woman living here. She destroys everything she ever touches. She destroyed the most important part of my life: you.” Harris then kissed Ann, but she turned and walked away — as a seething Judith watched them from an upstairs window.

• Christopher came to Heather’s rescue. After shaving off his beard, Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) told Heather (AnnaLynne McCord) he’d like to get serious with her — and then she found out Bo had taken Michael and disappeared. With help from Sheriff Derrick (Akai Draco), Bobby, Christopher and Heather found Michael (Dallas Clark) with Bo’s brother Reece (Steven Walters), who told them that Bo blames the Ewings for all his problems. “Bo’s headed back to Dallas. He’s coming for everyone at Southfork,” Reece said.

• Things got hot. While Emma summoned John Ross to a hotel room, Sue Ellen approached Pamela at Southfork and explained that she was only trying to protect her daughter-in-law from the kind of pain she suffered at J.R.’s hands. “I’m not you. I’m not a weak, sniveling drunk like you,” Pamela said. She then used her phone’s GPS capabilities to track down John Ross at the hotel, where she walked in on him and Emma, who was clad in the green corset. “Love what you’re wearing,” Pamela said before removing her raincoat and revealing that she was wearing her green corset too. To the surprise of John Ross, Emma and the audience, Pamela then said, “May I join you?” The three of them began making out — and then Pamela started convulsing. As Emma dialed 911, John Ross discovered a bottle of pills in Pamela’s coat pocket and tried furiously to revive his wife. “Wake up, baby, wake up!” he pleaded.

• … And then things got hotter. Back at the ranch, a drunk Sue Ellen slipped into John Ross and Pamela’s bedroom and knocked back some of their liquor before passing out. Outside, Bo (Donny Boaz) approached Southfork with a cigarette in his mouth; moments later, when a fire mysteriously began inside the house, Bo could be seen watching the flames sweep through a room. Finally, Bobby and Christopher arrived and raced into Southfork. Bobby called out for Sue Ellen and Ann — until part of the ceiling appeared to cave in on him and Christopher and the words “To Be Continued” flashed onto the screen.

What did you think of “Where There’s Smoke”? Share your comments below and look for Dallas Decoder’s critique later this week.


  1. Art Kelly says:

    The episode was just HORRIBLE! Apparently, the writers are taking Dallas into a new direction that is completely alien from its long traditions!

  2. Art Kelly says:

    On a slightly positive note, I DO like John Ross’s three piece suits. My own suits all have vests too.

  3. Great episode! When Sue Ellen went on her drinking binge, what show was on the TV and what was the significance, if any?

  4. Mike Ghent says:

    What’s up Chris? How did you like my “shout-out” on Twitter? I think you’re going to find that many people didn’t care for the threesome. I would have preferred for her to pull a gun on them myself, and maybe let Emma have a hit to the shoulder, lol…I thought the episode was great for the most part, but the 3some I didn’t care for, at least not with those characters – where the heck did Pamela’s (season 2) strength go? It’s like I always tell my wife, outside of my house it’s 2014, and inside my house it’s still about 1985. I guess when JR found the bottle of pills, Pamela’s actions made a little more sense since she had taken an overdose of Benzos. I must admit that I do like to see Ann and Harris get along, but kiss? This woman hated this man not long ago, so that’s a strange one. Now, we just need to know who this woman is that pulls Bobby away from Ann, I still say it will be Jenna Wade.

  5. Dan in WI says:

    Call me a prude. I don’t care. Don’t tell me it’s 2014 and things are different now. Still doesn’t change my mind. That scene simply wasn’t necessary.

    But one thing that scene revealed is that Pamela does share a certain weakness with her father. Poor Pamela. Poor Afton having to watch history repeat itself with her daughter.

    What game is Joquin playing? There aren’t that many con-men who actually want to go around dropping children.

    I too struggle with Ann and Harris. That is the problem with such a fast moving show is that there are certain things that need time to develop organically. Going from angry enough to shoot someone to reawakening old feelings simply can’t go as fast as this show wants them to. It just isn’t believable.

    Talk about recycling. Every single player invovled with the first Southfork fire and still with the show was involved again and in almost the same way. But apparently Bobby is too old to jump in out of the pool first at this point.

    Is it just me or does Christopher seem to have a much more geniune relationship with Heather’s son than Heather herself. I believe he’s actually bonding with the kid as opposed to faking it to get close to Heather. Whereas he and Heather seem to be glorified F buddies.

