#DallasChat Daily: Who Started the Southfork fire?

“Dallas’s” midseason finale ended with Southfork once again engulfed in flames. Is the fire an accident caused by the drunken Sue Ellen, who was trapped inside the burning home along with Bobby and Christopher? Or is the blaze the handiwork of ranch hand Bo McCabe, who blames the Ewings for all his troubles and was lurking […]

#DallasChat Daily: Should Sue Ellen Stop Drinking?

Lots of “Dallas” diehards were unhappy when Sue Ellen fell off the wagon last season — but many other fans cheered because they know the character’s struggle with the bottle is the stuff of great drama. Has Sue Ellen’s latest relapse run its course — or is she just getting started? What should happen when […]

#DallasChat Daily: Who Should Ann Be With?

After Bobby screamed at her on “Dallas’s” spring finale, Ann turned to ex-husband Harris, who revealed his true feelings and kissed her. Which one of these men is best suited for Ann? Or should she be paired with someone else when the season resumes, beginning Monday, August 18? Your #DallasChat Daily question: Who does Ann belong […]

#DallasChat Daily: Who Should John Ross Be With?

John Ross was caught between his wife Pamela and his mistress Emma when “Dallas” took its midseason break in the spring. It looks like first love Elena will reenter John Ross’s romantic orbit when the season resumes, beginning Monday, August 18. Which one of these gals is best suited for John Ross? Or should he […]

#DallasChat Daily: Should Pamela Fight or Forgive?

Pamela struck back at John Ross and Emma in the midseason finale by luring them into a threesome, only to begin overdosing on drugs in the midst of their ménage a trois. What should she do once the season resumes on Monday, August 18? Your #DallasChat Daily question: Should Pamela fight John Ross and Emma, or should […]

#DallasChat Daily: How Did J.R. Change?

No one goes through life without changing at least a little — even mighty J.R. Ewing. We watched J.R. for more than 35 years, observing him through milestones like the death of his daddy, the birth of his son, the dissolution of his marriage and the fall and rise of his empire. How did these moments affect […]

#DallasChat Daily: What Was J.R.’s Greatest Weakness?

Bullets may not have had much effect on him (until the end, that is), but J.R. Ewing wasn’t invulnerable. He was easily tempted by other women, he had trouble making ethical business decisions and his deep-seated jealousies often got the better of him. Your #DallasChat Daily question: What was J.R.’s greatest weakness? Share your comments […]

#DallasChat Daily: Do You Admire J.R.?

J.R. Ewing achieved a lot of great things in life, but his methods were usually terrible. Did the ends justify the means? Did the good outweigh the bad? Are you able to look past all of J.R.’s lying, cheating and scheming and find qualities in him that are commendable? Your #DallasChat Daily questions: Do you […]

#DallasChat Daily: What Was J.R.’s Worst Act?

We all loved J.R. Ewing, even though he wasn’t exactly Mr. Nice Guy. During the course of the original “Dallas,” he lied, cheated and stabbed the backs of friend and foe alike. But what was his worst act of all? Was it putting Sue Ellen in the sanitarium? Having an affair with Kristin? Driving Cliff to […]

#DallasChat Daily: What’s John Ross’s Worst Act So Far?

Oh, John Ross! We all love you, but you’re such a naughty boy. Since TNT’s “Dallas” debuted three seasons ago, John Ross has tried to cheat both J.R. and Bobby in the fight for Southfork and he’s been a constant thorn in Christopher’s side, including trying to sabotage the Ewing Energies racecar. Among John Ross’s other […]