#DallasChat Daily: Why Were J.R. and Sue Ellen a Good Match?

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J.R. and Sue Ellen Ewing had the stormiest marriage Texas has ever known, but is there any doubt these two were soul mates? Despite all the obstacles they faced — including his ambition, her alcoholism and their mutual penchant for adultery — many “Dallas” fans never stopped rooting for them.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: What made J.R. and Sue Ellen a great couple?

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  1. Dan in WI says:

    They were a good couple because their story entertained us. Past that I can’t say they were.
    Alcoholism is a disease and not JR’s fault. That said, alcoholism or no alcoholism, JR did so many bad things: So many infidelities, so many denigrations, no real support for her in the huge majority of her times of need. The few good things he did for her don’t even start to erase all the bad. I have to believe Sue Ellen’s life would have been different if there had never been a JR.

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    For me JR and Sue Ellen were a perfect match because they had such a love/hate relationship, but despite the way JR treated her, I think he really did love her deep down inside but he just couldn’t tolerate her drinking! And despite her relationships with Dusty, Nicholas Pierce etc.., she truly loved JR but just hated the way he treated her!

  3. Sue Ellen slept with Cliff Barnes, J.R.’s worst enemy and J.R. slept with Kristen, Sue Ellen’s younger sister. Imagine if John Ross is Cliff Barnes’ son and Christopher is J.R.and Kristen’s son?
    They fought over custody of John Ross and neither were a good or decent parent to him.
    Although they are the greatest couple in the history of all television history, they are the worst married couple ever. Dysfunctional is not even strong enough to describe the marriage. So my answer is “no, they are not a good match for each other, yes, the are a great match for the viewing audience.” J.R. and Sue Ellen as a couple is “Sick! Sick! Sick!”

  4. Garnet McGee says:

    JR and Sue Ellen were a horrible match. They would have been better as divorced frenemies than as a married couple. He always had so much more power than her that they were never equals. He treated her in ways that many could characterize as abusive. What did she ever do to deserve his mean treatment of her? Dusty was her true match. I just hope that Pamela is more of John Ross’s equal.

    • Dan in WI says:

      Divorced frenemies. You mean like they were during JR’s all too brief time on TNT Dallas? I never thought of it that way but I think you hit on something.
      It’s a toss up between Dusty and Nicholas Pierce as Sue Ellen’s real soulmate. (Never understood why she married Don Lockwood.) Dusty’s chief fault was he did a little too much enabling during Sue Ellen’s drunk phase. I always liked the Nicholas relationship because it wasn’t love at first sight. I liked the organic way she first learned to respect him then fell in love with him and he wasn’t the least bit afraid to stand up for her. Of course his downside was the former mob ties thing. It is hard to make that go away forever and it could have endangered Sue Ellen again…

  5. The fact that they created Son John Ross (J.R.) Ewing The IIIrd so we could have an all series with all new episodes thats just as devious!

  6. Maryann says:

    JR and Sue Ellen was not a good match that is why their marriage was so destructive. The love/hate thing does not make a good relationship. JR treated Sue Ellen so badly all during their married life and Sue Ellen tried to kill and had an intent to kill him which makes a horrible relationship. I would feel sorry for people who had a marriage like JR and Sue Ellen’s in real life. I also do not understand when people say that JR and Sue Ellen were their favorite couple. I know it makes for good television and ratings but it is a whole different thing when you shed light on their relationship when it comes to real love, trust, compassion, understanding and faithfulness!!!

  7. Maryann – do you think Pam was really a good match for Bobby? A woman that ran out on him and his son because of how she looked??? April was a much better match for Bobby. I think a lot of jealousy is aimed at JR and Sue Ellen because they had a chemistry and popularity like no other.

  8. I can’t actually believe some of these comments. I do wonder what some of you are watching and if you even began to understand them. Did you know that in 1991 when Dallas ended, a leading relationship expert said that if JR had come to her to be perfectly matched – he would have been matched to Sue Ellen.

    They loved each other. Loved. Each. Other.

    Please go and read Linda Gray’s view on their relationship in an interview for this very site. I actually cried.

    And no one doubts The Queen. She of all people should know.

    I despair and feel sorry for anyone who can’t see their Magic. Yes I know that’s a capital M.

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