    At this point one has to wonder what is the connection between Joquin’s wife and the cartel? When the wife told Joquin she wanted to “reconcile” he did make the comment her spilling the beans would be bad for both of them. I wonder if the wife (I can’t remember her name) isn’t some sort of blood relative to the cartel…

    Sue Ellen: I’ve been opposed to her going back to the bottle. I wanted her to be that sucess story that kicks the bottle forever. But I’ll say this: as much as I can’t buy the fast paced softening between Ann and Harris this descent from Sue Ellen was totally organic and I give them credit for that. But please get her help now. Having her this weak in a long term fashion is not good for the show.

  6. Drew is proving that he is no good. Good that Elena finally came to her senses about wanting to hurt the Ewings. Shame her brother does not have her brains.

    I figured Ann and Ryland would get together. They were once married and have a daughter.

    The threesome was a shocker and quite hot. I was however expecting Pamela to take out a gun but not that.

    Looking forward to August.

    • Dan in WI says:

      I knew it wasn’t a gun Pamela was going to pull out only because that would be too obvious and they were obviously going for a bit of a swerve.

      I still say Elena is beyond redemption. She sort of came to her senses but let Joaquin talk her right back out of it. Besides if we are to believe they were raised on as a family by Carmen this is quite incestious. I don’t call that coming to your senses.
      At some point Carmen is going to find out about all of this and end up quite heart broken. She might join Sue Ellen at the bottom of a bottle.

  7. Great comment, Dan. I’ll say this, some of us were a bit thrown with that 3some, but I will say that I’ve been looking all over the internet today and it is one HOT topic. Actually, most seem to love how DALLAS is pushing the envelope while a few think it’s terrible (and I’m speaking to both blogs and columnists). Regardless of whether people liked it or not, it’s a hot topic for discussion and that’s VERY good news for DALLAS TNT.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      Pamela reaction seemed normal to me. It took time for theher to seek revenge against Tommy Christopher and her father

    • Brandon Childers says:

      I watch it with my grandma, but last night I know of 8 more people that watch the second airing of the episode that wouldn’t have normally watch. I think this is a one time thing. So calm down.

    • Although I was pretty shocked about the threesome, if it keeps Dallas ratings high, I don’t care I wasn’t THAT uncomfortable.

  8. This ain’t Miss Eille’s Dallas anymore….

  9. stephenwphillips says:

    I’m really enjoying the people complaining about the threesome. It surely isn’t my cup of bourbon, but this *is* DALLAS, after all. People need to keep in mind this is the show that broke barriers! Look at the first episode! Lucy was, what.. 15(?) and sleeping with the ranch hand. “Call me her name, Ray.” I honestly can’t say that scene is any more uncomfortable than the Omni scene last night. Yeah, it made me uncomfortable, but so did the original series!

    Yes, it certainly IS Miss Ellie’s Dallas. People are looking at it through some rose-colored, nostalgic glasses.

    “Winds of Vengeance” should knock anyone off their goody goody high horse: Ray and JR slept with two women in the in adjoining rooms at the same time – that’s close to a foursome. Later, we get a threat of a rape of all four Ewing women.

    Know your Ewing history before you start whining – or you might as well go on over and fill at an application at Barnes Wentworth.

  10. THough i knew it was coming (more or less), the threesome scene was bizarre to watch. Thinking about it now, it probably should have been scored with the psychedelic music from the 1960’s “Spider-man” show. I’m hoping that Pamela’s situation brings Afton back – it makes sense.

    My favourite scene of the show was Harris and Anne and Judith spying. Let’s hope this leads to bitchy action between Anne and Judith.

  11. Stephen, You had me until your next to last sentence. You are absolutely right about Lucy and Ray, and just about everything else, but for me, it’s not A 3some itself that hit me funny, it was the character…That’s certainly not the reaction I anticipated from Pamela. Remembering her in season 2, I really thought she was going to come after those 2, so much so that I thought she was going to be the one who started the Southfork fire. Now, back to your comment, like I said, your points are terrific and accurate, though you lost me when you decided to accuse people of whining and of not knowing their history of the show, an unnecessary jab, and probably inaccurate assessment also because you can know plenty about the history without “liking” that scene. In your post, you say “It surely isn’t my cup of bourbon”, “and made me uncomfortable”. Sounds like you’re in agreement with the very people you’re bashing.

    • Brandon Childers says:

      Pamela it took her 2 months before she seek revenge against Christopher. It took her a few weeks to get revenge against Tommy. it took her three weeks to get over the loss of her babies I assume strong, Pamela will return. This is her system grieve and that seek revenge

  12. Brandon Childers says:

    I liked the eerie way they shot Bo standing in the smoke. I also liked that Elena finally came to her senses. I am still asking myself why the cartel wants the Ewing and Barnes owned company, apparently they have no cash reserve, and there are bigger companies, it is almost like A ryland is behind that

  13. ScoRich223 says:

    I still don’t think Bo set the fire. Its too obvious. My money is on Drew.

