#DallasChat Daily: Who Was J.R.’s Greatest Business Rival?

Carter McKay, Cliff Barnes, Dallas, George Kennedy, Jeremy Wendell, J.R. Ewing, Ken Kercheval, Larry Hagman, William Smithers

J.R. Ewing won more business deals than he lost, but sometimes his rivals got the better of him. Carter McKay undermined J.R.’s attempt to become chairman of Westar and Jeremy Wendell forced the sale of Ewing Oil, while Cliff Barnes wound up owning the company. Other rivals included Rebecca Wentworth, who waged corporate warfare against the Ewings, and Clayton Farlow, who squashed J.R.’s attempt to shut down the Farlow refineries.

Your #DallasChat Daily question: Which one of J.R.’s competitors posed the greatest threat?

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  1. Wendell is the one I disliked the most. He was cold and calculating, and always seemed to crawl out from under a rock when you least expected it. He seemed more of J.R.’s caliber than all the others.

  2. Jennifer Irons says:

    IMHO, I believe that Jeremy Wendell was JR’s greatest rival. It seemed to me like Wendell was one of the few enemies JR had that could take on JR businesswise and beat him.

  3. Rosanne says:

    Clayton won his mama’s heart.

  4. Dan in WI says:

    Wendell certainly had an inherant advantage over Cliff in that he had the backing of a mega corporation behind him. JR and Cliff were both in the family owned independent camp. That said, others said it well. Wendell made JR sweat more than any other and was a master chess style strategist.

  5. J.R. had to sweat & scrape to work his way to his terms as the Ewing Oil Presidency. Cliff worked hard to be a lawyer but had his business interests handed to him. & yet that legal expertise eventuallly allowed him to own Ewing Oil. So while a jerk, I’d say Cliff was J.R.’s greatest business rival C.B.

  6. Nathan Lewis says:

    I’d have to say Wendell. He found a way for J.R. to lose everything that he fought years to make unbeatable. Cliff might have ended up having a share in the company, but that was only because of Michelle. So J.R.’s biggest adversary was Wendell.

  7. Chris X says:

    The biggest rival ever was Sue Ellen, because of her resistance against J.R.

  8. Wendell, he actually took Ewing Oil away from the family, Barnes and McKay were just iritancies to JR!

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