  14. I saw Drew inside Southfork during the fire. Drew set the fire. Bo looked like he was smoking a joint. My two girls are in trouble! I watched this show and the repeat. It was great!!! Josh Henderson himself gave me an RT last night and my twitter account went into overdrive, I never had so many notifications.Last night’s mid-season finale is the episode that will bring Dallas on TNT back for a 4th season!

    • Brandon ChilderBe says:

      I didn’t see Drew inside SF. And Bobby and Christopher are in trouble too, IMBd has Them in 33 out of 40 episodes,

      • Good episode for a cliffhanger. Good. Not great. Love Judith. Love John Ross this time. Even better when both are in one scene.

        There are some things that rubbed me the wrong way though: Joaquin’s attempt to get Elena pregnant – WTF? First of all, it takes a “small” character to try that. I don’t even see why he wants to get her pregnant. I can see him manipulating her, maybe feel affection. But why would he want her to carry his child? I don’t get it. And then the way he tried it. Wouldn’t it be easier and more effective to just get her drunk and skip protection altogether? (And then of course: How dumb is she to not ask for protection on him. You don’t protect yourself just from pregnancy, girl!)

        The other thing that rubbed me the wrong way: Why the 3-some? Obviously for shock value to keep Twitter fired up. But why else? Don’t think Pamela ever voiced an interest in going bi. (Kudos for Emma for being so flexible, btw.) I suppose Pamela has something else up her sleeves. She made a point to Sue Ellen that she was not weak. So she planned something. Besides, when you take pills and then hang out with people, suicide is most likely the one thing that you don’t attempt. Looks like she wants it to look like suicide in order to gain something else out of it.

        And finally: The kiss between Ann and Harris is just not believable, for the reasons others brought up above. It’s just too sudden. I hope this was just a plot point to get Judith’s blood boiling again. On a side note: Who else thought that Bobby overreacted toward Ann?

        About the fire: Well, I didn’t have to have it. We’ve seen it before. Might be a good way to finally get the interior right. Is there a chance that neither Bo nor Drew are responsible? We didn’t see anyone actually setting the fire. So maybe it’s not arson at all and just drunk Sue Ellen splashing Vodka into an open flame. My money is on Drew coming to the rescue of everyone and redeeming himself by that.

        Sorry about the lengthy post. Great season so far!

  15. Surely u, me, & the entire audience “underestimated the new Mrs. Ewing” C.B. Yes she was essentially in the 3 way b/c of the drugs, but who cares if John Ross can screw his mistress & his wife simultaneously, he’ll become absolutely unstoppable in his quest to control the world. Plus, with Ryland Transport control, he can manoeuvre to control it & Ewing Global. And both women can have babies for John Ross, thus providing twice as many heirs. John Ross Ewing the IVth will have J.R.’s, John Ross’s, & Cliff Barnes DNA in him. How wicked will that child be? Haha!

  16. Garnet McGee says:

    I really dug the threesome along with all the Pamela scenes. I so enjoy Ann’s interactions with her bestie and that kiss with Harris was hot. I know it’s wrong to root for Ann and Harris but the writers have done Bobby no favors this season so he is not the interesting Bobby of S2 and 1. For a season finale they wasted a lot of time on plot points that have already been beaten to death (Candace, the dress). Despite some great scenes and high points overall I was disappointed. I give it a B rating.

  17. I loved the episode. Lots of plots details were happening. I thought the threesome was a great idea. I am avoiding hints this season and had no idea it was about to happen. Man, that scene was intense, I really thought she was going to hurt one of them….and so did they. All three of the actors were great in the scene. I was OMG ing totally on twitter when she took off the coat and asked to join in with them….the reaction was priceless. I thought the scene was done extremely well. As to it being to risqué, please. They were all in lingerie and underwear. All they did was make out.

    The original Dallas was considered very risqué at the time. The already mentioned 15 yr old tiny little Lucy bedding the very adult Ray. JR and Ray scenes with the women they hooked up with in adjoining rooms. Te almost rape of Sue Ellen as a result. Back then Lucy dating a gay man was very upsetting to viewers. Lucy being raped. Lucy having an abortion. JR scenes with some barely dressed women. The show pushed the boundaries on use of foul language ( we wouldn’t even think nothing about it now…but JR I believe was the first person to say Bitch on network TV for example….it did upset subset of people.) The show was considered so risqué that some churches would ask their members to not watch it because of the overly racy behavior of its characters (Charles Yusko said he wasn’t allowed to watch it growing up because his family was Baptist and it wasn’t allowed.). (I know that my parents would have flipped a lid if they knew that I was watching it in reruns as a young teen).

    Personally, I thought Pamela pulling that stunt was a novel way to deal with the issue. In serialized shows there is a predictable results to spousal infidelity. We have seen them all a million times. That I haven’t seen…lol

    I am very glad that we got to see ELENA COME BACK TO HER SENSES. I thought that Jordana did a really great job last night. That scene where she finally realizes how out of touch she has been behaving was very good.

    The 2 JRs finally having a scene. GREAT. I loved that Judith kept checking him out in the scene. Wows wows.

    The Ann and Harris scene. Oddly I was okay with it. Because they have been slowly warming up because of their shared love and concern over their daughter. i liked the walk down memory lane. We have some of their back history already…it was nice to see them talk about it in a more intimate…non angry way. I am ambivalent of a Ann / Harris pairing because I like her and Bobby together a lot. But the story does have a very organic feel to it. And Cruellas reaction from the upper window…that does not spell good news for,Ann, Bobby, or Harris.

    I liked the scene where Bobby, Ann and SE. had the confrontation. Older Bobby is not mellow about anything …lol. He gets really riled. I think that it funny that JR mellowed in temperament (not deeds tho) in old age but Bobby (who always had a fiery temper) has gotten edgier/sharper (???). Yet he still remains the guy who has to fix everybody and everything. LOL…I loved Sue Ellen trying to delicately extricate herself as he fumed!

    Love the SE and Ann buddy ness.

    I am a little perturbed at the Pamela character for verbally attacking Sue Ellen on the lawn. Cheap shot. The Sue Ellen ensuing drinking scene was intense. Linda …OMG. But while the comment sent her might turn out to be the stick that hits Sue Ellen into realizing that she has fallen back into the old wrong way of viewing life and blaming others for her drinking. This would be a perfect time to have some more bonding time between Gary and Sue Ellen. Cuz if anyone can understand falling off the wagon after years of sobriety and understand how screwed up your thinking can get during this time, it’s Gary. But alas…no Gary has been mentioned. Now that she has hit bottom…literally falling down drunk ..splattttt!!!….I want her to find her way back to health and strength.

    I like that Chris has had some time to deal with things and to not feel angry and super competitive with JohnRoss. It has given the character a much more grounded feel. I like Jesse Metcalfe a lot and glad he is doing something besides fighting with JR3.

    Loved the JR3 and Bobby scene. That made me laugh. Bobby gets so and at him and he just rolls with it. Reminds me a lot of how JR used to react Bobby and whomever else when they would threaten or preach at him. Nice touch of the writers….lovely work by the actors. (Btw..loved the gabbing JR was doing with the architects (?) cute.

    I cannot wait for the new season. Fantastic cliff hanger. Not just the fire but there is so many stories that are building that I want to see what happens when they climax!!!

  18. Art Kelly says:

    I probably won’t watch Dallas when it returns to TNT in August. But I’ll look for reviews of it and follow the comments in this blog. Depending on how the comments go, I might (or might not) watch it later online.

    The post-J. R. Dallas had its moments now and then. But overall, it failed to interest me. And the last episode (the so-called cliffhanger) was the WORSE television show I’ve EVER seen! But I guess it could appeal to some people.

  19. Jennifer Irons says:

    CB, you have NO idea how much this particular episode is being tweeted about. One of my Twitter pals and I had a little somewhat heated debate over the way Bobby treated Ann in that episode but we both agreed that we hated that threesome between Emma, Pamela and John Ross! It was an unnecessary sex scene and trashy to boot! The sex in the original show made sense to the storylines but on Dallas TNT, the sex scenes just seem to be thrown in just to be there. Overall the episode was excellent, but, unlike jumpsteady, I did not see Drew inside SF!

    • Dan in WI says:

      Well said on the threesome!
      I’m not Twitter person but to me it smelled like a Twitter bait stunt instead of integral to the storyline.

      • Jennifer Irons says:

        Exactly! To me there was no purpose in the writers putting that threesome in the show! It was tacky and trashy!


  1. […] Synopsis: Pamela sees the video of John Ross and Emma and lashes out at Sue Ellen and Ann when she realizes they knew about the affair. Bobby becomes angry at Ann for keeping the secret from him, which prompts her to turn to Harris, who kisses her. John Ross figures out Harris has been trying to frame him and tells Judith to call off her son, while Judith urges Emma to turn on John Ross. Drew tells Nicolas he wants to settle the feud with the Ewings “with blood,” while Nicolas sabotages Elena’s birth control when she begins getting cold feet about their revenge scheme. Pamela finds John Ross and Emma in a hotel room and has a threesome with them, only to begin convulsing after an apparent overdose. Bobby and Christopher learn Bo blames the Ewings for his troubles and come home to Southfork to find the house in flames with Sue Ellen passed out inside. […]

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